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Car hire reviews (FAQ & Rules)

Post your car rental review or read reviews posted by customers, find the best car rental company by comparing opinions in our forum.
Forum rules
Only identified forum members can post reviews and opinion about any car hire company so your experience can help others to decide.

Please do not spam, post false reviews or advertise a car rental website in our forum!
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Car hire reviews (FAQ & Rules)

Post by Raul » Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:23 am

Those who sent a review or business representatives should take in consideration a few of rules:

As recommendation, always be polite and respectful.

Is not allowed:
- Posting of private communications between the customer and the business is not allowed.
- Posting of personal information is strictly prohibited.
- The use of bad words...it is better and easier to explain yourself using a clean language.
- Posting reviews using the same IP...if you are a reviewer your username will be banned and all the messages deleted.
- Posting a similar message again and again...the post has to be informative and not a personal revenge.

Business representatives
- Business representatives are welcome to answer the reviews or complaints taking in consideration the same rules above.
- If more than one representative signup in the forum, they have to identify in the message body at the begining as representative of the business. I understand a business can have more than one person accessing the forum sharing the same IP range, so please identify yourself in the message body as representative.
- It is very recommended that official business representatives share the same username for accessing the forum and the official website email to avoid misunderstandings.
- Official representatives are not allowed to post reviews.

Final notes

- If we find any user sharing the same IP for posting negative or positive reviews, the username and all the messages posted, may be deleted, be warned.

- If you think a post is offensive or it does not follow our guidelines, please use the report system located on the top right corner of each post, a moderator when available will review the request.

-We will not tolerate posts which incite to childish discussions.
Only informative and useful posts please.


We reserve the right to remove or edit any message if we consider it does not follow our guidelines.

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