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Used cars for sale in Malaga

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Used cars for sale in Malaga

Post by John53 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:57 am

I have decided moving to Malaga, already found a potential home I like and Im now looking for transport.

I though on using public transport, but the home I like is not very close to other urban areas so Im considering in buying a car.

About the car, as I work from home I would not use it daily, I don't plan to spend much on buying a new one but want it like new in perfect conditions.
I prefer some kind of confidence when buying it like from a dealer instead buying from a particular.

Can anyone recommend me good second hand car dealers in Malaga? Maybe an address?
It would be great if they speak english and its one where you bough your car and where you had a good experience!

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Re: Used cars for sale in Malaga

Post by Raul » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:33 am

Hello and welcome to Malaga. You are going to take a big steep! :D

Well, about looking for second hand cars I've heard good things from Malagacar. You can check online in English from their website.

If you prefer to visit:
Calle Tucídides, 66-70

At the Industrial Park Santa Barbara, very easy to reach by car and also accesible walking from the subway stop at Puertablanca.

I know of people who bought car there, they also offer guarantee, financing plans and discounts.

I recommend you to visit in person when buying a car, it is better to examine in detail the vehicle for being sure it is the one you want.

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