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new move

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new move

Post by buttons182 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:10 pm


I'm disabled although don't look like I am. I'm planning on moving to Malaga for the air and hope I can find someone to work as a pa part time with a possible full time position depending on my work and setting up a company over here. If I manage to, although there seem to be a lot more problems with starting a business over here, I may need web designers, Tele sales staff etc and a Spanish tutor.

I wondered if anyone had any advise, I'm in nerja this week, staying in Malaga to the end of it then coming back to Malaga in a couple of weeks, stay in a holiday apartment and look for somewhere to rent. May look at buying in the long term but I don't know my way around the legals so I'll hold off on that for a year ish I reckon.

The way of life sounds fantastic, the weather and most importantly to me is clean air although the seems to be a lot of burning of random things, is this normal in all of Spain?

I need to find somewhere to stay, have no support network so would like to meet people and build friendships etc. As I'm registered disabled I wondered if there's any help available.

I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts and feedback on what I'm aiming to do, direction of where I can get any info from if there's anywhere I can take a crash course in Spanish. In the UK there are two week intensive courses are the any in Malaga? Can anyone recommend a good registered physio here and chiropracter?

Thanks to anyone who can give any feedback.



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Re: new move

Post by Raul » Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:35 am

Good morning and welcome to Malaga John!

What is your business about? I know of a web designer...but he doesn't speak english, so that is a problem I guess. You can send me a pm with all the information about your business and minimum requeriments for every position and I will send to you anyone who fit those requeriments.

About burning of things, do you mean the forest fires? well, that use to happen randomly in Spain every summer when temperature is very high and climate is dry.

One big adventure to come and begin with a new business in a country with a different language, but a very rewarding one once you are in the run I think :)

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