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Applying for ADSL as a foreigner + bank account tips

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Applying for ADSL as a foreigner + bank account tips

Post by hieroglyf » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:32 pm


I moved to Málaga quite recently and my apartment lacks proper internet connection. I live in the very center and the only option seems to be ADSL.

I have been told, that in order to apply for ADSL myself, I will need a spanish bank account that is at least three months old. Assuming I just moved here, it is impossible for me to get one. Does anyone has any experience in getting ADSL without this condition with one of the providers? I already have NIE, so it should be possible I guess.

And related question - can you recommend a bank that will open a bank account for a foreigner with NIE without conditions like being employed by a spanish company or somethig similar... I work here as a contractor and therefore I look for a bank that will charge reasonable price and offer simple bank account with online banking...

Thanks for any tips!
Best Regards,

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Re: Applying for ADSL as a foreigner + bank account tips

Post by Raul » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:51 am

Hi and welcome!

The only tip I can give about your Internet connection is about trying to get cable instead ADSL if possible. Check "Ono", maybe you can get them instead.

I have asked about your question and you should try Barclays ...you may need a certificate stating that you live here in one address, and this certificate is provided by the national police.

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