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Bus from Malaga Airport to the centre of Malaga...

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Bus from Malaga Airport to the centre of Malaga...

Post by AriAnna » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:54 pm

I've got a couple very important questions about transport in Malaga.
The choir I sing in is going to visit Malaga this March to participate in a choral competition "Malaga canta en Primavera". We have problems with finding a bus renting company... Since we can't afford the offer what was made by competition organisers and we don't know much about Malaga, we are a bit stressed, because we need transport.
Firstly and mostly we need to get from Malaga airport to the centre of Malaga. Is there any possible ways to rent a bus (no very, very expensive) or maybe there is public transport from Malaga airport to the centre?
We would like to know how much does it cost (to rent a bus or the ticket of public transport) and which company can do it. We need a pretty big bus. The choir ir 42 persons big. :D

Also we would like to know how we can get from Malaga to Ronda (public transport or a bus rent) and to Gibraltar. What's the best way to get there?

Need the answer as fast as possible, because the March is close, but we still have no idea about transport.. :)

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Re: Bus from Malaga Airport to the centre of Malaga...

Post by Raul » Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:26 am

Im sorry for the late answer.
For getting to Ronda or Malaga city centre here you are our guides:

Malaga to Ronda

Malaga airport to city centre

Malaga to Gibraltar

Malaga city centre is close to the airport and the price for public transport is not expensive. If you need to hire a bus I recommend to contact http://www.malagabus.com.

Hope to be of help, don't get stressed, as I said the city is pretty close and very easy to get ;) by bus or train in 15 min.

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