Limited tickets for sale for the Caminito del Rey from March

Since 28th of March are available 100,000 tickets for Caminito del Rey (King’s Path). There is a limit of 300.000 yearly visitors. Do you want to know more?

Caminito del Rey

100,000 tickets for the summer have been put up for sale since the 28th of March . These tickets can be purchased at points of sale, travel agencies or from the official website.

Remember that the maximum visitors allowed are 300,000 per year and 1100 visitors per day. If you want to do the tour, it is advisable to buy the ticket in advance.

More than 15000 tickets have been sold already just after a few days for the summer season (June, July, August and September). During the first 15 minutes more than 4000 people reserved their visit. I can guess than the first tickets to be sold out are those corresponding to the weekend for the available months.

 In the first two years of activity the Caminito del Rey (King’s Path) has reached 600,000 visitors. English, Dutch, German and French are the top tourists heading the list.

Who visit the King’s Path?

The Caminito del Rey (King’s Path) is a great tourist attraction in the province of Malaga that you should not miss.

The first two years this place attracted 600.000 visitors. English, Dutch, German and French are the main visitors but they are coming from everywhere. Nevertheless it is not uncommon to find visitors from China, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, the United States and even Costa Rica or Kuwait.

Among the Spaniards the King’s Path  is quite popular among visitors from Madrid. Closely are the residents of Malaga, Cordoba and Seville.


This attraction of Malaga will have a guided tour adapted for people with reduced vision.

Caminito del Rey and people with reduced vision

This tourist attraction will have a guided tour for people with reduced vision. Test is underway to offer this service soon so more people will be able to enjoy the height feeling through other senses as hearing and touch.

A scale model will provide the touch characteristics of the route.

Interpretation Centre of Caminito del Rey in August

From August onwards the Interpretation Centre of the Caminito del Rey will be available. You will find it in the access from Ardales.

It has a large capacity car park for up to 200 cars and 17 buses.

In this place tourists can buy souvenirs, useful stuff for the tour as well as get all the information you might need to enjoy to the most the experience of walking the King’s Path.

More information and ticket buy

For more information you can visit our section dedicated to Caminito del Rey and Gaitanes Gorge.

We also have a blog entry with a virtual tour of Caminito del Rey.

The price of the basic ticket is € 10, if you want a guided tour then the price is € 18 and the ticket for a bus returning to the starting point is € 1.55 (the walking route is one-way)

To buy tickets you can do it online from the official website:

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