Guided night visits in the Alcazaba of Malaga in May 12

During the White Night we can enjoy some extraordinary visits, in the full sense of the word: A night visit to the Alcazaba in Malaga.

Alcazaba Malaga

Other night visits can be arranged throughout the year. In past events during the month of June this Arab fortress in Malaga was open for 3 nights.

For those not familiar with this iconic monument; the Alcazaba is an XI th century Moorish fortress, situated on the slopes of Mount Gibralfaro. In fact, the Citadel is one of the best preserved Muslim buildings in Spain; the rooms and grounds are of exquisite beauty.

The Alcazaba opens its doors for a few nights to enjoy the softly lit compound by a free guided tour. The evening stroll through the courtyards and gardens will be further enlivened by medieval music and dance, warriors emerged from the past, poets and jugglers, in addition to the explanations of the guides on the history of the Citadel.

Guided tour to the Alcazaba

Admission is limited, you need to book in advance. More information at the White Night post.

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