Marbella and Puerto Banús are connecting their sea promenades with the longest footbridge in Spain

The sea promenades of Marbella (Málaga) and Puerto Banús are now connected by a wooden footbridge over the Rio Verde.

The bridge is three meters wide and 70 meters long and is, as was announced today by the Minister of Tourism, Luciano Alonso, the longest one in Spain without fixation.

On the other hand, the mayor emphasized that this project, financed and designed by the City hall, will give a qualitative difference to Marbella, benefiting the city’s image and quality of life for tourists and residents.

The purpose of the Consistory through these actions was to provide the municipality a unique promenade 13 km (eight miles) long and without any barriers, to which is contributing the new footbridge over the Rio Verde. From now on you can walk along the sea shore from the center of Marbella to the Marina of Puerto Banus. Attention has been paid to the last detail, conditioning also a parking area.

Regarding the enlargement of the terraces of the Marina, the performance has led to the recovery of 7,000 square meters, creating an open and attractive space which also includes a playground and an auditorium for the concerts held during the weekend.

The project included the creation of access to the terraces from the walk by stairs and ramps which eliminate architectural barriers, the installation of street lighting, the creation of green areas and areas of shadow around the gardens with the placement of pergolas.

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