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Fitur – All you need to know about the International Tourism Fair

Fitur, or International Tourism Fair, takes place in Spain during January or February and lasts 5 days. In 2019 it takes place from 23 to 27 January in Madrid.

About the International Tourism Fair

Fitur is a tourism-oriented congress that brings together many countries and regions both from Spain and the world.

In this International Tourism Fair there are stands for the countries that attend the congress showing the main tourist attractions they offer to visitors.

The first edition of Fitur was in 1980 and had 37 countries and 3000 visitors. 2 years later the number of countries present rose to 100, showing an unstoppable growth.

In 2014 165 countries and regions of the world were represented, there was a total of 217.780 visitors and more than 9000 companies. In 2018 the number reached 251,000 visitors.

Malaga in Fitur

Malaga in Fitur
Malaga stand is usually a popular meeting point in Fitur.

The representation of Malaga comes every year to Fitur to show the tourist attractions available. In addition, the statistics of last year’s visits are usually presented, which show an average increase of 5% in the number of visitors over the last few years.

Malaga aims to promote the many attractions it has beyond the summer months. It is to consolidate a stable tourism throughout the year and to do so they do not hesitate to generate new attractions in the city and promote the different museums available.

As examples in this Fair there are events and activities such as the Gastronomic Guide of traditional Malaga cuisine or the new edition of the Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week. The latest news from the Automobile Museum and Easter Week are also presented. Malaga wants to be a cultural reference as well as a sun and beach destination.

Companies in Fitur

In addition to being a tourism exhibitor, Fitur is a meeting point between companies and destinations. There are appointments with travel agencies and airlines, meetings with hotel companies, museums, communication agencies and event organisers who come into contact with town councils.

In recent years, more than 9000 companies from more than 165 countries have been represented.

What Fitur offers

Among the many exhibitors and stands found in Fitur you can find information on the following topics:


Festivals and concerts are always important tourist attractions in the destinations and also have an important economic impact.

In Malaga there are several and very important festivals among which we highlight:

Cinema and tourism

There is a strong interest in visiting places filmed in popular movies. The presence of a tourist destination in a film is an important tourist attraction. The International Tourism Fair serves also to put destinations in contact with the film industry.

Gay Tourism

Gay tourism is present in the International Tourism Fair. The aim is to raise awareness of tourism and leisure for the LGBT community in Spain and around the world.


Technology plays an important factor not only in the tourist destination, but also in the way to connect companies and their potential clients.

Transfers from the airport

Typical hotel brochures have gone out of fashion, now it is common for reservations and contact to be made online.

Health Tourism

Many people decide their vacation destination based on the health benefits it can bring. Wellness tourism is important during the celebration of the International Tourism Fair.

In Malaga you can take part in sports activities, relaxing baths, treatments in thermal waters or enjoy something as simple and beneficial as the sea breeze:

Business Tourism

At the International Tourism Fair there will be days to make contacts and close deals. It is a meeting place with a complete networking programme with the aim of generating strong professional links.

More information

You can consult the official Fitur website on the Ifema website:

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