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Benalmadena is located between Fuengirola and Torremolinos, 29 km. west from Malaga Airport, aproximately 20 minutes driving. We hope this Benalmadena map will be useful planning your trip to Southern Spain.

Benalmadena street view

Place the cursor over and use the navigation controls to explore Benalmadena and Puerto Marina.


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Use the controls to move around this map of Benalmadena and the Zoom tool to enlarge the map. You can also change the type of view to Map, Satellite or Terrain and also explore Puerto Banus like you were there with the google street view controls.

Tourist tips

Benalmadena is maybe the ideal place for many of the tourists who like to enjoy the nightlife. This munincipality is very popular so beaches are crowded, take it in consideration if you are looking for a quiet holiday place.

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