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Bike Tours Malaga and Bike Rental -

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:30 pm
by bike2malaga
Bike2Malaga - bike tours Malaga and arounds of Malaga, bicycle rentals.

Historical, cultural and sporty guided tours of the beautiful Spanish city of Malaga by bicycle. Professional, fun and personalized service makes this a sightseeing tour to remember!

You will enjoy the sites and sensations of Malaga with the freedom and pleasure of riding a bicycle, discovering more than by walking or from the seat of a tourist bus. The Bike2Malaga team of trained guides will show you the historical details and the fascinating experiences of the day to day life and the symbolic places of Malaga.

City Bike Tour (sightseeing bike tour Malaga)
This tour gives a deeper view into the best of Malaga: history, urban stories, squares, beaches, shops, people...
city bike tour Malaga with
city bike tour Malaga with
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Mountains of Malaga tour
This tour is special tour for clients who wants to discover the nearest mountains of Malaga and have a panoramical view from the "top"
mountains of malaga bike tour with
mountains of malaga bike tour with
Gastronimic or Workshop Bike Tours
This tour is a good way, to get in contact with gastronimy of Malaga, get to know how to prepare Espeto de Sardinas or how to order a right coffee from 8 different kinds of coffee.

Also preparing tailor made tours - just let us now, what you like to see, discover, experience and we give our ideas.

All our tours are designed for all ages. We stop every few hundred meters for sightseeing. The streets of Malaga are flat and smooth, make for easy biking. Helmets and child seats are available for free upon request.

Bike Tours Malaga and Bike Rentals - bike2malaga
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29012 Malaga, Spain
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Re: Bike Tours Malaga and Bike Rental -

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:36 pm
by HannaH
Hola Bike Tours Malaga Team,
we took part in the city bike tour with your company. I cannot think of a better way to explore Malaga and this is how we want to say "thank you" for a wonderful day! Brad was not only very informative but also had a great sense of humor. We learnt a lot about Malaga and it was a pleasure to spend time with him during the 3 hours tour. :D
Best regards,
Hubner Family

Re: Bike Tours Malaga and Bike Rental -

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:29 pm
by Susan
Hi bike tours Malaga.

Thanks for the nice tour in Malaga ! We really enjoy this experience with your bike company. A good guide and so flexible. He give us enough time to made pictures during the tour. We were surprised that, when it's open, you can take a look for a few minutes behind the doors of a church or other buildings. Nice to see the foodmarket and the old bodega bar.

Bike tours Malaga (Bike2Malaga) did a good job. We did biketours in different cities, but this company made the experience better and relaxed. When you searching for a tour in Malaga, we can advise this tourcompany.

Thanks and have fun in Malaga!