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Transfer from Malaga to Seville

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Transfer from Malaga to Seville

Post by Sunny » Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:26 am

We recently hired a transfer from Malaga to Seville. We had taken a plane to Malaga airport and we wanted to combine our stay on the Costa del Sol as well with some andalusian culture. Before leaving, we spent quite some time trying to figure out the best means to get to Seville from Malaga.
Here is our research. The means of transport to go from Malaga city to Seville are by train, bus, car hire or transfer. That´s it. Now, the distance between the two cities is only 200 km (124 miles).
The bus is not really advisable, except you have plenty of time or need to do some budget travelling, as it takes 4 ½ hours to bring you to Seville. As well it takes the routes through the mountains; so if you have a good stomach to stand the many curves, you will be rewarded with stunning landscapes!
For some unknown reason, the railway system between Malaga and Seville has not been renovated yet and so there are no fast trains running on this route. The result is that it takes nearly three hours to get there. The price is not very cheap either: About 50 € a return ticket for one person. So, if you are travelling more people, a car hire or a transfer comes even cheaper. This is what we did this time. We used a transfer from Malaga airport to Seville. The service was very professional and swift, we didn´t have to worry about getting to Malaga city for the train and the motorway starts right next to the airport. It was a good experience and I can recommend it; the next time though we come to Malaga we will hire a car ourselves, as we found out how nice it would be to stopover wherever we wanted to, which is not really possible with a transfer.

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Re: Transfer from Malaga to Seville

Post by Raul » Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:40 pm

Thank you for sharing Sunny!
I agree with you, I had a girlfriend in Cadiz a few years ago and I had no car by that time so I choosed the train. For going from Malaga to Cadiz by train, I had first to go by train from Malaga to Seville "Dos Hermanas" (the train station before Santa Justa in Seville) which take 3 hours and then to Cadiz "Puerto de Santa Maria" (The train station just after Jerez and before Cadiz city)...in total plus waiting time at Seville train station, 5 hours of travel!!...

I think 3 hours in a train for going that close is not a deal, the best option is to rent a car in Malaga or a transfer to Seville...

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