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Malaga is a city closely linked to the film and theater, evidence of this is the Malaga Film Festival, held each year in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

In Malaga we can enjoy many films subtittled in spanish and in original english version, which is an excellent way to learn Spanish.

From this website you will be able not only to know where are all the cinemas of the Costa del Sol, but the latest films releases in Malaga and the original subtitled films.

Cinemas in Malaga

Most popular cinemas in Malaga can be found at:

And the most visited cinemas in Malaga are:

English films and subtitles

Please note that all films are likely to be in Spanish or dubbed into Spanish. There are no subtitles, except for films marked V.O.S.E which are 'Original Version with Subtitles.' These films will have Spanish subtitles and the original audio track in English, French or other languages, so check first. Those denoted V.O. are simply original version, no subtitles.

Some theaters offering original version movies are:

English movie listing this week

We are working on this list.