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With the incorporation of the AVE to the train station in Malaga, many of the visitors that arrive at the Costa del Sol, do so through this way of transport.

As from now, at Malagaweb.com, by using the form on the right of this page, you'll be able to book your car hire at Malaga train stations. Only remember to change the option on the destination page, as the default pick-up location is set on Malaga airport.

Malaga train station is situated right in the centre of the city. If you hire a car from our website, they will pick you up at the station, and you won't have to worry about a thing, only of getting ready to enjoy your holidays.

Malaga train station

Other options of hiring from the train station

Is it a good idea to hire a car in Malaga?

Definitely, yes...unless you already have your own way of transport waiting for you...we could differentiate between those who plan to visit the entire province (who will of course need a car) and those who plan to just enjoy the beaches and the surroundings of their hotel or accommodation...for these type of visitors there are economic options in which, just for having a way of transport to and from our hotel, it would already be cheaper than a taxi and it's worth it.

A car will provide us the necessary freedom to discover and enjoy Malaga, for more information check our page about Maria Zambrano train station.

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