Nosleep horror stories that happened in Malaga

If you’re looking for nosleep ghost stories or mysteries in Malaga, here you’ll find some of the most curious and scary. These stories have been the subject of years of research and the key that sheds light on their mysteries has not been found.

There’s nothing better than Halloween eve to read horror stories and mysteries in Malaga. Will you join us in discovering them?

The monster of Alta Street in the capital of Malaga

Mysterious monster in MalagaThis story has reached our days as if it were a legend. The event that has been told from parents to their children  occurred on February 4, 1966.

According to the article to which I have had access, a neighbour of number 23 of Alta Street in the centre of Malaga yelled  that she had seen a monster.

  •   I saw a monster!, yelled the neighbour in panic.

Neighbours and those passing by who came to her yell asked amazed:

  • How? A monster? What was that like?

The neighbour responded in shock:

  • Yeah, a monster. I was cooking the food and when I turned I saw a being with bulging eyes and long brown hair. It had a big head like a 7-year-old boy, a big mouth from ear to ear and 2 fangs.
  • What did it do? asked those who were there with curiosity and wonder.
  • It threatened me not to scream and I was afraid it would come over me, so I ran away. I could see that terrible monster leaping and climbing up to the house next door, disappearing from my sight.

A monster in Malaga?

The house where the mysterious being was supposed to hide was an empty and ruined building. The neighbours decided to break down the door of the abandoned building and investigate inside; without luck, because they found nothing. Some attributed the vision to an animal, probably a lost domestic monkey or a large cat.

There were those who said they heard a noise and saw a shadow move quickly. What did this lady really see?

Two days after the event, a journalist interviewed the protagonist of the story. She was still in a state of panic, unable to sleep or eat.

Where did this happen?

Alcazaba old photoThe legend of the ghost of the Alcazaba

One of the most mysterious and ancient stories of Malaga took place in the Alcazaba. In the past, in its interior there were low class houses, known as the Alcazabilla area.

The story begins in the summer of 1936, during which excavations were being carried out in La Alcazabilla. Small figures were found with elongated nose and hat. They identified them with the elves from the stories told to the children at that time. Would they have anything to do with what happened next?

The photo on the right shows what the entrance to the Alcazaba was like at that time (the most current image at the foot of the article).

The first sight

After sunset and on her way home, a loud noise startled one of the neighbours. She looked up and could see a large shadow. She felt observed, the shadow was in one of the ancient fortified towers. The woman, in shock, told about it to other neighbours and they went out to see what was going on. All of them witnessed such a dark apparition. The figure, after being observed, disappeared, not before dropping a stone at the feet of the neighbours who had gathered there. They continued to discuss the event until late at night, it was something extraordinary.

Mysterious Stones Rain

The next day and around 11:00 a. m. a rain of stones started. The origin was not clear but many neighbours said that most of them came from house number 24, abandoned after the death of its last tenant.

The rain of stones lasted all day long, at nightfall that mysterious figure returned to the scene. This time there were sounds of lamentation and chains as attested by those present. The neighbours fearfully decided to go after that strange being, but it disappeared.

newspaper about ghost in Malaga
The news of the ghost of the Alcazaba appeared in the local newspaper.

Another day passed and the next morning the rain of stones returned. The phenomenon wounded 3 women who were there. This time and with the threatening face that the events were taking, the neighbours decided to raid the abandoned house from which the stones were supposed to come.

They threw the door down and as they entered, they saw that the keys were locked from the inside and there was no hole large enough for a child to escape, which would exclude the presence of someone physical. The belief that it was a ghost was gaining more and more followers.

A ghost in Malaga?

children in AlcazabaWith the door ajar after the attempt to hunt the menacing creature, there were many curious people who looked out. This was the case of Jaime Morales, a boy who, to show his courage in front of the group of friends, decided to enter the house alone. This kid affirmed seeing the ghost, said he was dressed like a normal person. The boy wanted to reach him but received a brick while the figure fled through a window. This window was not large enough that no one could pass through, which added even more mystery to the story.

Finally, the event took on importance to the point where the guards went to the site to search the whole place. They couldn’t find anyone or anything suspicious.

The ghost stopped appearing and became part of the many legends of Malaga.

Nowadays, and with a completely reformed environment, there are still security guards who claim to be witnesses at times of a dark figure that walks around the Alcazaba and gets lost behind the corners, noises of stones that seem to be thrown and screams that resound in the silence of the night without a concrete origin.

Will the ghost of the Alcazaba still visit the place? Would it be the former neighbour already deceased, someone linked to the past of such an imposing monument that refuses to leave, or the joke of some boy who never was caught?

Alcazaba in Malaga

Poltergeist in Malaga, paranormal events at Cister street

In this famous street in Malaga you could find the offices of the well-known publishing house Plaza & Janes. Nobody could have expected that this place would become part of the mysterious stories of Malaga in 1991, but so it was. We are going to know a little more about the case and why many Malaga residents remember this event with intrigue and curiosity.

 I was able to rescue the old sign for the old offices.

María Luisa was a worker who, like every afternoon, went to a place close to this publishing house to have coffee on her break. As he said she could hear loud noises of furniture and books falling to the ground coming from this publishing house. This surprised her because they had not even opened yet, although she didn’t think much of it. She didn’t know what was really going on inside the house.

What happened inside the publishing house?

It was June 6,1991, several employees were meeting inside. As they testified, things began to happen that no one could explain. They saw all the furniture moving from one place to another and the objects flying out. Ashtrays that violently exploded into a thousand pieces when they reached the wall and even a knife could be seen stuck in a subsequent visit.

Employees rushed away from such a sinister spectacle as a multitude of objects rushed into them, from staplers to pens.

Maria Luisa, who was inside the cafe, could see the multitude crowding in front of the editorial. The curiosity made her come out and see what was going on and she could see how the workers came out of the interior terrified, that it was totally chaotic, as if it were an earthquake.

Over the years, the editorial vanished and many businesses passed through this building, including the VANS store. As they commented, workers of the same one have experienced diverse events without explanation, falling of objects, sensation of a presence… but nothing comparable to what happened in the editorial Plaza & Janés.

There are witnesses who affirm that the police went to the place, however they say they do not find reports that prove the participation.

Without a doubt something happened in that Malaga editorial.

Location in map:

The case of the murdered child

It was 1913,6 pm and Manuel Sanchez Dominguez was playing like so many other days in front of the Pascualini cinema doors, in Calle Cordoba.

Manuelito, as he was affectionately called, had two brothers, one too small that had to stay with his mother and the other who was not with him at the time of his disappearance. It was not uncommon for Manuelito to sneak into the cinema occasionally to see a movie, but he was never coming back too late.

Time passed and Manuelito did not return. The parents, who had been selling hazelnuts in front of the cinema, alerted the guard. It was not normal for him to be absent for so long, and as the night fell, fears that some tragedy might have occurred grew stronger and stronger.

They find the body

Three days later, children playing in the swamp would find the dead body, he had a cut behind one of hir ears and it looked like his blood had been drawn.

news murder of children

Time passed without further news, it was a few months in which fear had taken over the families. It seemed dangerous for the children to go out alone for playing in the street.

After 6 months without any hint, police received a tip of someone who had been talking about the case in a tavern while drunk. He was captured and through him they reached his accomplice, it was’ El Moreno’ and ‘El Trapero’. They both ended up confessing the murder and also claimed to have been paid a large sum of money. it was a request from someone for bringing the blood of a child to a meeting point where they saw only a black carriage. Both were sentenced to death, but the person from the black carriage was never caught.

Children killer in Malaga

The belief that drinking a child’s blood could treat illnesses such as tuberculosis was widespread among the upper classes of the day. They were also the only ones who could afford to pay the high prices that certain illegalities cost and, as happens today, they were one step ahead of the law. Rumours in this case point to the fact that the wealthy aristocrat involved was the bullfighter Rafael Gómez Brailey, who suffered from this disease and died by the end of the same year.

These are just a few of the many stories that exist in Malaga, a land of mysteries. Next Halloween if you like I’ll bring more.


All about time change in Malaga and Spain

In Spain there are two time changes, one in March and one in October. Know when and why we change our clocks and what is the time difference between Malaga and UK.

When do the clocks go back in October?

When is the time change in Spain?The clocks go back on the night leading up to the last Sunday in October. In 2017 the change will be early in the morning from Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 October.

The exact time the time changes is at 3:00 a. m., which will change to 2:00 a. m. So from then on it will get dark and dawn earlier.

Therefore from the last Sunday in October the clock will be moved backward by one hour. We now have the well-known winter time.

The official regulation of daylight saving time would not come into effect until 1981. It was then established the hour change would be on the last Sunday in March and last Sunday in September, although the latter would eventually change in 1996 to the last Sunday in October.

When and how is the time change in March to daylight saving or summer time?

In March, the clock change in Spain is in the early morning from Saturday to the last Sunday of the month. In 2018 it will be the night of Saturday the 24th to Sunday the 25th of March.

The clock change in March at 2:00 am, will change to 3:00 am. From that Sunday, dawn and dusk will arrive later, so it is called summer time.

Why do the clocks change in Spain?

The first clock change proposal came from the UK with the aim of saving electricity on the longest days of the year. In 1918, the so-called ‘daylight saving’ was approved worldwide.

In Spain however, this decision was not taken unilaterally. During the civil war, the two parties at war had different timings. This clock difference would be unified at the end of the war.

The official regulation of daylight saving time would not come into effect until 1981. It was then established the hour change would be on the last Sunday in March and last Sunday in September, although the latter would eventually change in 1996 to the last Sunday in October.

Why is the time zone in Spain wrong?

The time zone in Spain should correspond to others like United Kingdom, Portugal or the Canary Islands due to its geographical location.

On March 16,1940 and under a dictatorship, the clocks were set at 12 pm instead of 11 pm. But why did this happen?

According to a report of that time it was to be in accordance with other European countries, but it seems that it was more of a gesture towards Berlin. This change is something England and France also did, although at the end of the war England returned to its natural time zone, while France and Spain did not.

What is the time difference between UK and Malaga or Spain?

Spain and Malaga are 1 hour ahead of the United Kingdom. In Spain only Canary Islands have the correct time zone.

In a near future is possible that Malaga and UK will share the same time zone, when it happens I will be here to tell you.

Why does it rain dust in Malaga? All about muddy rain

A mudstorm has been predicted for today in the province of Malaga. Rain dust is a phenomenon that confuses some of you, so let’s clear up all the doubts about how and why it happens.

No, it doesn’t happen because that day you decide to wash the car, other factors are involved.

What is the rain dust and when does it happen?

This typical dust rain (also called muddy or red rain) is a curious meteorological phenomenon occurring in the Mediterranean. No, it doesn’t happen because that day you decide to wash the car, other factors are involved.

In another article I talked about the difference between terral and sub-Saharan wind. This wind has a lot to do with the phenomenon, and is that for mud rain to happen there must be two conditions, dust particles suspended in the atmosphere, a wind strong enough to bring them to the mainland and rain.

Sub-saharan wind

This phenomenon can occur all year round but is characteristic of the summer months. It is not usual, however, that it happens during the winter months.

How long does it last? Dust suspension in the atmosphere can last from 24 to 60 hours before it begins to disappear.

70% of the world’s dust comes from the Sahara desert

Where does the dust come from?

As you may have deduced, the dust comes straight from the Sahara. The wind and rain give us a little bit of this desert on our vehicles and streets. Not only makes dirt, this powder provides nutrients to the soil and oceans.

car after rain dust

Minerals, bacteria, spores and pollen are suspended along with sub-Saharan dust and sand. Together they manage to overcome great distances to reach the most unlikely places, such as under your sofa or the interior of the European continent thousands of miles away. 70% of the world’s dust comes from the Sahara desert, so you can get an idea.

Learn more about

If you want to learn more about the Saharan Air Layer I recommend you visit the following link:

What to do on a rainy day?

Beat post-vacation blues and avoid depression after your holiday

During the holidays everything is perfect. Good weather and the beach in Malaga help you to relax and forget the routine. When the holidays are over, the well-known post-vacation blues may appear. Let’s see what it’s all about and how to avoid and beat it.

Post-vacation blues

Post-vacation blues can be a major or minor issue depending on how intense and long the vacation experience was.

¿What is the meaning of post-vacation blues?

Post-vacation blues is a mood that someone who comes home after a long trip might feel, usually after the holidays.

This syndrome is not experienced by everyone, but an important number of people can feel it after a sharp contrast between holidays and the return to routine.

Post-vacation blues can be a major or minor issue depending on how intense and long the vacation experience was. Jet lag can increase that feeling, which is often associated with crying after vacation, fatigue, boredom, nostalgia, anxiety or post-vacation depression in some cases.


5 ideas for avoiding or beating post-vacation blues

There are many ways to avoid suffering this dramatic emotional change after returning home from your holiday in Malaga. Some are more recommendable than others and it will depend exclusively on you taking one or another measure.

In any case, the sensation of postvacation blues lasts a few days, in the worst cases we can talk about weeks. You can also beat this feeling.

If you manage to make your day-to-day life attractive, you will not only avoid post-vacation blues but gain quality of life.

Avoid monotony for the rest of the year

If you live during the rest of the year in a less monotonous way you won’t notice that great contrast with the holidays. It can be difficult especially if you have a stressful job, although there are techniques to achieve it.

If you manage to make your day-to-day life attractive, you will not only avoid post-vacation blues but gain quality of life.

Joining the gym, going for a run, walking or reading among many other activities can help you live a less monotonous life. In short, a routine that is varied enough not to be boring and that contributes with something else after a hard working day.

Relive feelings with memories and souvenirs

In the living room you can share your memories and experiences with the family. Looking at souvenirs or photos taken during the holidays will help beating post-vacation blues.

Those photographs you took in Ronda, your first swim in the sea, that walk you loved so much… What is your favorite memory?

Strolling the sea shore

Share your trip on social networks

Although most people usually share their trip in real time, don’t forget to leave a lot of photos and experiences for sharing when you return.

Sharing your photos on social networks or helping those who are going to visit Malaga with your experiences is part of the ritual. You’ll feel as if your journey is not over yet.

Come back a couple of days in advance

It’s not a bad idea, actually, it’s something I usually do myself. Coming home a couple of days in advance and not planning to work just the day after your arrival. This will help in avoiding having post vacation anxiety.

Planning the next vacation

One thing that helps and is usually a fairly common practice is to plan your next vacation ahead of time. In addition to improving your mood, you’ll make sure you’ll have availability on all reservations you make.


Make a detailed plan of everything you would like to do the next visit will help beating your post-vacation blues.

Follow our blog or social networks

If you’re thinking on coming back, why not following us? It’s a good idea for your memories to pop up every time you read one of our news stories.

We also provide ideas for your next visit, so why not following us?

Something to remember when your vacation is over

Remember, your job is what allowed you to go on vacation. A lifetime of unlimited vacations even though it may sound very tempting is not desirable and would end up affecting you negatively.

If you really miss your visit to Malaga, why not coming back for a weekend? You could discover what this city is like during the winter, or see what other months can offer. There are numerous deals for weekend getaways throughout the year.

Finally, I would like to add that a distinction must be made between post-vacation blues and sadness at the end of the holiday. We all suffer from the latter and it’s normal.

Nobu Hotel Marbella and restaurant by Robert de Niro & Nobu

Robert de Niro and Nobu MatsuhisaAfter opening their first restaurant in Spain, the partners Robert de Niro and Noby Marsuhisa are planning to open their hotel boutique from their luxury chain in one of the most luxuries areas in Marbella, the Golden Mile.

The first hotel from the chain was in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. In Spain in 2017 they inaugurated their first hotel in Ibiza. Marbella Nobu Hotel will be the second in 2018.

The beginning of this partnership took place after the opening of Nobu’s first restaurant in Beverly Hills. The new way to cook the Japanese dishes with South American ingredients made it a very popular place to eat. The restaurant was even frequented by hollywood celebrities, including Robert de Niro. Their relationship began soon after they meet with new projects together.

¿What about Nobu Hotel?

Still early to know all details about this project. What we know until now is that it will be an exclusive offer of suites only for adults. The inauguration of Nobu Hotel in Marbella will not happen until Spring in 2018.

It will be in the 5 star hotel Puente Romano, where is situated the Nobu Restaurant & Lounge.

They will be adding suites of different categories and prices until 2019. The suites will be surrounding the square in Puente Romano and there will be a pool with oriental style.

The suites will focus on high standing customers. The hotel will focus to satisfy all customer’s needs – general director says.

Nobu Hotel Chain
Nobu hotel in Manila (upper image) and Ibiza (bottom image)

Nobu Restaurant and Lounge

The restaurant is built in sober and elegant wood following the Japanese styling.

Among the dishes you can find a few with South American influence, flavor that made Nobu famous. Malaga and the Mediterranean also look like to be of influence to him, you will be able to find some dishes with a typical Andalusian taste.

Nobu Restaurant & Longe, MarbellaThe restaurant is in Hotel Puente Romano, Marbella.

Opening time: 7:30pm to 01:00am daily.

Live DJ event from 7:30pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 4 am.

For reservations, please contact:

Phone: +34 952 778 686

Want to find more restaurants in Marbella?

Malaga airport experiences a spectacular growth

Among the main news from June we can highlight the 50th anniversary of Lufthansa flights to Malaga and the spectacular growth of the airport during the last May.

flights to Malaga this summer

Statistical data from last month

The airport has broken all records. It is the first time in its history that during the month of May it has reached 1.8 million passengers. This large number of passengers has flown to Malaga in a total of 13146 flights throughout the month.

We should not forget that during the high season last year the airport reached 1.9 million of passengers. This year we can expect even more during the months of July and August.

Malaga airport has doubled the traffic of big airports like Madrid or Barcelona. The top countries of origin for Malaga airport are United Kingdom, Germany and Holland in this order.

Currently the capacity of the airport is approximately 2.5 million of passengers per month at full capacity. This number might be reached in the coming months.

If you want to know more statistics of the airport I recommend to check my other post about Malaga airport news or visit the official AENA website at:

If you have not booked your flight already you should do it soon.

A modern and sustainable airport

The certificate on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from Malaga airport has been renewed this year. This certificate corroborates the airport’s commitment to reduce its energy footprint, trying to create a sustainable environment.

New security filters set to improve tourist’s security checks. You can read more about this new here.


Cold wave and snow in Malaga in January

January brings cold temperatures from the past Monday 8 until; this cold bring snow in Malaga to lower altitudes.

Snow in Malaga is an exceptional situation that you can take advantage of. How about a snow getaway this weekend?

Continue reading for an update at the bottom of this page…I will continue posting the latest information about cold and snow Malaga this week.

Snow in Malaga in 2018

Snow can be found above 900 meters. Excepcionally hail covered Fuengirola beach in the Monday morning.

There was an intense snow on Malaga mountains.

Antequera is under yellow alert. The snow in this municipality and Torcal caused a closure of some roads.

Low temperatures this week

The lowest temperatures expected in Malaga are between 4ºC and 6ºC while the maximum temperatures are between 14ºC and 16ºC.

In towns like Antequera or Ronda temperatures at night can reach – 1ºC and snow can even reach those or other areas like Malaga Mountains.

Temperatures are too low and it is not the normal weather in the south, in the incoming days temperatures are expected to be back to normal.

After all low temperatures will happen during the night, the daytime temperatures are mild.

Snow in Malaga

The famous snow in Malaga the 3rd in February in 1954 is in the memory of many locals. One day when they woke up with snow covering the streets up to 1 meter deep.

Locals enjoying the morning throwing snow balls.

This situation is very strange to happen and before 1954 the only notice about this happening again goes back to 1882. The temperature registered the famous snow day was between 0,5ºC and 5ºC.

Those who were young by that date have very funny memories of the day. A free school Wednesday by surprise when they could enjoy the day by throwing snow balls and a cinema afternoon without homework.

Guadalmedina river in the morning was a picture more likely from Nordic countries than from southern Spain.

Snow reached other municipalities in Malaga like Marbella and Estepona.

Is it likely to snow in Malaga again?

It would be a very strange success that the snow weather from 1954 happens again. This week could it snow but from 300m above the sea level.

It does exist the possibility of snow over the Malaga Mountains during the next days.

In an exceptional situation there could be snowy roads connecting the interior villages with the coast. I recommend to pay attention to the weather forecast if you are driving this week.

snow covering mountains next to Malaga airport
Photo taken this morning, look at the mountains next to the airport

It is going to snow in Malaga, although it is a very strange success to happen it did in the past. Logic makes us think that at some point the event will happen…but we don´t know when.

Snow in Malaga is an exceptional situation that you can take advantage of. How about a snow getaway this weekend?

Weekend getaway with snow in Malaga

This weekend could be perfect to enjoy the beautiful snow landscapes in the province.

Although this is not the great snowfall produced in 1954 on the city and the coastal zones, snow has been produced at low altitudes. If you go by car you will not have to drive long to enjoy a snowy day in Malaga.

If you are looking for snowy places in the province for this weekend you should head to Ronda and Sierra de las Nieves or Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama. As the weekend progresses the fallen snow will melt, although it will be conserved in areas close to 1000 meters of altitude.

Don’t be afraid if coming for holiday in January or February to Malaga

Don’t be afraid, news about the cold wave coming to Malaga and lower temperatures are more related to the night than to the day and this situation will last not long, only until the Sunday or Monday.

You can check the actual weather and temperature in Malaga from our website.

If you are looking for snow activities you can go to Sierra Nevada, very close to Malaga by car.

New taxi fares in Fuengirola

taxiDepending if you choose a public or private taxi to Fuengirola the price may vary.

Prices for taking a taxi from Malaga airport to Fuengirola are between 37€ and 85€ in case you need a minibus up to 19 passengers.

Summary of new prices for public taxis:

From now on the minimum price of a taxi is 4.60 Euros.

If you want the taxi to pick you up at your place of residence the surcharge is 1.20 Euros.

When the freight is more than two suitcases the surcharge is 1.20 Euros.

Some older supplements have been eliminated, such as the surcharge during the Fair, so taking a taxi during the celebrations is no longer more expensive.

All customers are entitled to their receipt once the journey is complete.

These reforms in the public transport sector aim to simplify the fee in benefit of the user, a move that comes after the rise of other services like and which are earning popularity and consist in sharing costs and transportation.

Other transportation options

You can hire through Internet taxis at a set price; as an example we have taken some fees for transfers from Malaga Airport to the following destinations:

Other transportation options include minibuses for larger groups which can result in a fairly reasonable price as you can share the expenditure with other passengers.

You can take a look at our section of Malaga airport transfers with links to reliable websites offering this service.

Taxis are ideal for infrequent transfers, but if we need a means of daily transport during holidays it may be more advisable to rent a car in Malaga from just 21 € per week; depending on the vehicle and the dates chosen the final price may vary.

Learn about the current traffic conditions in Malaga in real time

From now on is available a new device in Malaga city to support the circulation. Through the web Area Mobility Malaga are available to citizens almost 70 traffic control cameras distributed in the city.

With this service, which is available both through the web and for Smartphone, iPhone and iPad, you can know in real time the density of the main traffic routes in the city. It greatly facilitates knowing in advance the state of the route as it is available before getting into the car or at any stop along the way.


The camera images are updated every five seconds; so that people who drive by car to the centre of Malaga can have an accurate knowledge of the traffic situation and can plan an alternative route in case of saturated main roads.

Check traffic conditions online

This free service is available 24 hours from the official website at For this service, the site has a window named Camaras to the left of the page inside the menu ‘traffic information’. From there you can display a reference plane to know where are located the 68 cameras in Malaga city.

This new application also provides information about the acoustic traffic lights in the city, occupation of carriageways due to road works, all locations for loading and unloading, parking for disabled, bike lanes, bicycle parking and motorbike parking.

As mentioned before, this service is also available for certain mobile terminals, so that anyone who is in Malaga and wants to move around the city has all the information available on the mobile device. The service is available in Spanish and English.

The province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol have a good network of roads and highways that facilitate swift travel both along the coast and towards the intererior.

Pier One in Malaga: Leisure and shopping by the sea

Malaga is increasingly attractive and is continually adding new projects to make the capital of the Costa del Sol a truly cosmopolitan city, one example are the new shops at Malaga port. This trend is already underway for many years.

Pier 1 Malaga port

We remember those days when we passed by Malaga on the way to or from the airport approaching our holiday destination, but what could be incidentally perceived of Malaga was not exactly appealing or attractive.

However, the ancient city, charmingly situated in a bay, has much potential which gradually is being strengthened with cultural activities of broad nature in addition to the typical sun and sand offer.

Recently has been created a new space in Malaga, Pier One, with which the city has gained a lot more attractive. Formerly, the harbour area was a fenced area with restricted access and separate from the city. After extensive work, has been created a space of 14,000 square meters with a modern design that connects the historic centre and the Park of the Palms to the cruise terminal.

Along this space by the sea there is a shopping and leisure area, restaurants and there are also activities and facilities to entertain children; thus the area is ideal for a walk or to enjoy the gastronomic offer by the sea. The shops are open from 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays). Pier One has a large underground parking area.

Shopping in Malaga at the port

The shops in the port of Malaga are open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays unless otherwise noted).

Pier one has a large underground parking area in case you want to get in your own car.


Clothing and accessories of the well-known brand Lacoste.


Sportswear and accessories for sports in the port of Malaga.


Main brands of sunglasses for protecting of sunshine.


First fashion brands in watches and accessories.


Perfumery and beauty products.

Loft Six

The latest trends in clothing and footwear for both women and men.


Shoe store.

KIKO Make up Milano

Cosmetic and beauty products in general.


Chain focused on the sale of crafts and products made in wood. You will find ornamental masks, buddhas and other decorative figures.

Denim Store

Shop specializing in denim clothing with brands like Levis, Armani, Diesel, Lee …

Specialized Shoe Shop

You will find shoes from brands like Lacoste, Diesel, Vans, Camper, Timberland or Converse among others.

Soho Boho

Shop for clothes, footwear and accessories with outlet area.

Bailly Bijoux

Furniture, footwear and exclusive decoration, there are only 2 or 3 pieces of each model.


Shop dedicated to products made with Swarovski, Lladro and Majorica.

Slora & Slora Woman

Two stores, each dedicated to men’s and women’s fashion.


Articles of decoration, textiles, furniture and gifts.

Service shops

Vietnam Nails

Decoration and painting of nails. It opens on Sundays in the afternoons and during the summer its schedule is extended until 0:00.

Candlyland Sweet Europa

All kinds of products for children, from backpacks, towels, shoes or candies.

QQ Electric Bikes

Rent of electric bicycles for 25 € per day, 15 € half day and 5 € per hour.

How to get to Pier One (Muelle Uno)

By car, just follow the signs to the centre of Malaga; once there, you can park in the parking lot of Alameda or in the parking lot of Pier One.

Find more information on or at our website about Malaga port.