Season discounts for skiing in April in Sierra Nevada

April will bring us not only the spring but also activities and discounts to Sierra Nevada for skiing.

The 30th of April is the last day of the ski season, if you are willing to take part in the called event ‘ski the spring in Sierra Nevada‘, you are yet on time.

Sierra Nevada activities and discounts in April, 2017

Spring discounts for skiing

The first week of April you can get ski passes with discount. With 20€ you can enjoy a full skiing day. There is a limit of 3000 ski passes with discount.

If you have a season ski pass you can recharge it for 25€.

If you are willing to learn how to ski now you can do at a reduced price, for 35€/day. The available days for the ski lessons are the 2nd, 9th, 22nd and 29th of April.

April activities in Sierra Nevada

Among the many activities planned in Sierra Nevada for April is the skiing in swimsuit event. An event where the participants have to ski or snowboard without clothes.

The 30th of April the skiing season ends with a big people’s paella.

Sierra Nevada in autumn

Visiting Sierra Nevada in autumn is not expensive at all, now we can find very cheap flights to Malaga. These low prices in autumn on flights, hotels and car rental allow us to know some places in the province of Granada, located just 90 minutes from Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Autumn in Sierra Nevada

Now in October and November, shortly before the start of the ski season  is an ideal time to enjoy the attractions of Granada without being the weather too cold.

Visiting Granada in October and November

Alhambra Granada

If you want to convince anyone coming with you, the cheap flight is a perfect excuse to spend some time in Malaga and Granada, It is a perfect opportunity to know more of these cities which are so different from each other:

  •  Malaga, ancient port city that opens to the Mediterranean, with the charm and joy that characterizes the coastal cities.Autumn is definitely a good season to visit the province without  feeling too hot.
  • Granada, where lingers its Arab heritage in every corner and its monuments, with the magnificent Sierra Nevada in the background. You can enjoy a city break, visit the Alhambra or simply enjoy the environment.

For the more adventurous there are many opportunities to enjoy Sierra Nevada and practice outdoor or adventure sports and thus combine sightseeing with exercise. Some examples of activities in  Sierra Nevada are canyoning and mountaineering. You can simply enjoy hiking in one of the highest peaks of the peninsula, as the highest road in Europe rises to almost 2,500 metres.

There is parking in Pradollano, the skiing resort in the Sierra Nevada, where the National Park provides buses for those who prefer to climb the last stretch more easily, without missing the spectacular views where on clear days we can even see the Rif Mountains in Morocco.

Do not miss it

It is a unique excursion, at a short distance from Granada and Malaga, which allows us to glimpse a great nature and extraordinary high mountain environment at only 120 km from Malaga airport and definitely a place you should not miss.

You might be interested also to know which month is the best to visit Malaga.

Skiing in swimsuit in Sierra Nevada on April 23

The end of ski season is approaching and like every year there is being organized a skiing in swimsuit event, a rather striking event which has been held since a few years being this the fourth edition. If you ever thought how it would be to ski or snowboard without clothes it is your chance to try it.

This event also aims to promote the upcoming World Championships in Freestyle Ski and Snowboard in Sierra Nevada.


The fourth season edition of this event takes place on 23rd April at the ski station of Sierra Nevada.

You have live webcams where you can check the status of the tracks.

Ski pass at half price if you bring your bikini or bathsuit

To take part in this event you must sign up at the official website (signing page is down so I guess you have to signup personally). There is usually a limit of 500 participants, those participants who join the event will be also able to buy the ski pass at half price (€ 17.25 is the price in 2016).

To benefit from the discounted ski pass it is necessary to bring your ID card which you must show at the box office (open at 9am)  then you will be given a registration card that will give you access to services, prizes and a ski pass at exclusive price; then you get rid of your clothes and stay in swimsuit.

For your warm clothing you can use a wardrobe in Borreguiles (closes at 11:20am) that has been free in earlier years, so we assume it will remain free for participants … be patient if there are many people, the fun is only a few minutes away.

After all these steps you just have to take the chairlift and warm up the muscles, the event is about to begin, try to be careful, falling on snow in a swimsuit carries more risks than doing it protected with special clothing for skiing.

It is not allowed to overtake the person who goes first,  you must follow that person at all times. Shortly after the descent they will proceed to the awards ceremony and the wardrobe will reopen for you to take back your belongings.

Remember that participants must bring their own equipment.

Free ski pass?

Those who want to enjoy a day of skiing with free ski pass will have to wait until May 1st. During the last day of the season the price for ski pass at the station of Sierra Nevada is free.

Tips for skiing in swimsuit

Do not forget sunscreen… the sun’s rays are specially dangerous here because of the sun´s reflection on the snow so it is necessary to be well protected with sunglasses and sunscreen.

Avoid risks, we already know you are a pro…do not try to impress the bikini girls or guys in bathsuit by practicing your special skills without enough protecting clothes.

Video of previous events in Sierra Nevada

If you have never been yet to Sierra Nevada this is a good time to visit,  we have a page with information about the ski resort as well as where to park your car.

World Snow Day or a weekend with children in Sierra Nevada

world snow dayWorld Snow Day is coming the next weekend and Sierra Nevada participate by offering dedicated activities and ski lessons for children.

This event is organized worldwide and most of the ski stations around the globe participate on it, officially it’s just one day, Sunday…but they use to extend it for the whole weekend and some ski stations even offer it one weekend every month.

The aim of this worldwide event is to introduce children into the practice of this winter activity. Who has visited the snow being a child and have no good memories of it?

When is the World Snow Day?

The next 17th in January the World Snow Day is celebrated but you will be able to find deals for the whole weekend.

There are also activities planned for both days.

Coming to Sierra Nevada

This year Sierra Nevada offers different holiday packages, one of those packages includes ski learning classes, ski-pass and all the needed material for skiing; there is another offer which also includes accommodation, all of this at a cheaper price than any other day.

Saturday and Sunday are full of events and activities for the children, some of those activities among many others sound promising: night skiing, cinema or the Gymkhana; children might enjoy them as much as their parents.

More information about World Snow Day

You can visit the official website for information about events in Sierra Nevada and at any other ski station which participate on this event.

World Snow Day
Plaza de Andalucía 4
18196 Granada

Traffic tickets while driving a rental car in Spain

traffic fine AndaluciaWe always recommend to discover Andalusia by car, it’s an unforgettable experience to drive through the country roads and discover villages that would be impossible to visit any other way, however quite often the drivers forget that they can commit traffic offenses and be notified for them.

How car rental companies pass on the cost of traffic tickets

If you drive a rental car, to the fine will be added an administrative sanction by your car hire company as they have to process the fine and identify the driver, which generates an extra cost that tends to come up to about 25 euros. We recommend to be careful to not get any speeding tickets or any other traffic offense fines as although the car doesn’t belong to you, the fine will reach you.

One of the places near Malaga where the drivers are fined the most, almost without realizing, is in the centre of Granada, where the existence of bad traffic signing, not translated into English either, vigilance cameras and radars cause that many foreign drivers get fined, which is we recommend that if you visit Granada with your rental car drive very carefully, paying special attention to the speed limits and traffic signs. Other option is to book a guided tour to Granada instead of driving a car yourself.

The most common causes for fines in Spain

A very important one to avoid a fine is always wearing the seatbelt, included those sitting in the back…If you get stopped by the police and you are carrying passengers in the backseats, it’s very likely that they’ll check if they are wearing their seatbelts too…and if they aren’t, it will all depend on the policeman or policewoman whether you get a formal sanction or not.

The speed is one of the main causes of fines in Spain, sometimes even when we think we haven’t gone over the limit we may receive fine by surprise. In Malaga there are roads of 4 lanes in both directions that would lead us to think that the speed limit is 120 km/h. when really it’s in fact 100 km/h., which is why it’s highly recommendable to always pay special attention to the road signs that indicate at what speed we must go.

The radars are signposted, and driving passed them at a higher speed than what you’re supposed to, becomes a fine automatically. We must also mention that there are mobile radars (in vehicles) too that aren’t indicated and that can give us an unpleasant surprise.

Double parking is forbidden, you may stop for less than 2 minutes to pick up or let out passengers…but never double park the vehicle, the fine in this case is pretty dear.

Final recommendations when driving in Spain

If you drive according to the traffic regulations in Spain there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever. Always pay attention to the traffic signs and in the case that you receive a fine, don’t forget that you’ll receive a small extra charge if you’re using a rental car due to the administration process.

Flights from London to Granada with free check-in for skiing gear

hispania airlinesOnly an hour and a half drive from Malaga and the Costa del Sol are rising the highest mountain ranges of the peninsula, Sierra Nevada in Granada, the southernmost ski resort in Europe. With the recent rains, this resort located on more than 2,400 meters above sea level, and from where on clear days you can see the Mediterranean Sea and Africa, is preparing for the new 2012-13 season.

Among the varied promotions we also found an offer of the company Hispania Airways, which offers free billing of skiing equipment or Snowboards on its flights to Granada. This promotion, which is already available on the company’s website, will be valid as from the first days of December, specifically the 6th, when the airline starts connecting Granada-Sierra Nevada with London, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

From London-Gatwick flights take place twice a week (Mondays and Fridays, round trip). This offer responds to the growing numbers of British skiers who book a getaway to Sierra Nevada. But not only the British enjoy this ski resort with more sun in Europe, just 30 minutes from the historic city of Granada, about an hour from the Costa Tropical and 90 minutes from the Costa del Sol.

However, if you prefer to stay in the resorts of the warm Costa del Sol but want to enjoy a getaway to the snow and the cold of Sierra Nevada, you can take your flight to Malaga airport and from there book a transfer to Sierra Nevada or hire a car in Malaga.

Alhambra in Granada: A Thousand and One Nights

interior of Alhambra palaceIt has been over 500 years since the last “Moor king” was expelled from the Alhambra in Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. The red castle, Al-Hamra, was for over 200 years the last bastion of the Nazari Kingdom in Al-Andalus, located on a hill, with the snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop.

Who strolls nowadays through its beautiful walled enclosures can still feel the magic of past days of this monument which was royal palace and military castle during the Nasrid dynasty.

The Alhambra is a reflection of this Nasrid culture, the last Arab kingdom in the peninsula where artists and intellectuals sought refuge as the reconquest progressed in Al-Andalus. Built in the mid-thirteenth century by Mohamed I, his descendants later expanded the medina (city) and strengthened its defences.

The interiors of the palaces dazzle with exquisite beauty, showing the great Arabic artistic skill at that time. The Nasrids were also true architects in designing irrigation systems and running water, whose gentle murmur is present throughout the site as fountains, ponds and streams.

Alhambra Granada by nightIn 1492, the Alhambra fell into the hands of the Catholic Monarchs and the legend says that the last king of Granada, Boabdil, being exiled, stopped on a mountain on the way to the coast, looked back at Granada and the Alhambra and started crying. This site still nowadays is called “The sigh of the Moor”.

Who likes the stories and legends of this kingdom extinct long ago, can read the Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving, who travelled to Granada in 1829 and lived for four months at the Alhambra and wrote the stories of his collection. This book was partly responsible for the re-discovery of a deteriorated Alhambra after the Napoleonic War.

Actually, the Alhambra in Granada is a World Heritage Site and one of the most visited monuments in Spain. Who wants to immerse in medieval Arabic narrative, can check the following link “Tales of the Alhambra” for a free online reading. I highly recommend it!

Sierra Nevada opens season with 26 kilometers of skiing slopes

The southernmost ski resort in Europe, Sierra Nevada in Granada, opens this Saturday November 26th the season with the largest skiing area in history at the beginning of the season.

For this last weekend in November Sierra Nevada is ready with snow depths of 20 centimeters to 1 meter in the areas of Borreguiles, Veleta, La Laguna de las Yeguas and in the area of ​​Loma de Dilar, where this year opens a ‘half pipe’ located in the snow park Sulayr. Sierra Nevada is now the only station in Spain with sufficient snow to start the season.

The ski resort is located in one of the two national parks in Andalusia and from its peaks you can see on clear days the Mediterranean Sea and the African coast.

Skiing and freestyle lovers can enjoy a wide variety of slopes and facilities for the enjoyment of snow sports as well as hotels, restaurants and so on to make pleasant your stay at 2,000 meters above sea level. The nightlife in Sierra Nevada is also very famous. The area also offers many activities for non-skiers and children, thus the whole family can spend a fantastic day in the snow.

And do not forget that the highest mountain in the peninsula is located just an hour’s drive from the Costa Tropical of Granada and 90 minutes from the Costa del Sol in Malaga. The season in Sierra Nevada is also usually the longest due to its height and usually it is possible to ski until Easter; a time when we can see already the first bathers on the Costa del Sol. Thus Sol y Nieve (Sun & Snow) is not a media overstatement as in fact it is possible to ski and take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea on the same day.

The first snow of the season in Sierra Nevada, Granada

The southernmost ski resort in Europe, Sierra Nevada in Granada, has already registered its first snowfalls, leaving a thickness of between 5 and 7 cm from 1,800 metres above sea level. These first flakes on the highest mountain peaks of the Spanish Peninsula have been a good reason for many people who went during the weekend to Sierra Nevada to enjoy the snow with the family, throwing snowballs and sliding on sleds.


The opening of the skiing station Sierra Nevada is scheduled for the weekend of 26 and 27 of November.

Tourists who come to Malaga in autumn and winter for a short holiday, taking advantage of attractive prices of flights, can practice winter sports only 130 km away in Granada.

The last Moorish kingdom of medieval Spain is also a fantastic destination for a tour of the historic city and a visit to her most famous monument, the Alhambra. From various viewpoints of the city you can enjoy fantastic views of the Arab fortress with the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. During these months we can also witness great sunsets.

Now, you should dress up warm! Although Granada is only 40 a minutes’ drive from the Costa Tropical and an hour and a half from the Costa del Sol, the change in temperature could not be sharper. In the picture you can see that only a few miles in a straight line are separating the snow from Mediterranean Sea; however, due to the great height of the mountain there are differences in temperature of 20° C and more.

Therefore, the slogan “Sol y Nieve” (Sun and Snow) from Sierra Nevada is not exaggerated, because technically it is possible to ski in the morning and sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon. In the resort you can rent the entire equipment, although you should not forget sunscreen and sunglasses!

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From Malaga to Sierra Nevada in Granada – Quick Guide

The Sierra Nevada National Park is situated between the provinces of Granada and Almeria and is located about 120 km from Malaga city. In the Sierra Nevada is located the highest peak of the peninsula, the Mulhacén, 3.481 meters high. The National Park of the Sierra Nevada is a nature reserve declared by UNESCO.

There are two ways to reach the Sierra Nevada. One runs inland, on the Highway A-72. It is a very entertaining journey, slowly increasing in altitude, as we move away from the coast and the lush subtropical vegetation. After the mountain pass “Las Pedrizas” nearly 800 metres above sea level, before our eyes open vast spaces of mountains and countryside, only occasionally punctuated by country houses and large olive groves.

Traveling from Málaga to Granada on the A-72, we can find some interesting villages on the road such as Loja, Alhama de Granada and Montefrio, about 70 km from Malaga. These villages, tucked behind hills and close by rivers, retain a rich and diverse historical legacy.

Arriving in Granada, opens a majestic view, the peaks of Sierra Nevada, which for much of the year are covered with snow, under a deep blue sky.

From Granada city the well signposted A-395 leads to the most southerly ski resort in Europe, Prado Llano, whose lifts are also open to the public in summer and therefore it is a great choice for excursions year-round.

From the Pico de Veleta you can see on clear days the Mediterranean coast and even the Rif Mountains in Morocco. If get up to this height, take a warm coat, also in summer, as temperatures are usually quite low!

Another route through the Sierra Nevada from Granada is to the south on the A-44, through Lecrín Valley, whichin spring is covered with blossoming lemon and orange trees. Taking the winding road A-348 to Lanjaron, we can literally feel like going through “the Gate” to the magical Alpujarra, on the southern slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Here, time moves at a different pace; the white villages have kept to this day their Arab heritage; deep valleys with a special microclimate and fruit trees and numerous springs, many of them with medicinal properties. Here we can find charming villages such as Bubión, Pampaneira or Capileira, the Buddhist monastery Oseling on Mount Atalaya, located at 1.800 meters, and one of the highest villages in Spain, Trevelez, at almost 1.500 meters, which is famous for its ham (Jamon Serrano).

The newly opened A-44 instantly takes you back to the coast, with a descent of nearly 600 meters in altitude. However, the much prettier route is the old national road to the coast, the N-323, through Velez de Benaudalla, who takes us through spectacular mountain scenery, opening in the last bends to the Mediterranean breeze, a pure pleasure to drive this route!

The coast of Granada greets us with her white village Salobreña, situated on a hill. From here we can enjoy the coast road and appreciate the differences in the Granada coastline, with steep cliffs, holding with their wild and rugged aspect a particular beauty that contrasts sharply with the massive building along the Costa del Sol. We can also quickly return on the A-7, which leads back to Malaga city, the heart of the Costa del Sol.

For all of you who don´t require to rent a car in Malaga, there are Malaga airport transfers services for groups from Malaga to Sierra Nevada.