Visiting Malaga in June and activities – What is the weather like and what clothes to bring?

If you are planning to come to Malaga in June you can't miss this post. I'll tell you the 5 main reasons why it's a good idea, the weather, the clothes you should bring and also find activities that only take place during this month.
enjoying the beach in June in Malaga

Cold wave and snow in Malaga in January

January brings cold temperatures from the past Monday 8 until; this cold bring snow in Malaga to lower altitudes. Snow in Malaga is an exceptional situation that you can take advantage of. How about a snow getaway this weekend? Continue reading for an update at the bottom of this page...I will continue posting the latest information about cold and snow Malaga this week.
snow in Malaga in 1954

Autumn in Malaga – Average temperature and climate

Autumn is coming, a season that on the Costa del Sol does not bring cold but pleasant temperatures that invite you to visit the province in depth. Find out what the weather is like in Malaga in autumn, what clothes you should bring if you are on holiday and if it usually rains during these months.

Costa del Sol: Sun, summer, heat waves and health habits

On the occasion of the first heat wave that is coming today to Malaga and the Costa del Sol with temperatures up to 38º C (100.4º F) we think that it wouldn´t hurt to remind our visitors some basic tips to deal with this heat without “peeling off too much” in the attempt.

Summer temperatures in Malaga in the middle of December

A mass of warm air from Africa made yesterday that the thermometers jumped to 25 degrees in Malaga.

Snowfall and glacial temperatures continue to disrupt European air traffic

Snow and freezing temperatures continue to disrupt air traffic in Europe, with delays and cancellations are in many parts of Europe because of the snowstorm. The most affected airport is Gatwick airport, which is closed from yesterday until further notice due to difficult weather conditions and other airports which have closed during the night, are scheduled to open during the day.