Visiting Malaga in September – All you need to know

packing up for holiday to Malaga in SeptemberWe are already at the end of August, while many of you are returning to the routine of work or planning to, others are packing up to begin their vacation in Malaga in September.

Many tourists prefer September over August to spend their vacations. Towards the end of August there is already a drop in the number of towels on the beach, a clear indicator of the ending of the high season.

Those who have been able to experience the transition from August to September are witness of how summer seems diluted between taxis and suitcases on their way to the airport. Don’t be wrong, it is just an illusion and there is still good weather and temperature for everyone. The distance between towels on the beach expands past the border of August 31 day, there may be a mathematical formula to calculate that space between tourists on the sand but it has not yet been discovered. The temperatures do not seem to leave Malaga with the tourists who leave the Costa del Sol which is a good notice for those who arrive.

Without any doubt there is still good weather and pleasant temperature for enjoying beach and pool still in September.

Is it hot and is there good weather in September?

Without any doubt there is still good weather and pleasant temperature for enjoying beach and pool in September. The only thing that ‘seems’ to get lost during this month are the strong Terral days. I say it seems, because it is less likely that the thermometer exceeds 35ºC but not impossible, it may occur some other day throughout the month.

Strolling the sea shore

The weather accompanies to continue enjoying the beach and sunbathing. The water is at a pleasant temperature although we lose those days of warm water that happen sometimes in August. If it’s hot and you want to cool down, then the cold water is welcome, so it is not a big deal.

Do you want to know more about the weather in September? Visit this website:

Does it rain in Malaga in September?

September is not a rainy month. Like any other month it can rain but it is not usual, when it happens it is usually a light rain that surely ends the same day. Maybe by the end of the month when Autumn is more advanced the raining chances are higher, but It still not a rainy season.

Feel free to check another blog post where I propose ideas to do in Malaga on a rainy day, although it is more focused to the winter still valid.

What clothes to bring if you visit Malaga in September?

If you come early in the month you can still wear the same clothes you would in summer. Shorts and short-sleeved shirts are a good option; beside I would recommend bringing some long sleeves in case of a cold evening, something that if you are next to the shore can happen equally in August.

If you come in late September I recommend to bring long pants and some jacket just in case you need. Do not forget also your swimsuit and summer clothes, you’ll still need them.

Are there fairs or festivals in September in Malaga?

Of course there are activities, festivals and fairs in September. In Malaga I think there is not even a single month where there is not any relevant event or festival. Although Malaga Fair is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city in August, my favourite is in September.

Luna Mora de Guaro festival

For those interested one of my all-time favourite events is the festival of Luna Mora de Guaro. Among the reasons to recommend it is that when I went I enjoyed a lot the food stalls. The candles lighting the streets are charming. It was a night with many special corners where taking nice photos for memories.

There is a blog post dedicated to the festivals and fairs of Malaga in September, it is worth a check if you are interested in visiting Malaga this month.

The million dollar question, is September a good month to visit Malaga and enjoy your vacation?

Is September a good month to visit Malaga?

The million dollar question, is September a good month to visit Malaga and enjoy your vacation? Undoubtedly, I explain below the reasons that lead me to affirm it.

Malaga next to the sea

I lived in a tourist development where 90% of people were not Spaniards but tourists. I know main dates they usually visited Malaga for holidays. Although they do it all year round, there are some more auspicious dates depending on what type of tourist you are.

August is the month for everyone as well as July. Youth abound and seek to have fun. The beach and pools become the central meeting points during the day while at night the promenade becomes a long fashion catwalk of different nationalities.

Malaga in September still a popular destination, but without many of the young tourists, already getting ready for getting back to school. Let’s say it’s a similar month to August but a little quieter. The further we move from high season, the lower the prices, which is a great incentive for many.

Those looking mostly to enjoy the beach, sunbathing and good weather prefer September over later months.

Those who value saving and culture above everything else would prefer to wait for later months. October, November or December are among the cheapest months to visit Malaga. Those looking mostly to enjoy the beach, sunbathing and good weather prefer September over the later months.

During this month I can especially recommend this blog post about natural pools and rivers in Malaga.

If you are traveling with children Iit is more likely that they will make friends in the pool or beach during August. Although it is not a relevant factor it is true that there are more young people during that month.

Festivals and fairs in Malaga in September

weekend calendarSeptember is the month of fairs and festivals in many municipalities along the Costa del Sol celebrating Pilgrimages, fruit harvest, patron saints… and much more.

These are days of joy where is mixing the profane with the religious; people enjoy being in the street, there is colour, music and dance. If you are visiting Malaga and the Costa del Sol at this time, come and join us!

Main events in Malaga in September

Below you will find the dates for the fairs and festivals in Malaga during September:

Mijas fair

Local festivities in Mijas begin the Sunday 4th in September. From then there will be events and performances for the entire week.

On the first day of the fair, when night comes, the fair lighting will be switched on. The next day the daytime fair officially begins.

In 2017 the fair took place from 6th to 10th September.


You can check in our website how getting to Mijas by car or public transport.

Ajoblanco Festival in Almachar on the first Saturday of September

Gastronomic event celebrated since 1968 and of free entrance with numerous activities.

The festival includes of course ajoblanco (typical dish made of almonds juice), a gastronomic route and numerous events for all audiences.

Check the map to know how to get to Almachar.

Olive Fair in Alozaina

Between 12 and 15 September is celebrated the collection of the olive in the municipality of Alozaina Malaga. It is celebrated with beer, pork and cheese from the village.

The fair was first held in 1929 and offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about the traditional harvesting of green olives in Alozaina.

Check this map to know how getting to Alozaina.

Ronda fair and ‘Goyesca Bullfighting’

The traditional fair in Ronda known as the Pedro Romero Fair is held between the last week of August and early September.

In 2017 it took place from August 28th to September 3rd.

It is an event declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia and it  highlights especially the traditional’ Corrida Goyesca’ in the Plaza de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda.

Check our website to know how getting to Ronda by car or public transport.

Grape Harvest Festival in Manilva

The first weekend of September from Friday to Sunday you have an appointment in Manilva. There will be wine tasting and other events such as a flamenco festival and the Virgen de los Dolores parade.

Check our website to know how to get to Manilva by car or public transport.

Luna Mora de Guaro (Moorish Moon Festival) in September

For two days (usually on the second weekend of September) this white village is a meeting point for the medieval Andalusian culture with the light of 25.000 candles in the streets.

During the Luna Mora festival there are performances, craft stalls and gastronomy stalls. Highly recommended I enjoyed much the food in my last visit.


Anchovie Day in Rincón de la Victoria

The last weekend of September there are free anchovies tasting at Rincon de la Victoria.

The event begins at 12.30 pm next to the promenade and close to the old train station.

Check this map to know how getting to Rincon de la Victoria.

Spanish anchovies tapa

World Tourist Day

The World Tourist Day is on Tuesday 27th September and there are events to welcome the tourists visiting Malaga.

Depending on the municipality where you are there will be different events. In Mijas, the main square had in the past events flamenco performances and a free sweet wine tasting.

Other municipalities offer free food tasting.


Raisin day in El Borge

They celebrate the Raisin Day the third Sunday in September.

Typical dancing performances, wine, cold meat and typical products from the area.

Check the map for getting to El Borge.

Istan Fair and San Miguel Pilgrimage

Istan fair and San Miguel pilgrimage are celebrated the first Sunday before the 29th in September and lasts 5 days.

Check the map for getting to Istán.

Fair of Santo Cristo in Casares

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of September the Santo Cristo Fair takes place in Casares, traditionally celebrated to commemorate the end of the harvesting season in the summer.

The festival features processions, music, dances and fireworks.

Location of Casares in a map.

Almond Day in Almogía

During this day the aim is to promote local products and traditions in the farming of almonds.

There are activities, performances and desserts made with almonds.

Check the map to know how getting to Almogia.

Torremolinos fair and San Miguel Pilgrimage

The Torremolinos Fair lasts 5 days and ends on October 1st. On the Sunday before that date, the San Miguel pilgrimage takes place to Los Mantantiales, a pine forest located on the outskirts of the municipality.

Day fair features dancing, music and other events at the main squares and the centre of Torremolinos.


At night, the Fair moves to the fairgrounds with booths, musical shows, mechanical attractions and lots of fun.

Check our website to know how to get to Torremolinos by car or public transport.

Sun Coast Festival Torremolinos, September 11

Aqualand Torremolinos will again be the setting where literally to immerse oneself in the “Best House Festival of Andalucia.” This water park has already witnessed twice the meeting of thousands of House music fans in the liquid element: To the Sun Coast last year came more than 4,000 people; an awesome festival, unique in Andalucia, which combines the best show of image, sound and fun.

Update: For all fans of this event: Today has been announced that the Sun Coast festival has been banned by the mayor of Torremolinos, citing “security reasons” and complaints from neighbors.

This time, the event to say goodbye to the summer will take place on Sunday, September 11 beginning at 10 am, eleven hours non-stop, until 9 pm.

Up to 2 pm you can enjoy all the facilities of Aquapark like pools, slides and so on. The dance floor will be again the wave pool, becoming a sea of people dancing and splashing to the rhythm of the best DJs.

The launching offer of the first 1,000 tickets for 30 € (plus booking fee) is already open. Ticket sales at Ticketmaster, Carrefour, Fnac, Halcon Viajes.

More information at

Sun Coast Festival September 2010 in Torremolinos

Also this summer we have an appointment at the Costa del Sol with the Sun Coast Festival 2010, this time in Torremolinos.This new edition of “Best House Festival in Andalusia” is without doubt the most refreshing of all the gatherings so far, as it will take place in the Torremolinos Water Park Aqualand, with 70,000 m2 of grounds, swimming pools, water slides, gardens, restaurant, sunshades, hammocks, parking and other common services.

To all this must be added the spectacular setting with the dance floor in the wave pool, so you can listen to great music while enjoying a bath, and the VIP area located in the Jacuzzi at the side of the stage, with elements that can´t be missed, for all dance music lovers to spend an unforgettable day.

The chosen day is Sunday September 12th from 10 o’clock in the morning until 9 pm. The best way to end the summer, with the perfect combination of water rides and music from the best international and national house DJs at the time. Reason enough to conclude Sunday in the Costa del Sol, after having enjoyed a great summer and all the leisure that the province of Malaga has to offer.

Launching offer: First 1,000 tickets 25 € (+ booking fee).
Sales outlets: Ticketmaster (Carrefour, Fnac, Urende,…) and El Corte Ingles.
More info in
Reservations and VIP Infoline: 952-650 446