Malaga airport news in 2018

Malaga airport news in 2018 brings us information about the statistics from last year and the new rules of some airlines. Continue reading for more information.

New airline at Malaga airport

The great demand from the Nordic countries with the Costa del Sol has led the airline SAS (Sweden Scandinavian Airlines System) to establish new bases at Malaga airport and London.

Swedish tourism has increased by more than 40% since 2016, in 2017 more flights are expected from Sweden and other Nordic countries to Malaga.

New flights between Malaga and France

The airline Air France will connect Malaga airport with the south of France. Through the low-cost airline Transavia will link Lyon with the Costa del Sol.

It is also planned to increase the number of flights between Malaga and Paris-Orly airport from 3 to 9 flights per week.

The route between Malaga and Charles de Gaulle airport maintains its 21 weekly flights.

Ryanair now charge for hand luggage

The Irish company Ryanair has decided to charge for cabin baggage from 2018 onwards. 5 Euros for being able to travel with hand luggage and only to be able to take up 2 packages those passengers who have priority boarding.

This news has found conflicting opinions between those who prefer to check in all the luggage and those who prefer to carry a cabin suitcase and a backpack or handbag.

How to acquire the priority boarding or which other airline to choose? I’ll tell you about it in another blog post.

Ryanair plane

Contact with Ryanair

If you are not sure what you can or cannot bring, please contact Ryanair at Malaga airport. The check-in counter is located in the area of Terminal T2, floor P1.


*I recommend not to use Ryanair’s contact phones. Call price ranges from 0.13 Euros in Spain to 1€ per minute in other countries.

Malaga airport statistics in 2017

In 2017 the airport has experienced the largest traffic in its history with more than 18 million passengers and a total of 137092 operations. These figures show a growth of 11.7% in passengers and 10.8 more in landing and take-off operations.

As in recent years, the trend is for the United Kingdom to be in first place among the leading nationalities. Germany, the Netherlands and France follow at some distance. The Costa del Sol is undoubtedly a very attractive destination for the British, who choose it every year as a place to spend their holidays.

Malaga has been one of the fastest growing destinations last year. This has led to an increase in the demand for accommodation, so we recommend booking and planning well in advance.

Ryanair cancels 2000 flights – Cancelled flights list and what to do

Ryanair has decided to cancel up to 50 flights daily from September to October. This decision has caused great uncertainty among all passengers who have booked with the company as they do not know if their flight will be affected.

This post will be updated with new information.

The reason given by the company is “to improve punctuality”.

Ryanair flights

The reason given by the company is “to improve punctuality”. There is little you can do if you have already booked your flight with this company because they will not communicate the status of a flight until a few days before.

Is my flight to or from Malaga cancelled?

Today, October 2nd, I was able to find 2 new flights cancelled to Malaga, one from Frankfurt and another from Marseille.

All scheduled flights on Mondays between Frankfurt and Malaga are cancelled, as well as flights between Malaga and Marseille.

Flights will be cancelled until March 2018 or until further notice from the company. Ryanair added that they will contact affected customers by email.

What to do if Ryanair cancel your flight?

There are two possible choices, one of them is to request a refund online in order to recover the money. Another option is to request a flight change for free.

If you have your flight seat booked you can’t do anything until it is cancelled by the company.

Can you claim if an airline cancel your flight?

You can claim financial compensation if an airline cancel your flight, the requirements are as follows:

  • 125€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is up to 2 hours (or it was cancelled) and the flight is less than 1500 km.
  • 250€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is up to 3 hours (or it was cancelled) and the flight distance is up to 1500 km.
  • 300€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is less than 4 hours (or it was cancelled), the flight is up to 3500 km and the flight has not taken off or landed in the EU.
  • 400€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is above 3 hours (or it was cancelled), the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 km and the flight has taken off or landed in the EU
  • 600€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is above 4 hours (or it was cancelled), the flight distance is above 3500 km and the flight has not taken off or landed in the EU.

*Airline must also provide drink, food, accommodation, transport from and to the airport for the new flight and free telephone call.

The full compensation is only applicable if you request a refund of the fare. If you agree to travel on a flight with a delay of between 2 and 4 hours, the compensation is reduced by 50%.

There is no right to compensation if you received any kind of communication notifying you of the cancellation of the flight more than 14 days in advance, if the cancellation is due to a major force or if you are offered a flight with a schedule close to the one you originally had.

There is also a right to compensation for damages that you can prove such as transport or accommodation already paid.

Where can you claim?

You can go to the company’s counters at the airport or at the European Consumer Centre.

Ryanair cancelled flights list

For the Ryanair cancelled flights list you can consult the following official link: