Cold wave and snow in Malaga in January

January brings cold temperatures from the past Monday 8 until; this cold bring snow in Malaga to lower altitudes.

Snow in Malaga is an exceptional situation that you can take advantage of. How about a snow getaway this weekend?

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Snow in Malaga in 2018

Snow can be found above 900 meters. Excepcionally hail covered Fuengirola beach in the Monday morning.

There was an intense snow on Malaga mountains.

Antequera is under yellow alert. The snow in this municipality and Torcal caused a closure of some roads.

Low temperatures this week

The lowest temperatures expected in Malaga are between 4ºC and 6ºC while the maximum temperatures are between 14ºC and 16ºC.

In towns like Antequera or Ronda temperatures at night can reach – 1ºC and snow can even reach those or other areas like Malaga Mountains.

Temperatures are too low and it is not the normal weather in the south, in the incoming days temperatures are expected to be back to normal.

After all low temperatures will happen during the night, the daytime temperatures are mild.

Snow in Malaga

The famous snow in Malaga the 3rd in February in 1954 is in the memory of many locals. One day when they woke up with snow covering the streets up to 1 meter deep.

Locals enjoying the morning throwing snow balls.

This situation is very strange to happen and before 1954 the only notice about this happening again goes back to 1882. The temperature registered the famous snow day was between 0,5ºC and 5ºC.

Those who were young by that date have very funny memories of the day. A free school Wednesday by surprise when they could enjoy the day by throwing snow balls and a cinema afternoon without homework.

Guadalmedina river in the morning was a picture more likely from Nordic countries than from southern Spain.

Snow reached other municipalities in Malaga like Marbella and Estepona.

Is it likely to snow in Malaga again?

It would be a very strange success that the snow weather from 1954 happens again. This week could it snow but from 300m above the sea level.

It does exist the possibility of snow over the Malaga Mountains during the next days.

In an exceptional situation there could be snowy roads connecting the interior villages with the coast. I recommend to pay attention to the weather forecast if you are driving this week.

snow covering mountains next to Malaga airport
Photo taken this morning, look at the mountains next to the airport

It is going to snow in Malaga, although it is a very strange success to happen it did in the past. Logic makes us think that at some point the event will happen…but we don´t know when.

Snow in Malaga is an exceptional situation that you can take advantage of. How about a snow getaway this weekend?

Weekend getaway with snow in Malaga

This weekend could be perfect to enjoy the beautiful snow landscapes in the province.

Although this is not the great snowfall produced in 1954 on the city and the coastal zones, snow has been produced at low altitudes. If you go by car you will not have to drive long to enjoy a snowy day in Malaga.

If you are looking for snowy places in the province for this weekend you should head to Ronda and Sierra de las Nieves or Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama. As the weekend progresses the fallen snow will melt, although it will be conserved in areas close to 1000 meters of altitude.

Don’t be afraid if coming for holiday in January or February to Malaga

Don’t be afraid, news about the cold wave coming to Malaga and lower temperatures are more related to the night than to the day and this situation will last not long, only until the Sunday or Monday.

You can check the actual weather and temperature in Malaga from our website.

If you are looking for snow activities you can go to Sierra Nevada, very close to Malaga by car.

Romantic Ronda and Ronda Fair: Discover the famous bandits

The May event known as Romantic Ronda is an encounter with the romantic past of this town in Malaga, a sign of identity that takes shape during this recreation of the historic fair of Ronda on 19, 20 21 and May 22, 2016

Ronda Romántica 2016

Romantic Ronda is a tourism initiative that places visitors during three days in the historical context of the Ronda mountain ranges, the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the bandits and smugglers, craftsmen and writers who came in search of adventures to relate them in their works.

Andalusia was back then a romantic destination, awaiting dangers and uncertainties along its paths to those who travel them, many adventurers came hoping to meet some of the famous bandits on their trips, they were even ready with a small amount of money or valuables, not meeting those famous bandits would become a disappointment.

If you want to know more about the vision that pretends to give the Romantic Ronda event you can read Washington Irving, one of those adventurer writers who visited Andalucia and wrote ‘Tales of the Alhambra‘ (free e-book), he managed to capture on paper the feelings that produced a trip of this kind on the paths of Andalusia during these years.

Bandits of the Serrania de Ronda

Very well-known in Andalucia and throughout the world were the bandits of Sierra Morena, Despeñaperros and of the Serrania de Ronda, who stumped in an aura of mystery hidden from the main path awaiting for some wealthy victim to assault or kidnap.

Bandits in Andalucia have managed to mark their stories and names with fire in our memories, building a legend that will still last over time.


Although there were many more than just 3 find below some of the most popular bandits in Andalucia, some of them have living descendants.

Why did they become so popular and usually loved by the people? Because they only assault wealthy people and used to give tips or help to the less advantaged.

el-tempranillo-1833El Tempranillo‘ (1805-1833) became a bandit since he was 15 years, he became popular because the good manners he showed to his victims and for his actions to help the most disadvantaged.

Stories tell that he was able to rob up to 110 travellers in a morning during his way to the fair in Ronda…although in these days it was common for bartenders to exaggerate the bandits stories.

This bandit, perhaps the most famous of the region ended up marrying and having a son (his wife died after giving birth and he had to carry her dead body and his son in tow as they were besieged by the Guardia Civil).

Near his last days he became Commander of Security and Protection Squadron in Andalusia after a royal pardon that was granted to those who swore loyalty to the king. He defended the paths against bandits for a year until another bandit known as ‘El Barberillo’ ended his life with a shot near the village of Alameda, he died with just 28 years.

pernales01El Pernales‘ (1879-1907): He was a cold, vindictive and bloodthirsty bandit who did not hesitate to perform despicable acts to his own family and murder anyone who opposed him.

He ended his days shot by the Guardia Civil on his way to take a boat in Valencia from where he intended getting to Mexico (America was the destination of many of the Spanish bandits).

He was shot dead before arriving to the port in Valencia where his last pregnant lover was waiting for him, she had to return to the town of  ‘El Rubio’ alone.

pasos-largos-rondaPasos Largos (1873-1934): One of the last known bandits, lover of the mountains and gambling, he used to visit Coffee Sibajas in Ronda where he lost large sums of money gambling.

Among the anecdotes surrounding this bandit we highlight the one related to a guard from a farm who denounced him to the Guardia Civil because of illegal hunting.Once caught he was beaten severely and took up to 6 months to recover…

Looks like this success marked him, not much later he had a casual encounter with the son of the guard and killed him without hesitation. Then headed to the guard and showed the blood of his dead son before killing him too. The mother managed to hide in a room and saved her life. This was a revenge he talked about in an interview shortly before his death.entrevista pasos largos

Usually devoted to the kidnapping of the wealthy, he enjoyed the sympathy of the common people, ended up in a prison of Ronda in 1916. Once out of prison, with more than 60 years, Pasos Largos refused to leave his habits so returned to the mountains and continued robberies. He ended up cornered in a cave and shot dead by the Guardia Civil after he rejected to surrender.

Pasos Largos en 1916, carcel de Ronda
Pasos Largos jailed in 1916

Romantic Ronda activities

During this festival of great cultural value you can taste typical dishes, admire horses and cattle exhibitions, parades with traditional costumes known as Goyescas or buy in the market among many other activities.

It is very common the streets and balconies of the city to be ornamented during those days.

The main festivity is celebrated around San Francisco district, there is parking on the entrance of Ronda so if you are visiting Romantic Ronda by car you will have no problems finding a place where leaving your car.

There is a recreation of the old cemetery and prison in Duquesa de Parcent Square.

Theatral and musical shows at Merced Square.

How to get to Ronda

From San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella) take the A-397 road. During the following 48 km to Ronda you are rewarded by spectacular views of the coast and the mountain ranges.

Another option is from Malaga to Ronda through Cartama and other villages or booking an excursion to Ronda.

Christmas markets in Malaga

Christmas is arriving and – how could it be otherwise – Christmas markets in Malaga are emerging, ideal to go for a stroll enjoying the great atmosphere with the stalls,which each year are more elaborate, and the Christmas lighting in Malaga is something you should not miss.

Please consider that dates will change from year to year, but we can expect them to start the  same week day or a near one.


Christmas lighting in Malaga is switched on the last friday of November at Calle Larios and switched off the 6th in January.

Among the main Christmas markets in the province we highlight:

Christmas Market of Benalmadena in Arroyo de la Miel

Address: Pueblo Plaza de Sol, next to the train station, Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel
Hours: 11am to 9 pm
Dates: December 18 to January 6

Christmas Market in Estepona

In this market you will find wooden houses in the purest style of Nordic markets and also an ice rink and a playground.
When: December 5th to January 6

Christmas Market in Malaga – Garage Market

In the Soho in Malaga is situated the Christmas market with arts, crafts and antiques among many other items.

The name Market Garage is due to its location in a former garage in true London style, suitable therefore to visit although it’s raining or cold.

Those interested in participating and bringing their items for sale can contact by phone 951 256 076

When: Weekends from 11 am to 8 pm
Venue: Calle Casas de Campos, 33, 29001 Malaga

Christmas Market in Puerto Banus – Marbella

Located at Plaza Antonio Banderas, Corte Ingles shopping area, this market has wooden stalls, an ice rink, playground and various activities.

When: December 19th to January 6th
There is no confirmation whether it takes place this year, so if you have information on this you can let us know in the comments.

Christmas Market in Ronda

This city is an ideal destination for tourists, of great beauty and being a representation of Andalusia, it is highly recommended for anyone visiting the south of the peninsula. If you visit during the next days you can also find a Christmas Market where you can buy handmade gifts and there are wooden stalls, playground and camel rides and other activities.
Location: Next to Plaza de Toros in Ronda
Contact: 608 499789

Christmas Market in Torrox

The largest Christmas market in the Costa del Sol will take place in Torrox from 4 to 8 December and where you can find crafts and gastronomic delicacies.
80 stalls offering Christmas decorations and crafts from Friday December 4 at 12 until 7 pm on December 8.

Craft Fair in the Park of Malaga

During Christmas, this historic fair takes place in the heart of Malaga, highly recommended for a nice evening stroll.

More Christmas Markets in Malaga

Do you know more? Our comments are open to suggestions.

10 recommended locations to visit in Malaga

10-locations-not-to-missIf you visit the province there are 10 tourist attractions in Malaga you cannot miss; whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, these are feasible locations throughout the year and where it is mandatory to bring your camera and enjoy the experience.

Many web visitors ask me what they can do during the winter in Malaga and here I present 10 locations which can be visited during winter and summer but there are many more so it is recommendable to follow us and be attentive to our upcoming posts.

Top 10 locations to visit in Malaga

You can click on each map to see it larger.

mapa casco-antiguo1. Historical city centre of Malaga
Stroll and visit shops, monuments or any of the museums situated in the historical district.

A breakfast or a coffee in one of the terraces is another good option and is something you can do throughout the year.

Calle Larios and Calle Granada are two of the main streets of the city centre.

Mapa Castillo Gibralfaro2. Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba
Symbol of Malaga and place where you can take some of the best pictures of the city; in fact the most representative photo of Malaga where you can see the port and the Bullring of La Malagueta has been taken from this place.

Inside there is also a museum with remains found in the area.

mapa teatro-romano3. Roman Theatre
Built in the first century BC and discovered by accident during construction work next to the Alcazaba, it is currently refurbished and in perfect condition to be visited.

Ideal to sit on the steps before or after visiting the Alcazaba and feel like you’re in another time.

mapa muelle-uno4. Pier One (Muelle Uno)
A good place to find restaurants and regain strength. Not far from Pier One at the Port it is located a giant Ferris wheel from which to take some spectacular pics of the city.

mapa cueva-nerja5. Cueva de Nerja
The cave is at some distance from Malaga city but very close to the Balcon de Europa so if you visit one of the two, you can visit the other at one go.
If you go during the summer it is a good idea to plan the day in Nerja and enjoy some of its beaches.

mapa torcal-antequera6. Torcal and Dolmens of Antequera
Nature can provide beautiful landscapes; there is available an easy route if you like natural spaces and walking.

If you are in the area you cannot miss the opportunity to discover the Archaeological compound Dolmens of Antequera built approximately during the Copper Age (2500 BC); you can also visit the Wolf Park, a guided tour in a natural park in Andalusia to watch the wolves and take pretty pictures.

mapa desfiladero-gaitanes7. Gaitanes Gorge and Caminito del Rey
If you decide to visit Ronda (you should not miss it), along the way you will pass by the Gaitanes Gorge.

To visit the Caminito del Rey you need to have a reservation.

Do not forget your camera or you’ll regret it.

mapa ardales8. Ardales
Before getting to Ronda you can make a stop in this beautiful white village for lunch.

Very recommended visit if you like good food and situated midway of El Chorro and Ronda.

mapa puente-nuevo-ronda9. New Bridge in Ronda
What to say about this representative monument of Ronda, a place to take pictures and where to take them.

Take the opportunity to stroll through the city, walk the streets and have a coffee in the square.

If you have time you can visit the Museo del Bandolero (Bandit Museum).

mapa puerto-banus10. Puerto Banus
Place of luxury and exclusivity in the Costa del Sol par excellence; if you come to Malaga don´t hesitate to visit Puerto Banus, maybe even you come across someone famous.

Are you missing something here in our list? Share it with us!

Visit Romantic Ronda from May 31 to June 2

romantic ronda 2013For three days, from May 31 to June 2 you can take advantage of a pretty unique opportunity to travel to the town of Ronda and live at close their past as land of bandits and romantic travellers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Ronda, located in the northwest of the province of Malaga, is always worth a visit because of its spectacular location in the Serrania de Ronda next to a deep ravine. This jewel of the interior of Malaga displays beautiful buildings and monuments and is also one of the birthplaces of bullfighting, with its Plaza de Toros recognized as one of the oldest and one of the most monumental that exist.

Romantic Ronda is a tourism initiative that places visitors during three days in the historical context of the Ronda mountain ranges, the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the bandits and smugglers, craftsmen and writers who came in search of adventures to relate them in their works.

For this event there will be historic representations in which collaborate around 5,000 people, including extras, artisans, merchants, artists and guilds and there will be installed taverns and guilds of craftsmen located around the Alameda del Tajo and around the Plaza de Toros.

There is also an extensive program: Visitors can enjoy historical representations, a market of the Epoch with food and handicraft, a typical Ronda breakfast, an Equestrian competition and horse shows, Dance shows, a Festival of Typical Food of Ronda and the Serrania and much more.

The streets and balconies are decorated, and many locals dress popular costumes and typical Goyesca dresses of the area. In the streets and squares in the city centre there are several spaces for the event:
– Barrio de San Francisco: Horsemen, carriages and Romantic Parade
– Puente Nuevo and Plaza de España: Theatrical performances, street vendors and artisans
– Calle Virgen de la Paz: Huts, street vendors and artisans
– Paseo Blas Infante: Huts for different guilds, villages, associations and taverns
– Alameda del Tajo: Huts for different guilds, villages, associations and taverns; scenario for theatrical and musical performances
– Plaza de la Merced: Scenario for theatrical and musical performances

You can find the full program (in Spanish) at

How to get to Ronda:

From San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella) take the A-397 road. During the following 48 km to Ronda you are rewarded by spectacular views of the coast and the mountain ranges.

Another option is from Malaga to Ronda through Cartama and other villages or booking an excursion to Ronda.

The Smurfs strike again in Juzcar, Malaga´s Blue Smurf village

smurfs 2 Juzcar villageDo you know the village of the Smurfs? Yes, it really does exist; its name is Juzcar and it is located in the picturesque Ronda Mountains, within the province of Malaga. This small – and until two years ago – typical White Village, was declared two years ago the first “Smurf Village” by Sony Picture. For the worldwide release of the film “The Smurfs” the entire village was painted blue.

In December 2011 the villagers decided by referendum to keep the blue colour of their facades; since then, the village Juzcar of about 250 inhabitants, receives numerous visits of Spanish and foreign visitors and on weekends and holidays there are usually scheduled several workshops for the whole family. Among these activities, which are offered from 11am to 6 pm, there are workshops for heads of Smurfs, painting or mycology, gymkhanas, tastings of typical products or hiking trails.

Although Juzcar no longer belongs to the White Villages route, keeping houses painted blue has been a very wise decision, since Sony returns to promote a sequel to “The Smurfs”. Also we inform you that on June 16 Juzcar celebrates its anniversary as Smurf Village with activities for children and adults, raffles, exhibits, live music, etc.

Juzcar is located 600 meters above sea level in the Upper Genal Valley between chestnut and pine forests, north of the towns of Marbella and Estepona, 50 km south of Ronda and between the Natural Parks of Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves. The journey from Marbella is about 50 km and is of high scenic value.

Smurfs 2 trailer

How to get to Juzcar

By car you reach Juzcar from Marbella and the Costa del Sol on the national road A-397 and the secondary road MA-518.

Trips along the villages of Malaga: From Marbella to the Smurfs Village

Today we propose a tour of some of the villages in the area known as the Serrania de Ronda and Genal Valley, covering the interior mountains northwest of Marbella to Ronda. The town of Ronda is a popular tourist destination known for its great beauty and is certainly worth a visit.

Juzcar village MalagaBut in this article we want to bring you closer other less known municipalities: Small villages hidden in the mountains that go completely unnoticed and where we can still find typical Andalusian traditions and architecture. We invite you to discover these places located in a beautiful natural setting, less than an hour from the Costa del Sol.

From the Highway A-7 take in San Pedro de Alcantara the exit to Ronda (A-397). On the road to Ronda we penetrate into the interior, gaining height and saying goodbye to the coast with fabulous views. Continue for 35 km along this road and then take the secondary road MA-7306 to the left that leads to the villages of Cartajima and Juzcar.

Cartajima, a tiny village of just 250 inhabitants, is the highest village in the Serrania de Ronda, located over 800 meters above sea level, surrounded by vast forests of chestnut trees. This Moorish-style white village has exactly one bar, a tobacconist and a bakery / shop, which to the author seems rather peculiar, striking and charming.

About Juzcar

Juzcar smurf town

About 5 kilometres from Cartajima is located Juzcar; this until recently white village has become quite popular now as the “Village of the Smurfs“: There was made the film of Smurfs and on the occasion all households were painted blue; through a referendum, the town’s residents voted to keep the blue and since then the town is receiving a dramatic increase in visits.

Also from Juzcar we can enjoy magnificent views over the valleys full of oak and chestnut. From San Pedro de Alcantara the villages are less than 50 km away. It’s a nice route for a day trip to get to know some “lost villages” and the magnificent nature of the interior of Malaga. Enjoy!

Contemporary dance in Malaga, Nerja and Ronda

In the streets and squares of Malaga, Nerja and Ronda we can enjoythis week contemporary dance with national and international dancers from France, Venezuela and Israel.

In Nerja takes place from 26 to 29 October the seventh edition of Nerja Dance Festival. This festival brings contemporary dance to the streets of Nerja, including educational shows, video projections, performances on the Balcon de Europa and a photo exhibition. Parallel to this event is being celebrated Encuentros Danza Malaga (Dance Encounters Malaga) in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Thus, some of the most popular Costa del Sol cities are converted during these days in outdoor settings which will present the latest productions of contemporary dance.

Music festival in Ronda – July 2010 

In Ronda will be held, from 5th to 9th of July, the eleventh meeting of philosophy in relation to the Music Week, with lectures, workshops and concerts from a wide variety of musical genres.

The city of the Tajo, located about 100 km from Malaga capital and about 60 km from Marbella, is famous not only for its many historical monuments but also is located in a beautiful scenery and surrounded by natural parks; thus Ronda is definitely worth a visit for those who spend their holidays on the Costa del Sol.

Malaga baritone Carlos Alvarez will close the events of the week on Friday, 9th of July.
All scheduled events will be held in the Library of the Real Maestranza. The lectures are free and the concerts cost 10 Euros and 5 Euros for children less than 16 years and citizens over 65 years.

Organized by the owners of the Plaza de Toros, Real Maestranza de Ronda, the event is part of a series of cultural events scheduled to commemorate the 225. anniversary of the Plaza de Toros. The event begins with a week of music.

There are scheduled the following concerts:

  • 05/07/10 – 20:00: Música in Acción – Ensemble Cosmos 21
  • 06/07/10 – 20:00: L’ Arte della Coloratura – Pilar Jurado & Duncan Gifford
  • 07/07/10 – 20:00: The Joy of Africa – Aba Taan
  • 08/07/10 – 20:00: Radio No-Man’s Land

Today King Juan Carlos presides over the awarding of prizes, grants and medals of the Real Maestranza

The institution is affiliated to the crown since 1764. Nowadays it maintains its riding school and ancient bullring.

Today King Juan Carlos is presiding over the awarding of prizes, grants and medals of the Real Maestranza of cavalry of Ronda, as it was confirmed by the sub delegation of Málaga’s government.

The Real Maestranza of cavalry of Ronda was created in 1572 as consequence of a royal resolution of Felipe II. It asked the local nobility to organize themselves maintaining the cavalry for military reasons.

The institution belongs to the crown since 1764 when King Carlos II bestowed his son Don Gabriel de Borbón a royal privilege and appointed him chairman.

Nowadays it maintains its riding school and ancient bullring which are both located in the old town of Ronda.

Source: Newspaper Malaga hoy