Halloween in Malaga, terror takes over the city

On October 31 arrives the terrifying night of Halloween at our city. Do you have any plan? Malaga is ready and features events in which you can already register. If you have not yet decided what to do, we offer interesting activities for both adults and children. We hope you survive, we wouldn´t want to run out of readers..

Route of the Three Kings Parade

The New Year is approaching and I guess most of you will have plans regarding what to do at New Year´s Eve, maybe some party, perhaps at home or with family... .All options are good, remember to behave well that night, the Three Kings Parade comes soon after in 2016.

Christmas markets in Malaga and shopping

Christmas is arriving in Malaga and - how could it be otherwise - Christmas markets are emerging in Malaga, ideal to go for a stroll enjoying the great atmosphere with the stalls,which each year are more elaborate, and the Christmas lighting in Malaga.

10 recommended locations to visit in Malaga

If you visit the province there are 10 tourist attractions in Malaga you cannot miss; whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, these are feasible locations throughout the year and where it is mandatory to bring your camera and enjoy the experience.

Beware of the Radars in Malaga

There are several radars on the Costa del Sol with which you must be careful if you rent a car in Malaga; these radars are speed radars, stretch radars and mobile radars although the latter are not indicated. Remember that being fined while driving a rental car does not exclude you from paying the fine and will increase with the corresponding administrative expenditure of the rental company managing your fine.
Top radars in Malaga

Marbella International Film Festival from October 3 to 7

The Marbella International Film Festival celebrates its seventh edition to be held from 3 to 7 October in the exclusive Costa del Sol town. During this event will be screened more than 50 short films, animation, documentaries and feature films. This project was created by the non-profit organization New World Trust to support novice directors and independent film producers worldwide.
Marbella international film festival

Cinemas in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Although current technology allows us to enjoy good movies from the comfort of home, sometimes we feel like going to the movies, right? With the almost indispensable popcorn and refreshments we get settled in our seat to dive for a couple of hours into a big screen adventure. In the large towns of the Costa del Sol you can enjoy a large selection of Multiplex cinemas in Malaga with the latest releases, of which the majority project also regularly films in English original version. These films in original version are listed as VO (original version) or VOS (original subtitled version).

Souk Zoco del Sol every Saturday in Puerto Banus, Marbella

For this weekend residents and visitors to the Costa del Sol expect a rise in temperatures more typical for these southern parts of the peninsula. For Saturday and Sunday is expected sunny weather with temperatures between 14 and 17º Celsius; days during which many people will take the opportunity to go for a walk. Who likes craft markets, could come to Puerto Banus in Marbella to enjoy the Souk Zoco del Sol.

What’s Marbella and Puerto Banus like? Why are so popular

Marbella and Puerto Banus boasts of 320 sunny days a year, surrounding mountains contribute to the mild temperatures. The temperature and location make of the Costa del Sol a world of opportunities to spend a great vacation, pampering yourself with extravagances or practicing any sport in a wonderful environment.

Marbella and luxury of the superlative: Port Al Thani will compete with Puerto Banus

Read all you need to know about Puerto Al Thani in Marbella and see what will be one of the main attractions on the Costa del Sol. The intention is to compete with the well-known Puerto Banus. Will it be able to? Join us to know all the details of this project.
Port Al Tani in Marbella