Halloween in Malaga, terror takes over the city

halloween-2015On October 31 arrives the terrifying night of Halloween in Malaga. Do you have any plan? Malaga is ready and features events in which you can already register.

If you have not yet decided what to do, we offer interesting activities for both adults and children so prepare to survive the terror on Halloween in Malaga. Still without costume? Check the top costumes for Halloween and get ready!

The scariest night of the year approaches in Halloween, we hope you survive as we wouldn´t want to run out of readers.

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Halloween at the Historical Botanical Garden La Concepción

If you want to visit the Botanical Garden, perhaps would be a good time the night of October 31; full of frightening beings from the beyond waiting to give you a good scare among the darkest shadows of the garden.

If you go in disguise you can take part in a costume contest in three categories available: children, adults and groups.

Price for the guided visit is 18 Euros for adults and 15 Euros for children under 16 and members.

Guided visits start at 8pm and the duration is for 1 and a half hours.

For reservations or information you just have to call +34 951 92 61 80

Halloween in Malaga with pumpkins

Scary night at the English Graveyard

This mysterious place is open for anyone who wants to venture at night and discover some of the characters brought from the darkest corners of the ultra-world and spread throughout the English Graveyard in Malaga. Are you brave enough?

This year 2017 brings us the “Great Halloween Game” with activities to make the history of the cemetery known to both children and adults. It is necessary to register for teams of 4 to 6 people.

  • Price: 25€ per team
  • Friday 27 and Tuesday 31 October: 7:30,9:00 and 10:30 pm.
  • Information: info@cementerioinglesmalaga.org

halloween lanternHalloween in Malaga with children

Kids love Halloween in Malaga, dressing up is an activity with which they are comfortable all year round without the need for a special day.

When this day comes they are willing to go out disguised and enjoy activities or visit the houses in search of sweets with the typical trick or treat.

Activities for celebrating Halloween in Malaga with family:

Theme Parks like Selwo Marina in Benalmadena and Selwo Adventure in Estepona told us in past events the habits of animals as terrifying as tarantulas, snakes, piranhas, poisonous frogs or bats among others. In addition decoration is adapted to this event and children between 3 and 10 wearing costumes don’t have to pay entrance.

Benalmadena cablecar will have a special decoration in both stations of the trip. Children between 3 and 10 wearing costumes don’t have to pay for the ticket.

Sea-Life offer free entry for those children under 10 years wearing costumes, there will be handcrafts and workshops from 11am to 5:30pm.

cartel-halloween-tivoliTivoli World will also organize a special event for this night and there is free entry for children wearing costumes. From 1st  October to 1st November children and adults wearing costumes have free entrance.

Rosaleda shopping centre will organize a workshop for creating tenebrous baskets between 6pm and 9pm.

The mall Malaga Plaza will also organize an event for any age the next 30th in October from 5pm. Entry will be free and a makeup artist will make-up the children for converting them into terrifying creatures, as memory you will get a polaroid photo of the event. The best photo will have a 150€ prize.

Not confirmed: There will be a special event in Automobile Museum on  29th from 12:30 hours with chilling surprises, tickets cost € 7.5 per person.

Larios street in Malaga centre will be a meeting point for people with amazing costumes, a good place for walking with the family.

Halloween at Pier 1 in the Port of Malaga

On October the dead, witches and ghosts will invade the Port of Malaga from 5 pm.

There will be a costume contest with different category prizes and photos.

Tuesday, from 5 pm to 9 pm at Artsenal, free entry.

Halloween in Torremolinos, Marbella and other municipalities

Terror in Torremolinos

First of all the Nogalera square area in Torremolinos will organize a terror attraction the next 31st. Do you dare?

Not confirmed:

Several events and a costume contest from 5pm in advance. Especially relevant a terrifying event called ‘Terror Mansion’ will await for those who dare. The minimum recommended age is 8 years.

In addition terror will be present the next Saturday at Molino de Inca. This botanical garden will be one of the most terrifying places in Torremolinos. There will be magic and face-paint workshops from 6pm to 8pm. There will be also an event called ‘searching for the mystery’ from 5pm to 6pm.

Scary night at Rincon de la Victoria

Not confirmed but there are special events every year for halloween:

At Rincon de la Victoria they are getting ready for the Terror Tales the 28th and 31st at the Public Library. There will be also a scary street at ‘El Cantal de La Cala del Moral’ from 8pm to 2am.

Furthermore the main mall at this municipality will have a scary area for children at the second floor the next Friday, Saturday and Monday. There is free entry for groups of 6 people (you must inscribe in advance)

Halloween in Estepona

There will be several scary events this year in this municipality:

Halloween in Club de Tenis

There will be food and drinks, music, dancing and enjoyment. You have to pay for what you consume.

There will be a costume contest with a prize for the most terrifying one.

For confirming your assistance email eventos@tenisestepona.com or phone 952 80 15 79

Mundo Mania

This children place celebrates during this scary night several activities: Tunnel of terror, facial makeup, costume contest, hot dogs and drinks.

  • 31st October from 5 pm.
  • 15€ for children between 4 and 12 years.
  • 10€ for children between 1 and 3 years.
  • Free entrance for adults.

Passage of terror in Velez-Malaga

There are many activities planned for Halloween from 5:30 pm. There will be photo sessions, make-up workshops and Halloween pumpkin making workshops.

The building of the House of Associations will handle a passage of terror with different levels of intensity, so it is a scary activity for all audiences from 8 pm.

Also in Velez- Malaga, the so-called Terror Train is available from 7:30 pm to 12 pm.

Terror activities in other municipalities

In Maro they organize Maroween, a gastronomy event.

Pedrizas district  in Churriana  is decorated in a special way during this night, as a result it will be a scary place to stroll around.

Soho district will celebrate Halloween with workshops and activities for everyone. Come and join the face-painting workshop or any of the handcraft. If interested a free inscription is required at Tomas Heredia, 7 street.

Halloween in Benalmadena is celebrated in Plaza de la Mezquita with a ‘terror passage’ from 9 pm to 1:30 am. Price for the ticket is 1.5€

Do you know more events I forgot? Feel free to comment if you want to recommend it.

More ideas for celebrating Halloween

If you want to invite your zombie friends home, nothing better than a good brain cake. Browsing Internet I have found a tasty recipe, wanna try?

It is just an idea, there are many more ideas you can use. Feel free to suggest yours in our comments area.

For the brain recipe you can check this website:

Halloween in Malaga, Andalusia and Spain

The growing interest in this celebration is unstoppable in Spain, especially in Andalusia and Malaga. Both show the largest number of Internet searches looking for upcoming celebrations.


Halloween and ghost stories

Paranormal activity looks like to happen more usually by the end of October or beginning of November…do you agree? Did it happen to you or anyone you know?

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Some people say during this night the living and dead world are closer…should we be afraid? Seems like not a bad idea to be, at least during the Halloween night.

Route of the Three Kings Parade

The New Year is approaching and I guess most of you will have plans regarding what to do at New Year´s Eve, maybe some party, perhaps at home or with family… .All options are good, remember to behave well that night, the Three Kings Parade comes soon after in 2017.

I recommend you to check the latest post with all the information you need to know about the three kings night.

Three Kings Parade

Programme of the Three Kings Parade 2016 in Malaga

Let’s have a look at the route of the Three Kings Parade in 2016 and you’ll find Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar along the Costa del Sol during January 5th.

5:30 pm Official start of the Parade at the Town hall Malaga

– Townhall Malaga
– Avenida Cervantes
– Plaza General Torrijos
– Paseo del Parque
– Plaza de la Marina
– Alameda Principal
– Puerta del Mar
– Atarazanas
– Plaza de Arriola
– Pasillo de Santa Isabel
– Carreteria
– Calle Alamos
– Plaza de la Merced

The Parade finishes at Plaza de la Merced.

Route of the Three Kings Parade in Torremolinos

4 pm Official start of the Parade at Plaza Blas Infante
– Avenida Rafael Quintana
– Calle Europa
– Avenida Isabel Manoja
– Avenida Los Manantiales
– Plaza Costa del Sol
– Avenida Joan Miró
– Calle Doctor Jimenez Encina
– Calle García de la Serna
– Avenida Rafael Quintana
– Townhall Torremolinos

Route of the Three Kings Parade in Benalmadena

4:30 pm Official start of the Parade in Benalmadena Pueblo
– Fairground Los Nadales
– Calle San Miguel
– Avenida del Chorrillo
– Avenida Juan Luís Peralta
– Calle Jerónimo Garriga
– Calle Lomillas
– Plaza de España
– Calle Real
– Avenida Juan Luís Peralta

Route of the Three Kings Parade in Fuengirola

– Avenida de los Boliches
– Plaza del Carmen
– Avenida Los Boliches
– Avenida Ramon y Cajal
– Avenida Matias Saenz de Tejada
– Avenida Condes de San Isidro
– Plaza de España
– Calle Molino de Viento
– Calle Camilo José Cela
– Avenida Juan Gomez
– Avenida De Mijas
– Calle Mallorca

Route of the Three Kings Parade in Marbella

In Marbella arrive the Three Kings on January 5th aboard a boat at the marina from where they will drive to Plaza de los Naranjos.
– Avenida Severo Ochoa
– Avenida Ramón y Cajal
– Avenida Ricardo Soriano
– Plaza Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra

Route of the Three Kings Parade in Nerja

The Three Kings arrive at the town hall of Nerja at 4 pm and the parade begins at 5 pm.
– Parque Verano Azul
– Calle Jaen
– Calle Diputacion
– Calle Granada
– Calle San Miguel
– Plaza Cantarero
– Pintada
– Puerta del Mar
– Finishing at Balcon de Europa.

Three Kings (12th Night)

Will they bring lots of charcoal?* We here at Malagaweb.com hope that you have been good and you don´t a lot of coal during the visit of the Three Kings to your home on the Twelfth Night.

*(Spanish custom of bringing sweet “coal” to children who have not behaved well)

Christmas markets in Malaga

Christmas is arriving and – how could it be otherwise – Christmas markets in Malaga are emerging, ideal to go for a stroll enjoying the great atmosphere with the stalls,which each year are more elaborate, and the Christmas lighting in Malaga is something you should not miss.

Please consider that dates will change from year to year, but we can expect them to start the  same week day or a near one.


Christmas lighting in Malaga is switched on the last friday of November at Calle Larios and switched off the 6th in January.

Among the main Christmas markets in the province we highlight:

Christmas Market of Benalmadena in Arroyo de la Miel

Address: Pueblo Plaza de Sol, next to the train station, Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel
Hours: 11am to 9 pm
Dates: December 18 to January 6

Christmas Market in Estepona

In this market you will find wooden houses in the purest style of Nordic markets and also an ice rink and a playground.
When: December 5th to January 6

Christmas Market in Malaga – Garage Market

In the Soho in Malaga is situated the Christmas market with arts, crafts and antiques among many other items.

The name Market Garage is due to its location in a former garage in true London style, suitable therefore to visit although it’s raining or cold.

Those interested in participating and bringing their items for sale can contact by phone 951 256 076

When: Weekends from 11 am to 8 pm
Venue: Calle Casas de Campos, 33, 29001 Malaga

Christmas Market in Puerto Banus – Marbella

Located at Plaza Antonio Banderas, Corte Ingles shopping area, this market has wooden stalls, an ice rink, playground and various activities.

When: December 19th to January 6th
There is no confirmation whether it takes place this year, so if you have information on this you can let us know in the comments.

Christmas Market in Ronda

This city is an ideal destination for tourists, of great beauty and being a representation of Andalusia, it is highly recommended for anyone visiting the south of the peninsula. If you visit during the next days you can also find a Christmas Market where you can buy handmade gifts and there are wooden stalls, playground and camel rides and other activities.
Location: Next to Plaza de Toros in Ronda
Contact: 608 499789

Christmas Market in Torrox

The largest Christmas market in the Costa del Sol will take place in Torrox from 4 to 8 December and where you can find crafts and gastronomic delicacies.
80 stalls offering Christmas decorations and crafts from Friday December 4 at 12 until 7 pm on December 8.

Craft Fair in the Park of Malaga

During Christmas, this historic fair takes place in the heart of Malaga, highly recommended for a nice evening stroll.


More Christmas Markets in Malaga

Do you know more? Our comments are open to suggestions.

10 recommended locations to visit in Malaga

10-locations-not-to-missIf you visit the province there are 10 tourist attractions in Malaga you cannot miss; whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, these are feasible locations throughout the year and where it is mandatory to bring your camera and enjoy the experience.

Many web visitors ask me what they can do during the winter in Malaga and here I present 10 locations which can be visited during winter and summer but there are many more so it is recommendable to follow us and be attentive to our upcoming posts.

Top 10 locations to visit in Malaga

You can click on each map to see it larger.

mapa casco-antiguo1. Historical city centre of Malaga
Stroll and visit shops, monuments or any of the museums situated in the historical district.

A breakfast or a coffee in one of the terraces is another good option and is something you can do throughout the year.

Calle Larios and Calle Granada are two of the main streets of the city centre.

Mapa Castillo Gibralfaro2. Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba
Symbol of Malaga and place where you can take some of the best pictures of the city; in fact the most representative photo of Malaga where you can see the port and the Bullring of La Malagueta has been taken from this place.

Inside there is also a museum with remains found in the area.

mapa teatro-romano3. Roman Theatre
Built in the first century BC and discovered by accident during construction work next to the Alcazaba, it is currently refurbished and in perfect condition to be visited.

Ideal to sit on the steps before or after visiting the Alcazaba and feel like you’re in another time.

mapa muelle-uno4. Pier One (Muelle Uno)
A good place to find restaurants and regain strength. Not far from Pier One at the Port it is located a giant Ferris wheel from which to take some spectacular pics of the city.

mapa cueva-nerja5. Cueva de Nerja
The cave is at some distance from Malaga city but very close to the Balcon de Europa so if you visit one of the two, you can visit the other at one go.
If you go during the summer it is a good idea to plan the day in Nerja and enjoy some of its beaches.

mapa torcal-antequera6. Torcal and Dolmens of Antequera
Nature can provide beautiful landscapes; there is available an easy route if you like natural spaces and walking.

If you are in the area you cannot miss the opportunity to discover the Archaeological compound Dolmens of Antequera built approximately during the Copper Age (2500 BC); you can also visit the Wolf Park, a guided tour in a natural park in Andalusia to watch the wolves and take pretty pictures.

mapa desfiladero-gaitanes7. Gaitanes Gorge and Caminito del Rey
If you decide to visit Ronda (you should not miss it), along the way you will pass by the Gaitanes Gorge.

To visit the Caminito del Rey you need to have a reservation.

Do not forget your camera or you’ll regret it.

mapa ardales8. Ardales
Before getting to Ronda you can make a stop in this beautiful white village for lunch.

Very recommended visit if you like good food and situated midway of El Chorro and Ronda.

mapa puente-nuevo-ronda9. New Bridge in Ronda
What to say about this representative monument of Ronda, a place to take pictures and where to take them.

Take the opportunity to stroll through the city, walk the streets and have a coffee in the square.

If you have time you can visit the Museo del Bandolero (Bandit Museum).

mapa puerto-banus10. Puerto Banus
Place of luxury and exclusivity in the Costa del Sol par excellence; if you come to Malaga don´t hesitate to visit Puerto Banus, maybe even you come across someone famous.

Are you missing something here in our list? Share it with us!

Beware of the Radars in Malaga

Top radars in Malaga
New aerial radar

There are several radars in Malaga with which you must be careful if you rent a car; these radars are speed radars, stretch radars and mobile radars although the latter are not indicated.

Remember that being fined while driving a rental car does not exclude you from paying the fine and will increase with the corresponding administrative expenditure of the rental company managing your fine.

Top radars in Malaga

The following radars are known to be among the most active in Spain and for being quite controversial so I recommend being especially careful if you drive around the area.

Speed radar and stretch radar of Las Pedrizas: 80 Km / h
Installed in early 2014 they are currently the most active radars in Spain with about 100 daily fines. As due to the steep slope it is easy to exceed the speed limit even without accelerating, many drivers choose to take the toll road and avoid it.

Radar of the motorway A-7 Rincon de la Victoria – El Palo: 80 Km/h
There are two radars, one in each direction; the one of Rincon de la Victoria at kilometre 256 in direction to Marbella and the one of El Palo at kilometre 246 in direction to Nerja.

Although the mentioned radars are among the 10 in Spain which collect more fines, there are more radars along the Costa del Sol with which you must be careful.

Established penalties for exceeding the speed limit

The radars are activated when exceeding in 8 km / h the established limit and the penalties are detailed below.

Remember that with the points you won´t get any awards but they are cumulative to lose the license, unless your license isn´t Spanish.

For a speed limit of 60 km / h
61-90 km/h: 100 €
91-110 km/h: 300 € and 2 points
111-120 km/h: 400 € and 4 points
121-130 km/h: 500 € and 6 points
+ 130 km/h: 600 € and 6 points

For a speed limit of 80 km/h
81-110 km/h: 100 €
111-130 km/h: 300 € and 2 points
131-140 km/h: 400 € and 4 points
141-150 km/h: 500 € and 6 points
+ 150 km/h: 600 € and 6 points

For a speed limit of 90 km/h
91-120 km/h: 100 €
121-140 km/h: 300 € and 2 points
141-150 km/h: 400 € and 4 points
151-160 km/h: 500 € and 6 points
+ 160 km/h: 600 € and 6 points

For a speed limit of 100 km/h
101-130 km/h: 100 €
131-150 km/h: 300 € and 2 points
151-160 km/h: 400 € and 4 points
161-170 km/h: 500 € and 6 points
+ 171 km/h: 600 € and 6 points

For a speed limit of 120 km/h
121-150 km/h: 100 €
151-170 km/h: 300 € and 2 points
171-180 km/h: 400 € and 4 points
181-190 km/h: 500 € and 6 points
+ 190 km/h: 600 € and 6 points

Other speeding radars in Malaga
Continue reading to find out other radars which rather often sanction on the Costa del Sol:

Stretch Radar in Cala de Mijas
Located in both directions at the height of Faro de Calaburras this stretch radar will penalize you if you exceed 87 km / h.

Speed radar at the exit of Puerto Banus
If you leave Puerto Banus with the idea of taking the A-7 you’ll find this speed radar with limit of 120 km / h.

Map of Radars

Marbella International Film Festival from October 3 to 7

Marbella international film festival

The Marbella International Film Festival celebrates its seventh edition to be held from 3 to 7 October in the exclusive Costa del Sol town. During this event will be screened more than 50 short films, animation, documentaries and feature films. This project was created by the non-profit organization New World Trust to support novice directors and independent film producers worldwide.

Due to the wide variety of international filmmakers there usually forms a large cultural group which is unique in the Marbella International Film Festival; however a majority of the films are in English, Spanish, Arabic, French or Italian.

This year, the festival lasts for five days due to the large number of films in competition mode or free screening culminating in a prestigious awards ceremony and gala dinner.

In the Marbella International Film Festival there will be also an extensive supplementary program of alternative contemporary international art, photography, sculpture and many other forms of visual art, modern architecture and fashion and jewellery presented by some of the most prestigious designers.

The Marbella International Film Festival takes place in H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel, located in Puerto Banus, Marbella, in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Next to the hotel is situated the Casino, with free entrance for hotel guests. The Hotel is located about 70 kilometres from Malaga city and the International Airport Malaga-Costa del Sol and close to several high standard golf courses.

On the event page are offered interesting options for people interested in attending the festival, such as a festival package with hotel and VIP Pass with unrestricted access to all screenings, parties etc. included or a VIP pass only. On the page you will also find all the information about the festival and a full schedule of screenings.


Cinemas in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Although current technology allows us to enjoy good movies from the comfort of home, sometimes we feel like going to the movies, right? With the almost indispensable popcorn and refreshments we get settled in our seat to dive for a couple of hours into a big screen adventure.

cine Malaga

In the large towns of the Costa del Sol you can enjoy a large selection of Multiplex cinemas in Malaga with the latest releases, of which the majority project also regularly films in English original version. These films in original version are listed as VO (original version) or VOS (original subtitled version).

In Malaga city we can find the Multicines Larios, located in Larios shopping centre with 10 screens; close by is also located Yelmo Cine in Vialia Mall in Maria Zambrano train station, with 13 screens.

A little on the outskirts of Malaga, only a few kilometers from Malaga airport is located the shopping and leisure centre Plaza Mayor, which houses the 20 screens of Yelmo Cineplex, the largest in the province. In this cinema are screened a good number of films in original version.

Plaza Mayor

Fuengirola has two cinema complexes; one is Multicines Alfil in the city centre, next to the Fuengirola Zoo, with 8 screens. The other is CineSur located in Miramar shopping centre with 12 screens and some films shown in English.

In Marbella there are three cinema complexes: In La Cañada shopping centre there are 8 screens and there is usually a screening in English in the afternoon. The CineSur Plaza del Mar also has 8 screens and shows films in original version. And finally there is Cines Gran Marbella in Puerto Banus, with seven screens showing films in original version and Spanish subtitles.

Some of these theaters have 3-D screening and of course all have air conditioning.

For a list of films and a map you can consult the google films map at:

Or check our list for cinema releases in Malaga.

Souk Zoco del Sol every Saturday in Puerto Banus, Marbella

For this weekend residents and visitors to the Costa del Sol expect a rise in temperatures more typical for these southern parts of the peninsula. For Saturday and Sunday is expected sunny weather with temperatures between 14 and 17º Celsius; days during which many people will take the opportunity to go for a walk. Who likes craft markets, could come to Puerto Banus in Marbella to enjoy the Souk Zoco del Sol.

This open-air Souk is held every Saturday until June from 10 am to 4 pm, in the Plaza Antonio Banderas. In total there are 25 stalls with handicrafts with painting, pottery, vintage, clothing and accessories, glass, jewelry and fragrances and there is as well live music between 12 and 2 pm. A good plan for Saturday; take a walk around the area and enjoy some Tapas next to the sea shore…

What’s Marbella and Puerto Banus like? Why are so popular

Marbella and Puerto Banus boasts of 320 sunny days a year, surrounding mountains contribute to the mild temperatures. The temperature and location make of the Costa del Sol a world of opportunities to spend a great vacation, pampering yourself with extravagances or practicing any sport in a wonderful environment.

Puerto Banis in Marbella

The city and especially Puerto Banus, have become a very popular visit that no tourist should miss when visiting the south of Spain. Numerous celebrities visit Marbella every year, this has made it a featured destination (some of the famous visitors even end up buying a house).

Visiting Puerto Banus

The majority of the tourists that visit Marbella every year spend their holidays in luxurious resorts. One of the favourite places of the visitors is the famous and exclusive port named after Jose Banus, situated to the west of the centre of Marbella. Only the port attracts over 4 million visitors each year.

Strolling down one of its boulevards, you can appreciate the exclusive stores of fashion giants such as Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, amongst other exclusive brands. Although, if your budget is a little less, not to worry, you can also find shops like Zara or Stradivarius in the same area.

No matter what the reason of your trip is, the budget you have or in what season you decide to come…

Famous restaurants and luxury environment

There are many luxurious shops, famous restaurants and exclusive bars in Marbella and its surroundings, it is also the choosen holiday destination for many famous people…all of this contributed for making of Marbella one of the most glamorous places in the world.

The city of Marbella has a great gastronomic variety. There’s something for all tastes; for those of you ‘gourmets’ out there, there are many excellent haute cuisine restaurants, but there are also normal places to have a bite to eat like TGI Friday’s and Hard Rock Café.

No matter what the reason of your trip is, the budget you have or in what season you decide to come. During any month of the year, the surroundings of Marbella and Puerto Banus offer a heavenly panorama; mountains, palm trees and a fantastic nightlife. You’ll always find a place to meet people with similar tastes, to have a drink or simply to enjoy the Mediterranean environment.

Exclusive nightlife with luxury and glamour

Especially relevant is the nightlife in Marbella, well known in the world for hosting some of the most luxurious places. At any time of the year you can enjoy unforgettable nights in discos, clubs, bars and ‘chiringuitos’ (beach bars). There are many high reputation clubs and discos in Marbella, where the most famous musicians and DJ’s organise or simply attend special events.

If your interests are more cultural or , you’ll also be glad to know that there are also a wide range of theatres and cinemas available.

If your feeling lucky, why not pay a visit to the casino? There is so much to choose from to spend a nice evening in Marbella or anywhere on the Costa del Sol.

Summer activities and water sports

A lot of people come to Marbella to relax and chill-out on the beach, but those who want to do physical activity like playing golf, or practicing water sports such as scuba-diving or surf, can find ports and golf courses all along the Costa del Sol.

There are up to 60 different golf courses from the capital city of Malaga right through to Sotogrande. This is why it’s not surprising that they call it the Costa del Golf, due to the many golfers that come from all around the world every year. In Malaga the average temperature is about 18.7 degrees which makes it the perfect province to practice golf.

Regarding water sport activities, you can try anything from riding a jet-ski to surfing or water skiing; these are just a few of the options from the wide range of choices that the costa offers.


Finally there are some pretty cool hiking trails down the river or even one by the sea in Marbella, ideal for exercising and refreshing any summer day.

Marbella and luxury of the superlative: Port Al Thani will compete with Puerto Banus

Marbella remains one of the most luxurious cities in Spain, a place where every year meet millionaires from around the world to spend their holidays and enjoy all the delights offered by this beautiful city. Well-known is Puerto Banus, situated a few kilometers from Marbella and the nerve center of all this luxury where you can find spectacular yachts and mansions. But soon there will be another port that will compete: Port Al Thani in Marbella.

The Sheikh of Qatar, who is the owner of the Malaga Football Club, builds with an investment of 400 Million Euro a new port in Marbella on the current marina La Bajadilla, which is located at the northeast entrance to Marbella, near the oldest and historic part of the city. The main characteristic of the project is the expansion of the port area in order to meet tourist demand with the arrival of cruise ships.

However, the design is impressive and ostentatious and reminds the large-scale designs of Dubai. The planned hotels are all five stars with stunning architecture and a heliport and boutiques that will compete (if possible) with Puerto Banus. This reform of the port will have enormous benefits in the city due to the large influx of tourism from the UAE and the rest of the world.

Work will commence in 2012 and be completed in 2016. We now know that the city of Marbella contributes with only 3% of the total construction cost. Marbella with this construction will become in little more than four years a port stop for cruises through the Mediterranean. This project is considered the most important urban development in the history of Marbella.

Until then, Puerto Banus remains the most exclusive marina and resort of the Mediterranean Sea, a tourist destination only accessible to travelers with a good economic position, recommended for gourmet travelers.