White Night in Nerja on May 18 in 2013

Just a few days ago has taken place one of the most popular cultural proposals in Malaga city, the White Night; as a matter of fact, more and more cities join the event with their own cultural offers. So, the easternmost town on the Costa del Sol, Nerja, celebrates its own White Night on the 18th of May.
noche en blanco nerja

The Caves of Nerja and the oldest cave paintings in Europe

According to a recent dating of organic remains found in the Caves of Nerja (Malaga), the researchers are considering new hypotheses about the age of the oldest artistic representation known to this day. These drawings, which are supposed to represent seals, are situated a thousand meters into the cave, a small space and with restricted access, which can only be accessed by caving equipment and which was discovered in the 70's.