Car hire Malaga train station & Malaga cruise port

Those visitors who are planning to arrive at Malaga by cruise or by train and want to hire a car, well now’s the time. are extending their services and are now offering car hire Malaga train station, where a representative of the company will pick you up and comfortably take you to your hired vehicle. If you arrive on a cruise, are also offering car hire Malaga port, where, again, you will be picked up by a staff member and taken to your hired vehicle. Of course, the Malaga airport car hire service is still running, so if on the other hand you land in Malaga by plane, the procedure to book and confirm your reservation is the same as always.

What really is outstanding is the continuous expansion of the company that at the same time maintains the customer’s positive critics. It’s, without a doubt, the best option for any visitor who doesn’t want to risk going through a bad experience during their holiday.

Steps to follow when booking online

Whatever way of transport you use to get to Malaga, whether it’s the airport, train station, cruise port, etc., the booking procedure is very simple and safe, so safe that you won’t even have to take your credit card out of your wallet, and you can relax as you won’t have to memorise your card details either as it’s simply not required!

The only simple step to do is to visit the website and book online using the form or calling the telephone number that appears where the operators offer assistance in both English and Spanish.

Advantages of hiring a car without a credit card

There are many advantages, but of course the main one is the peace of mind of not having to type in the card’s number anywhere; another one is that there is no cancellation fee and, on top of this, the vehicles are brand new and the client’s general opinion is excellent. However, don’t forget to carry your credit card with you because although it wasn’t needed for booking online, it will be required when you pick up your vehicle.

Malagacar Fuel Policy

While other companies include a full tank of petrol that you may not even end up consuming entirely, or others that offer the tank completely empty, offer half a tank of petrol so you can drive off with the tranquillity of knowing that you’ll reach your destination without having to worry about the risk of breaking down on the way.

Opinions of satisfied customers

This is probably the most important part when deciding to place our trust in a service we are going to hire for the first time; luckily, as I previously mentioned, the customer’s general opinion of is excellent.

Enjoy your holidays without worries in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. consolidates as the best choice for car hire Malaga airport

malagacarMany tourists may be worried about their planned holiday and the availability of rental cars, however there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to and their large fleet of cars the availability of vehicles for car hire from Malaga airport is wide and the price continue being small even during the high season. What we do recommend is to hire a car in advance, so you can get the best prices while ensuring your favorite car model.

Among the advantages of hiring a car in Malaga with we can find that we will get the best price without intermediaries (car rental brokers use to bill for a full tank of fuel even when we do not use it) and with we can have access to numerous deals and discounts they release online via Facebook, Twitter or Newsletters, deals and discounts for Malaga car hire which we recommend to follow as they are available until end of existences.

Visiting Malaga means enjoying the excellent weather, but also is synonym of discovery. Let yourself go for roads in very good condition and discover all that southern Spain has to offer, which is much more than sun and beach.

Special online discounts during November and December for car hire in Malaga

If you’re thinking of escaping a few days from autumn, Malaga on the Costa del Sol can be a very interesting alternative.You don´t need to book a flight to the Caribbean to recharge the batteries a bit.

The Costa del Sol has the advantage of being located in Southern Europe, boosting a modern international airport, at which we can arrive within a few hours and spend a few pleasant days in the sun.

Malaga is a popular destination is not only during the summer months: In the months of off-season we can enjoy temperatures between 18 º C and 21 ° C, a wide range of Golf, great natural beauty, white villages and a large cultural and monumental offer in the capital of the Costa del Sol. All this at a very low price compared with the peak season; Malaga thus becomes an attractive option for a weekend-getaway.

In we can always find good deals for car hire in Malaga. For the month ofNovember they have released the next offer with their discount vouchers. You can easily access them through their web page or by becoming a fan on Facebook or Twitter.

There are discounts on various car groups including Opel Corsa, Fiat Punto, Ford Fiesta, Seat Ibiza, Renault Scenic or VW Polo, subject to availability; so, if you’re thinking of coming to Malaga, book your car now at record low price. You’ll never discover the Costa del Sol for such little money! extends the validity of discounts for car hire in Malaga, the leading car hire company at Malaga airport has decided to extend the duration of discounts offered to those planning for Malaga car hire before October 31, 2011.

To take advantage of discounts just visit the website of, where you can become a fan on Facebook, Twitter or their blog.

We recommend following on Facebook, where you can find the best discount codes.

In addition, they just let us know that the discount codes to rent a car at Malaga airport we offered from our website remain equally valid, so you do not have to go far to benefit from the best offer; we always work to offer our visitors the best service at the best prices.

Those who visit our page for the first time might be interested to know that is the leading car hire company in Malaga, with many years of experience and numerous reviews from satisfied customers, which is the reason why we recommend it.

Car hire Malaga with

Malagacar.comMany tourists seek peace and tranquility when it comes to planning their vacation. When hiring their car they would like the same, everything hassle-free. It’s so important to choose the right company that offers the best car at the best possible price. In our section for car hire in Malaga, thanks to our partnership with, we offer what we believe to be a high quality service at very low prices. Our results are based on the fact that is a company with over 20 years of experience and many satisfied customers.

Whether it’s your first time in Malaga or not, airport pick-up service is always appreciated. You will be comfortably transported to your vehicle from where you will travel to your destination and always with a friendly treatment as your holidays deserve the best. Another thing to bear in mind is that the personal is bilingual and, therefore, speak perfect english; so you won’t have any communication problems whatsoever. Feel free to ask any questions you need when booking your vehicle or when driving around Malaga.

It’s always very important to offer the best quality to the client, and that’s exactly what does. Their fleet of cars is renewed every year, investing in the comfort and satisfaction of the customers. There is no point in offering low prices if what is offered were old cars in questionable conditions. Clients that hire a car for their holiday in Malaga seek and expect a new vehicle in optimum conditions and that’s exactly what you will find.

Remember that when it comes to hiring a car in Malaga, it’s also important to know if what we are paying for is the service of a reseller or affiliate…it’s always best to search for a first-hand service as the price you’ll pay and the customer service you’ll receive will be much better. Another advantage is that you’ll be able to book your car in advance without a credit card. Your credit card details will only be needed once you arrive in Malaga and pick up the vehicle.

Another advantage of not being a broker, is that you will always know the final price from the beginning. It’s very common to book at one price and then suddenly find out you have to pay more by surprise. In companies with their own fleet of vehicles like, you always have the possibility of contacting to consult anything you need to know.

Summer offers for your car hire Malaga in 2010

Those living in or visiting the Costa del Sol recall that last year it was hard to find a car rental, the crisis came and suddenly the “rent a car” found themselves without funding to buy new cars for the 2009 summer season:

At the end of each season is sold most of the fleet on the second-hand car market; the result in the summer of 2009 was that there was no way to rent a car and the remaining stock had a price of 450-550 Euros a week (the group of smaller cars -Picanto Kia, Ford Ka etc). The normal price would have to be about 300 € / Week, this year, however, the opposite happens, the rent a car have learned and draw upon all types of financing to buy cars.

Summer 2010: In a quick search for the first week of August you can find a cheap car hire in Malaga for just 150 € / week, booking it without paying a penny before the pickup.

Check our recommended car hire deals and decide to rent a car, it is worth the invest when coming to the Costa del Sol

Worried about ash cloud? What happen with cancellations?

Intelligent service management adapts to the circumstances: At Malaga airport, some car rental companies have adjusted themselves looking ahead on the still unpredictable development in the European skies because of the volcanic ash cloud. Check our car rental websites and compare, all of them does not require credit card for car hire booking online in Malaga.

Given that it is not foreseeable when the volcanic activity will cease, and impairments are also expected in the future, has some car rental companies have taken on the task to limit the inconvenience of their customers to a minimum.

Specifically, this refers to the previously booked prices, so at least the customer does not have any additional cost for cancellations or delays.

In case of cancellation of flights due to a blocked air space as a result of to the ash cloud there are raised no extra charges. The same applies to the originally agreed price of the car, which is not modified even when changing flight dates.

These car rental websites have the additional advantage that they don´t require, until the moment you pick up your rental car, a credit card and thatfore in case of cancellations there won´t occur unexpected withdrawals from your bank account.

Customers are always picked up at the Malaga airport, no matter how much delay has the flight and returned there again, as this is included in the service.

Car hire at Malaga airport reviews and compare

For those people who plan to spend their holidays in Malaga and need a cheap transportation method, there are many car rental companies at Malaga airport.

Some well known as a Auriga Crown or Avis offer rental services, but if you want a low cost car rental in Malaga we recommend that you visit some of our reviews.


Avis has a large fleet of cars and is a renowned car rental company worldwide. It might looks like an advantage but it´s a disadvantage for those who want a fair price. You can see more information on Avis in Malaga.

Auriga Crown

Auriga Crown is another large car rental throughout Spain, with more than 18,000 cars and a great experience renting cars in most Spanish airports. We encourage you however to compare prices with other car rental companies before deciding. For more information visit our page about Crown car hire.


Europcar has 200 car rental offices in Europe and 600 across the world with a car fleet of more than 200.000 vehicles and 8 million car rentals / year. Europcar is also developing. Europcar is committed to environmental protection in the conduct of all activities and services. Read more about Europcar at Malaga airport.


Hertz, being the first car rental company created on the World, has actually more than 6200 rent a car centers in more than 140 countries, where more than 2000 of those car rental centers are in the airports; in Europe more than 400 are in the city airports. Click here to find more information about Hertz at Malaga airport.


Goldcar is present at most popular spanish destinations. Read more about Goldcar in Malaga.

Other companies

There are other rental companies inside Malaga airport like Record or outside like Centauro.

People looking for hiring a car in Malaga may want to spend their holidays without having to worry about the car, and a car where they can feel comfortable, in good condition and with no technical problems. If you are visiting Malaga for your holidays the last thing you need is an old car and the risk to have technical problems

The car rental websites we recommend have been tested , they have a new fleet of new cars each year at prices highly competitive, an excellent online support and a high satisfaction degree. If you use any of the websites we recommend to hire a car at Malaga airport, we encourage you to contact us about your experience, we are always happy to be of help on your holidays.

From Malaga Airport to other destinations

If you want to know how to get from Malaga airport to the city of Malaga or other destinations, we’ve created some “how to get” guides that might help you once you rent a car at Malaga airport.

Visit our forum and ask if you still have any questions!