Holidays in Malaca for only 607 denarii – A trip back in time

Around the year 200, when the Romans dominated Europe, travelling from Londinium (London) to Malaca (Malaga) took approximately 24 days over 3455 kilometres during the month of August. It was a very long journey mostly by sea bordering the coasts of France and Portugal. Want to know more about this adventure?
Roman theatre in Malaga

Bus from the airport to Almuñecar, Nerja, La Herradura and other destinations

The transport companies adapt every summer to the increase in tourists. The bus from Malaga airport to Almuñecar is one of those that see its lines increase from 1 to 3 daily departures. Also included are stops at other important destinations on the eastern Costa del Sol such as Nerja, La Herradura or Rincón de la Victoria among others that I will detail below.

What transport option to choose from Malaga airport?

Are you coming for the first time and don´t know yet which is the best means of transportation from Malaga airport? In addition to using train and bus from the airport, many visitors either for the amount of luggage or comfort seek other transportation options. Let’s have a look which is best for you:
Bus 110 from Malaga to Benalmadena

New taxi fares in Fuengirola

From Sunday 15th has started the implementation of taxi meters with new rates for the use of public taxi in the town of Fuengirola, equalling prices with the municipalities of Mijas, Benalmadena and Torremolinos.

Traffic tickets while driving a rental car in Spain

Granada is known for having a great number of vigilance cameras and radars and bad traffic signs that aren’t translated to English, so if you drive a car in Granada it’s always highly recommendable to drive very carefully and paying special attention to the traffic signs. The fines for those who drive a rental car and commit any kind of traffic offense will reach them with a small extra charge as an administration fee. Continue reading to know the most common causes for fines, how to avoid them and how are processed by the rental agency, not only in Granada but in Spain.
traffic fine Andalucia

Suburban train every 20 minutes between Malaga centre and Fuengirola

As of September 11 there will be an improvement in the frequency of the commuter train C-1 circulating between Malaga and Fuengirola. The commuter train stops at major tourist attraction cores such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Los Boliches. In addition, this line links two key points in the arrival and departure of travelers to the capital of the Costa del Sol such as María Zambrano train station and Malaga airport terminal.

100 years of history linking Malaga and Coin by train

In a time when connections between inland areas and the Costa del Sol  are more important than ever, few people know that almost 100 years ago, a train ran between Coin and Malaga.
Old train in Malaga

Malaga in December, are the low prices real?

The getaway to Malaga in December becomes more popular every year due to the excellent microclimate present in the city. In addition, prices are much cheaper comparing to the summer, which makes this province an attractive destination to travel in winter.
Malaga in December

Inauguration of the new suburban train station at Malaga Airport

Since September 10th 2010 works now the new suburban train station at Malaga airport. The opening of this new station opposite the Terminal 3 was planned in principle for the end of the year and thus the work improvement of the airport is proceeding swiftly.

Ecological bike taxis with pedals in Malaga city – Bike excursions

Bicycle taxi drivers in Malaga not only take the vehicle with them, but also become tour guides and are in some cases the first source of information about Malaga for tourists who have just arrived.
Bike Taxi in Malaga