New Bus line from Malaga Airport

This summer is being historic in the Costa del Sol; Malaga airport last weekend has surpassed the number of flights and visitors to any weekend of the year.
Surely the political instability in other destinations is being decisive in this great increase in tourists.

Some companies are adapting to the growth of tourists increasing their staff or creating new routes in the case of public transport.

New bus route to Almuñecar from Malaga

This bus runs along the coast to Almuñecar and makes stops in Malaga downtown, Torre del Mar, Torrox, Nerja, Maro and La Herradura.

There is also a direct bus to Almuñecar but the carrier aims to offer visitors an option to reach their destinations on the eastern coast.

You can book online from, remember to print the copy of the ticket.


Timetable and bus fare in summer 2015

11:45 – Departure Airport     8:30am – Departure Almuñecar
12:15 – Bus Station Malaga
12:55 – Torre del Mar
13:20 – Torrox
13:30 – Nerja
13:35 – Maro
13:45 – La Herradura
14:00 – Bus Station Almuñecar

The ticket price is 7.44 Euro one way or 13.47 Euro for a return trip.

Timetable and bus fare in 2016

Departure from Malaga airport to Almuñecar:

From 14:15, 14:45 or 17:00
Price: 8.77€ for one way

Where to take the bus at the airport?

If this is the first time you come to Malaga airport have never taken a bus before on the map below you can see the exact location; it is situated very close to the arrivals hall:


What transport option to choose from Malaga airport?

Are you coming for the first time and don´t know yet which is the best means of transportation from Malaga airport? In addition to using train and bus from the airport, many visitors either for the amount of luggage or comfort seek other transportation options. Let’s have a look which is best for you:

Train or Bus

Taking the train or a bus from the airport is a good choice if your destination is near a bus stop or station and you don´t plan making many trips during your stay. You can visit our page on public transport in Malaga to see if it is an option to consider during your trip.

Bus 110 from Malaga to Benalmadena
Bus 110 from Malaga to Benalmadena

If you are a sun and beach tourist, someone who is comfortable in the hotel pool and don´t have too much curiosity about the environment of a new city you might be interested in using public transport.

Pros and cons of public transport
If you are a sun and beach tourist, someone who is comfortable in the hotel pool and don´t have too much curiosity about the environment of a new city you might be interested in using public transport. A plus is the punctuality of the train and the negative point it is that in high season it is an overcrowded means of transport and with low punctuality in the case of the bus and not very comfortable if you carry luggage.

You can read more about taking a bus or a train at the airport.

Many tourists seek the convenience of traveling to their hotel from the airport using a taxi.

Private transfer or taxi from the airport

Malaga airport taxisIf your destination is far from the main means of transport or you are a tourist who doesn´t plan to make many journeys you may be interested in the taxi option. It is a comfortable and safe transportation that will take you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Many tourists seek the convenience of traveling to their hotel from the airport using a taxi.

Although the option of private transfers has always had the option to reserve online and pay by credit card. The option of public taxis had no regulation in this regard and thus it was not unusual that a cashless tourist could not take a taxi from Malaga airport and had to wait for one with a system for processing payment by card.

Keep in mind that a public taxi driver is not obliged to accept payment with a 50 € note, 20 Euros being the admitted top.

Since 2016 all taxis in the capital of the Costa del Sol are to have implemented a system to accept payment by credit card and a printer that can provide receipts.

If you want to know the major websites that offer private shuttle service from Malaga airport at a good price visit this link; with them you can ensure your transfer from the airport with a driver waiting on arrival.

If you are an active tourist who likes to know the city and the surroundings you are visiting, then the option of hiring a car in Malaga is ideal.

Rental car

Malagacar.comIf you are an active tourist who likes to know the city and the surroundings you are visiting, then the option of hiring a car in Malaga is ideal.

Regarding rental cars, there are many models that will suit your needs . From budget and utility vehicles for those just looking for mobility to family cars or luxury cars for those who want maximum comfort while traveling.

The main benefit of renting a car is the convenience of having your own means of daily transport without relying on anyone at a good price.

Which option is more suited to your needs? Any advice for those who have doubts about which option to use?

New taxi fares in Fuengirola

taxiDepending if you choose a public or private taxi to Fuengirola the price may vary.

Prices for taking a taxi from Malaga airport to Fuengirola are between 37€ and 85€ in case you need a minibus up to 19 passengers.

Summary of new prices for public taxis:

From now on the minimum price of a taxi is 4.60 Euros.

If you want the taxi to pick you up at your place of residence the surcharge is 1.20 Euros.

When the freight is more than two suitcases the surcharge is 1.20 Euros.

Some older supplements have been eliminated, such as the surcharge during the Fair, so taking a taxi during the celebrations is no longer more expensive.

All customers are entitled to their receipt once the journey is complete.

These reforms in the public transport sector aim to simplify the fee in benefit of the user, a move that comes after the rise of other services like and which are earning popularity and consist in sharing costs and transportation.

Other transportation options

You can hire through Internet taxis at a set price; as an example we have taken some fees for transfers from Malaga Airport to the following destinations:

Other transportation options include minibuses for larger groups which can result in a fairly reasonable price as you can share the expenditure with other passengers.

You can take a look at our section of Malaga airport transfers with links to reliable websites offering this service.

Taxis are ideal for infrequent transfers, but if we need a means of daily transport during holidays it may be more advisable to rent a car in Malaga from just 21 € per week; depending on the vehicle and the dates chosen the final price may vary.

Traffic tickets while driving a rental car in Spain

traffic fine AndaluciaWe always recommend to discover Andalusia by car, it’s an unforgettable experience to drive through the country roads and discover villages that would be impossible to visit any other way, however quite often the drivers forget that they can commit traffic offenses and be notified for them.

How car rental companies pass on the cost of traffic tickets

If you drive a rental car, to the fine will be added an administrative sanction by your car hire company as they have to process the fine and identify the driver, which generates an extra cost that tends to come up to about 25 euros. We recommend to be careful to not get any speeding tickets or any other traffic offense fines as although the car doesn’t belong to you, the fine will reach you.

One of the places near Malaga where the drivers are fined the most, almost without realizing, is in the centre of Granada, where the existence of bad traffic signing, not translated into English either, vigilance cameras and radars cause that many foreign drivers get fined, which is we recommend that if you visit Granada with your rental car drive very carefully, paying special attention to the speed limits and traffic signs. Other option is to book a guided tour to Granada instead of driving a car yourself.

The most common causes for fines in Spain

A very important one to avoid a fine is always wearing the seatbelt, included those sitting in the back…If you get stopped by the police and you are carrying passengers in the backseats, it’s very likely that they’ll check if they are wearing their seatbelts too…and if they aren’t, it will all depend on the policeman or policewoman whether you get a formal sanction or not.

The speed is one of the main causes of fines in Spain, sometimes even when we think we haven’t gone over the limit we may receive fine by surprise. In Malaga there are roads of 4 lanes in both directions that would lead us to think that the speed limit is 120 km/h. when really it’s in fact 100 km/h., which is why it’s highly recommendable to always pay special attention to the road signs that indicate at what speed we must go.

The radars are signposted, and driving passed them at a higher speed than what you’re supposed to, becomes a fine automatically. We must also mention that there are mobile radars (in vehicles) too that aren’t indicated and that can give us an unpleasant surprise.

Double parking is forbidden, you may stop for less than 2 minutes to pick up or let out passengers…but never double park the vehicle, the fine in this case is pretty dear.

Final recommendations when driving in Spain

If you drive according to the traffic regulations in Spain there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever. Always pay attention to the traffic signs and in the case that you receive a fine, don’t forget that you’ll receive a small extra charge if you’re using a rental car due to the administration process.

Holidays in Malaca for only 605.67 denarii

This would be the advert we’d see around the year 200, had we have published it in the blog back then…Ok, Malagaweb has been around for a while, but not that long!

Around the year 200, when the Romans dominated Europe, travelling from Londinium (London) to Malaca (Malaga) took approximately 24 days over 3455 kilometres during the month of August. It was a very long journey mostly by sea bordering the coasts of France and Portugal.

If we would have lived in Londinium around the year 200, and we would have wanted to enjoy our holiday in September in Malaga, we would have had to leave on the first week of August!… however, the positive side is that we would enjoy a trip with stopovers in the great ports of the olden days situated in the Atlantic…although not for a modest price.

Imagine an advert like this: “Enjoy your holidays in Malaca for only 605.67 Denarii” (The Denarii was the Roman coin back then, and 1 Denary would be equivalent to 6.63€; so, calculating the total price of the trip, it would come up to 4028 euros / 3264 pounds)…plus, the journey of 24 days would have enough boat trips to eventually make us get quite fed up.

The prices in Denarrii, based on the use of a faster sail ship and a civil boat (if necessary), and on these options of the route:

  • Per Kilogram of wheat (by donkey): 2.4
  • Per Kilogram of wheat (by cart): 2.41
  • Per passenger by transport: 605.67

Baring in mind that one Denary is equivalent to 6.63 euros, if we do calculations, it comes up to just over 4000 euros / 3264 pounds…a luxury that not many could afford, and this without including our luggage.

On this map we can see which places we would pass through if we would have lived in Roman times:
Londinium to MalacaLuckily, if nowadays we want an affordable vacation, the prices are much cheaper now than back then…and we can reach Malaga by airplane in the blink of an eye.

If we decide to hire a car in Malaga, the prices nowadays are much cheaper than in the olden days. Just imagine an advert like this:

Hire a car in Malaga from 1 Denarii per day, forget about horse caravans and enjoy the air conditioning!

So, do you fancy coming to Malaga these holidays? You’ll be able to enjoy the Roman theatre situated in the centre of Malaga, next to the Gibralfaro castle. In other periods, not everyone could afford it, but nowadays it’s easy to spend a cheap holiday in Malaga.

Thanks to Stanford University roman map and the website holidaysresources I was able to gather all this information.

Suburban train every 20 minutes between Malaga centre and Fuengirola

As of September 11 there will be an improvement in the frequency of the commuter train C-1 circulating between Malaga and Fuengirola. The commuter train stops at major tourist attraction cores such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Los Boliches. In addition, this line links two key points in the arrival and departure of travelers to the capital of the Costa del Sol such as María Zambrano train station and Malaga airport terminal.

Specifically there will be trains every 20 minutes in both directions. The trains will depart from Malaga centre at 10, 30 and 50 of every hour and from Fuengirola at the full hour, 20 and 40 minutes. The beginning and end of service remains the same, starting at 5:30 am and ending at 10:30 pm.

This improvement is largely expected by habitual users of this popular line as especially during the summer months the number of passengers doubles easily, the wagon are always full always and many of them standing up. It will also have a positive effect for Malaga airport which receives large influxes of passengers who often travel with plenty of luggage. Thus, at the station airport Malaga-Costa del Sol, the number of passengers has grown by 41% during the first quarter of 2011.

100 years of history linking Malaga and Coin by train

In a time when connections between inland areas and the Costa del Sol  are more important than ever, few people know that almost 100 years ago, a train ran between Coin and Malaga.

In 1913, after eight years of work, was inaugurated the railway Malaga-Coin. Most of the then four million pesetas which it cost was invested by a Belgian company. Before that moment, the residents in the Guadalhorce valley who needed to reach to Malaga city had either to walk or travel by donkey, horse or carriage.

By 1930, there were three daily trains running between Coin and Malaga, which took approximately one hour and 45 minutes to complete the journey.

For 60 years, the trains, running first on steam, then on diesel and known by the people from Malaga as “La Cochinita” (the little pig) due to its shape, travelled the 38 kilometres between Malaga and Coin at a speed of 42 km/h.

The first main train station in Malaga was originally in La Malagueta area, but was moved later to the port, and the building can still be seen there today.  From there the trains ran to san Julian (behind where the Plaza Mayor Shopping centre is now located), Churriana, Alhaurin de la Torre and Coin in the Guadalhorce valley, where the main station is also still standing.

Malaga coin train

Due to the popularity and lower price of bus travel, the train finally stopped running and the tracks where dismantled in 1965. One of the wagons was purchased by the Tivoli Theme Park in Benalmadena. Despite complaints from people who used the railway service, it was cancelled, but now many wish it had never ceased to run.

Many of the stations, bridges and tunnels along the way can still be seen, and many residents in the province may have passed them without even realizing.

Malaga in December, are the low prices real?

The getaway to Malaga in December becomes more popular every year due to the excellent microclimate present in the city. In addition, prices are much cheaper comparing to the summer, which makes this province an attractive destination to travel in winter.

December in Malaga

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Malaga?

When are you planning to visit Malaga in December? The whole month, the first or second fortnight? If you are in doubt, it may sound good to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Malaga.

New Year's Eve in Malaga

There are many cultural monuments to visit in Malaga in December and the fun is present here all year round and even more during New Year’s Eve. Are you thinking of celebrating the New Year in Malaga? We have some interesting options that require a little planning, so we advise you not to overlook it:

  • Accommodation in December, central or countryside hotel to celebrate New Year’s Eve?
  • If you choose a countryside accommodation it may be interesting to celebrate the end of the year in an inland village.
  • The youngsters probably prefer to celebrate the beginning of the year in one of the many discotheques that organize events that night.

These are just a few of the many options we have available if we spend the New Year in Malaga. You can still visit Sierra Nevada and have a fried fish in one of the many beach bars along the promenade in one day.

Should I rent a car if I visit Malaga in December?

When planning our trip to Malaga we can consider an online car hire; prices for the winter season are low and affordable. We can find cars from 7 Euros per day if we rent it for one week.

Renting a car can be cheaper than any other type of transport in the city. Driving our vehicle provides us with the necessary mobility to explore the city and get the most out of our visit to the Costa del Sol.

You might just have considered celebrating New Year’s Eve in Malaga, but with a rental car in Malaga you could visit Sierra Nevada and come back in one day. The distances in Malaga to reach the most popular places are not close from each other.

By using a car you are making sure you are protected from the elements. Although it is not rainy season, in Malaga in December makes more than possible some rainfall.

What is the temperature like during December in Malaga?

The temperature in Malaga will surprise you if you have already visited other places in Andalusia. There is a difference with other areas, for example Malaga and Cadiz.

December in Malaga is mild, temperatures tend to fluctuate between 17ºC and 18ºC during this month. They are a little higher are during November with temperatures that tend to reach 23ºC.

In January the temperature can drop to 12ºC during the day. The nights are colder, between 4ºC and 14ºC at the beginning of the year. When the sun rises the situation changes completely, if you leave early don’t forget to be ready for warmer temperatures.

Malaga is protected by mountains that surround the Costa del Sol and prevent the arrival of colder temperatures. If you visit the interior of the province you will notice a drop of several degrees in the thermometer.

More information about activities in December in Malaga

In another blog post I recommend is the one about visting Malaga in Winter, it’s worth a look if you’re not sure what you can do this month.

You may also be interested in visiting one of the 10 places you should not miss in Malaga.


Inauguration of the new suburban train station at Malaga Airport

Since September 10th 2010 works now the new suburban train station at Malaga airport. The opening of this new station opposite the Terminal 3 was planned in principle for the end of the year and thus the work improvement of the airport is proceeding swiftly.

The suburban train station is kept in the same design as the new terminal: spacious and with plenty of natural light, glass and chrome are the main elements. The way to the new T3 is very easy and fast, in one minute you are already there.

Although the station is situated in the underground, it was designed with partially open glass walls and roofs and thus it is constantly supplied with natural daylight as well as fresh air, so you have no feeling of being in a stuffy metro station.

The suburban train station is geared entirely to the new T3 Terminal and is part of the transportation hub that comes in front of the Plaza of the airport.

For users of the T3, this means maximum arrival and departure comfort.
For users who park their car at the level of Terminal 2, it means a walk of five minutes.

Those who, for different reasons, want to go from the new suburban train station to the Car hire desks at the airport, will have to prepare themselves mentally for a long zig-zag walk; partly pedestrian paths are missing in many places and you realize that the roads were designed for cars.

In short: Who directly heads with the suburban train to the Terminal 3, will have it very easy from now on. Whoever deviates from this path is better advised with a pick-up service to and from the airport!

Ecological taxis with pedals in Malaga city

The capital of the Costa de Sol is the pioneer in the use of tricycles as shuttle service for tourists.

A variant of bicycle tourism are the bicycle taxis, reminding of the Indian rickshaws. These are tricycles manufactured in Germany and which are completely ecological. They are made of recyclable materials and operate with the force of the driver, but also have an electric motor that helps in specific moments. They do not pollute the environment all.

Its function is the transportation of people through the centre of the city, not just tourists but also citizens in general.

The tricycle taxis are located in different parts of downtown and connect the highlights of the city such as Plaza de la Marina, shopping malls, the train station Maria Zambrano or the Port.

The service operates from 10 am to 8 pm, but can be used outside these hours if booked in advance.
Their drivers not only steer the vehicle, but also become cultural guides and are in some cases the primary source of information about the city for tourists who have just arrived.

These monitors explain to visitors in several languages the history of the buildings and streets along their ride around the city.
If you want to go in town from one point to another, or tour it and enjoy the view, you now have the option of doing it in a clean and green way. This project aims to change attitudes towards the environment, giving locals and visitors to Malaga the chance to do something beneficial and thereby contribute to making the city a cleaner and safer place.

With the Tricycles you will get to know Malaga in a different and funny way: at the outdoors and at a leisurely pace down the centre of the city and the promenade. The Driver will be giving explanations about life, culture and history of Malaga.