Historical cemeteries in Malaga, alternative tourism

Malaga has an enormous amount of places to visit, but surely a visit to a cemetery wouldn’t even cross our minds during our stay...a cemetery isn’t exactly a touristy place, and we generally wish not to have to visit one while we’re alive...however, we’ll find not one, but several cemeteries in Malaga that are well worth a visit as they’re declared cultural value.
english cemetery Malaga

Holidays in Malaca for only 605.67 denarii

This would be the advert we’d see around the year 200, had we have published it in the blog back then...Ok, Malagaweb.com has been around for a while, but not that long! Around the year 200, when the Romans dominated Europe, travelling from Londinium (London) to Malaca (Malaga) took approximately 24 days over 3455 kilometres during the month of August. It was a very long journey mostly by sea bordering the coasts of France and Portugal.
Londinium to Malaca