White Night in Malaga the 20th of May

noche-en-blanco-2017White Night is a cultural event which was released for the first time in Paris in 2002, because of its success it was quickly adopted by several European cities and later on even by other cities worldwide.

White Night takes place after sunset and has many artistic and cultural activities, this free event was celebrated for the first time in Malaga in 2008 featuring arts, museums, exhibitions, music , guided visits and special activities for people or family.

Next White Night in Malaga is on May 20, from 7 pm to 2 am, there will be 217 activities taking place in museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and activities in scenic areas, are you going to miss this cultural event?

Those who want to enjoy the night quietly can do with the large number of cultural outdoor events taking place in Malaga.

Activities during the White Night

As  a new there is an app ‘Personal dreamer’ for both Android and IOS.

The app will tag on a map the location of the events during this special night. The app is official and will make you easier to get there and categorize the different events and activities.

Among the many activities we can recommend some of them for you to get an idea of what you will find…but because of the great number of activities we recommend you to visit the historic centre from 7pm in advance to find the special environment.

Activities for children

The ‘Little White Night’ (La nochecita en blanco) with 15 activities for the children.

The location is the street Tomas Heredia from 7 pm until 11 pm.

Visiting Alcazaba and Roman Theatre at night

Visiting the Alcazaba at night is one of the favourite activities every year. If you want to visit it you need to request an invitation at the place from 8am the Friday 19th. They just allow to pickup 4 entrance tickets per person.

Visits will be divided in groups and guided every 10 minutes from 9pm until 1:10am. The estimated duration of the visit is 50 minutes.

You can also visit the Roman Theatre at any of the turns for 25 people every hour since 8 pm. until 1 am.

Visiting English cemetery at night

You can walk for free the English cemetery at night and learn the history behind it.  They recommend you to bring a light and you will need an invitation you can request right now.

Entrance is allowed by groups of 30 people: 9 pm, 9.50 pm, 10.40 pm, 11.30 pm, 12.20 pm.

Arts, museums, exhibitions and other cultural events

There will be open exhibitions in museums like Pompidou Centre, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Russian Museum, Picasso Museum and the municipal museum among others.

Usually museums open doors at 7 pm. or after and use to close at 12pm or 2 am. They are free but some may limit to groups of 20 people or around each time.

Also there will be exhibitions of scenic arts and live concerts. I recommend you to have a walk in Malaga from 7pm until 2am the next Saturday.

The Picasso Museum celebrates its tenth anniversary from 26 to 27 October

picasso museum 2013The month of October in Malaga marks since almost three decades the birth of one of its most famous sons, Pablo Picasso, during the so-called Picassian October. The Picasso Foundation situated in the birthplace of the painter and artist offers an extensive cultural program around this world famous personality who was born in Malaga.

This October promises to be even more interesting, as the Picasso Museum is celebrating its tenth anniversary. During the weekend of 26 and 27 October, the Museum will open for 24 hours and will offer 30 free activities around five main themes: exhibitions, music, family, itineraries and activities that take place outside the premises of the museum.

Since the schedule is pretty wide and varied, we refer to the website of the museum where you can find complete information, but to make your mouth water, here is an overview: The musical program includes a singer, electronic music, jazz quartet and classical music quartet. The family program is presented with a puppet show, a workshop and theatre for children. There will be night routes through the Roman theatre and the underground as well as visits to the terrace of the Palacio de Buenavista for nocturnal visitors, guided tours through the Museum and more.

Admission and all activities are free from October 26 at 20 pm until October 27 at 7.30 pm. Detailed information at:

Also this week you can enjoy more activities offered by the Picasso Foundation:

  • October 24, 9.30 pm: The facade of the Casa Natal becomes the scene of a vertically acrobatic dance.
  • October 25, 8 pm to 12 pm: Animation theatre at Casa Natal (First floor, Plaza de la Merced, 15)
  • October 26, 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm: Artistic intervention at Plaza de la Merced with origami workshop.

In commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of Picasso, the entrance to Museo Casa Natal and the Temporary Exhibition Hall will be free on 25 and 26 October. There will also be free guided tours on October 25, at 11am, 12am and 6 pm.

Solycalle – Performing arts festival in the streets of Malaga

solycalle MalagaDuring the month of May we can enjoy a new initiative that takes place in Malaga city: The first festival of performing arts Solycalle on the streets of the capital of the Costa del Sol, with theatre performances, dance, circus and puppetry. The coming Saturdays, beginning May 5 and until the first Saturday in June, there are held performances in the square of CAC (Contemporary Art Centre).

This Saturday there will be an animated show at 12 midday and 5:30 pm, puppets at 6 pm, juggling at 7 pm and circus at 8 pm. Thus for a month, locals and visitors can see for themselves – and for free – the good health of a genre, the street theatre.

Here you have the complete program, come to the Plaza! Oh, one additional note: On Saturday May 12 there is no theatre in the street because there is celebrated the NIGHT IN WHITE (Noche en Blanco) in Malaga, an event that you should not miss!

Saturday, May 5: 12 noon Cia Barré: Juan Palomo (animation)
5.30 pm Cia Barré: Juan Palomo (animation)
6 pm Ángeles de Trapo: Christian Andersen stories (puppets)
7 pm Manolo Carambolas: Elektrimin (juggling)
8 pm Vagalume: Tó kao (circus)
Saturday, May 19: 12 noon Teatro del Lazzi: Calle de la comedia (animation)
6 pm Ángeles de Trapo: Tres historias (puppets)
7 pm Hnos. Moreno: Mucho más que circo
8 pm Teatro del Lazzi: Amar en tiempos revueltos (Art comedy)
Saturday, May 26: 12 noon Cia Barré: Juan Palomo (animation)
1 pm Nanny Gogorno: Jurujujaja
5.30 pm Cia Barré: Tras la escoba
6 pm Manolo Carambolas: Elektrimin (juggling)
7 pm Rolabola Teatro: ¡Lucha! (acrobatics)
8 pm Nanny Gogorno: Lunatik
Saturday, June 2: 12 noon Teatro del Lazzi: Calle de la comedia (animation)
6 pm Ángeles de trapo: Circo Mobil
7 pm Manolo Carambola y Rolabola: Hermanos Wifi
8 pm Reandanza (closing): Tango el corazón mirando al sur

How to get there: The CAC square is located in calle Alemania, in the centre of Malaga, just a few meters from the nearby station “Malaga centro Alameda”. There are also numerous public and private parking close to the CAC for visitors who prefer to get there in their own vehicle.

Easter in Malaga 2012

Sure there are many who by now are thinking about a short break to anticipate the sun and spring. The Andalusian city of Malaga is due to its mild climate a premier destination throughout the year and of course, here is already beginning spring with pleasant temperatures.

The so-called Holy Week in Malaga, held this year in predominantly Catholic countries from April 1 to 8, has a special relevance in several Andalusian cities, including Malaga, where you can see this ancient tradition dating back to the days of Ferdinand and Isabella, the catholic Kings.

Holy Week in Malaga is one of the most important events of the city, where thousands of citizens and visitors pour into the streets to witness these religious processions which combine deep religious feeling with the innate joy of the people of Malaga; in any case it is a very emotional event that you should have seen at least once.

There are processions every day that can last until late at night, which gives them a special halo, with incense and hundreds of candles in the light of the moon. All processions share a stretch of the official route through the centre of Malaga, on the main Alameda, Calle Larios and Calle Granada.

But Malaga is a very rich city in every way; we can enjoy the pleasant weather, nature, beaches, terraces and sea promenade, monuments and cuisine, eating delicious fish; and also enjoy the nightlife of Malaga, one of the most animated of the Costa del Sol.

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Season 2011 / 12 of the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cervantes Theatre

Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra presents its new schedule for the season 2011/12 in Malaga. With a total of fifteen concerts over the next few months, the season began on September 16 and runs until June 23, 2012.

At the Cervantes Theatre we can enjoy Mahler, García Román, Strauss, Ravel, Prokofiev, Dvorak, Brahms, Schoenberg and Dohnanyi along with Beethoven, Albéniz, Palomo, Debussy and Chabrier. Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra has collected important successes in the most renowned theatres and festivals in Spain and has realized as well several European tours to Sweden, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.

Cervantes Theatre is one of the main theaters of Malaga with an extensive and qualitative program focused on music, theater and dance and lyric. The theatre is located in the heart of the old town.

Para ver la programación completa de la temporada 2011 / 12 visite la página web de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga.


Innova Park in Benalmadena, a new space for urban culture

Very close to the popular Parque de la Paloma (Paloma Park) in Benalmadena has been created Innova Park, a new space for urban culture. In an area of 11,000 m2 with green areas are located several facilities dedicated primarily to the youth of the municipality, with outdoor activities, and a Youth Auditorium.

Innova Park in Benalmadena

The outdoor facilities include a Skate & Bike Park of 2,100 m2, a climbing wall with different levels of difficulty and a wall for graffiti. The Youth Auditorium is a cultural meeting place for theater, concerts and other initiatives of urban culture.

This new youth park model is a space where young people have the possibility of urban outdoors sports and artistic, musical and cultural movements. Innova Park is located in the centre of Benalmádena and close to the Municipal Library, the fairgrounds and sports facilities of the Ice skating Club.

Innova Park in Benalmadena map