Visiting Malaga in June and activities – What is the weather like and what clothes to bring?

If you are planning to come to Malaga in June you can't miss this post. I'll tell you the 5 main reasons why it's a good idea, the weather, the clothes you should bring and also find activities that only take place during this month.
enjoying the beach in June in Malaga

What do you do when you get stung by jellyfish?

In summer, especially the hot days and usually in August, the presence of this annoying animal can ruin anyone day, so I think it is a good idea to talk a little about them and what to do when a jellyfish stings you.

Pure air and sea: Health benefits in Malaga next to the coast

Not many tourists use to ask themselves about the air and sea quality in their holiday destination. What about if we talk about air quality in Malaga, the sea and the health benefits they bring to us?
Strolling the sea shore

Terral wind in Malaga & Ways to cool down

Anyone who has experienced the Terral wind in Malaga knows this phenomenon very well, a hot wind that make us think about different ways to cool us down. The Costa del Sol just went through these hottest days of the year, so it is a good time to talk about this hot wind and propose some cool ideas. Let's analyse why it happens and what effect it brings in addition to the big increase of the temperature.
woman and hot day beach

Sun, sun, sun: Tips for safe sun bathing, heat waves and heat strokes

The heat has arrived in Malaga. Over the next days and months temperatures will still rising; so this year we will advance our tips for enjoying the sun and beach without suffering afterwards unpleasant side effects on health.

Life Festival in Marbella on August 14 2012

Lovers of the best electronic house and music can enjoy a luxurious night at the Life Festival which takes place under the stars on the beach El Pinillo in Marbella on August 14. How does it sounds?
life festival marbella 2012

Beaches in Malaga with service for disabled bathers

Malaga beaches have been pioneers in offering the possibility to take a refreshing dip to disabled persons or with reduced mobility, with a large easy-access device and monitor attendance. Thus not only disabled but also blind and deaf can enjoy a swim and a certain degree of autonomy, thus increasing their wellbeing.
disabled beach signal

Malaga beaches – The Blue Flag

The blue flag is used to distinguish the beaches and ports that comply with environmental conditions, as well as with a minimum of facilities available.

Malaga beaches are now accessible to blind people thanks to technology

The capital of the is the second Spanish city to implement an electronic device that enables blind people to enjoy a swim at the beach.
Beach in Malaga