Cultural entertainment in Malaga: Museum Art Natura

Within a few weeks, visitors and residents of Malaga can enjoy a new and excellent cultural entertainment offer in the heart of the capital of the Costa del Sol. Natura Art Museum is a cultural entertainment centre consisting of three museums located in the historical building of the former Tabacalera

Malaga in December – Lower prices, temperature, tips and activities

The getaway to Malaga in December becomes more popular every year due to the excellent microclimate present in the city. In addition, prices are much cheaper comparing to the summer, which makes this province an attractive destination for tourists looking for a cosy place to spend the winter. Want to know more about the month of December in Malaga?
Malaga in December

International Piano Festival in Marbella – Information and concert times

If you like piano and classical music you have an appointment at the International Piano Festival in Marbella. An event that invites talented pianists from all over the world and offers performances in two categories, adults up to 35 years old and youngsters under 10, 14 and 18 years old. Do you want to meet promising young talent?
International Piano Festival in Marbella

Skatepark in Fuengirola: The best skatepark in Spain and 3rd in Europe

The Skate Plaza in Fuengirola has become a magnet for skating lovers on the Costa del Sol. It is a space for all ages focused on the enjoyment of activities on wheels. There are also special events and competitions of skate, bicycle or skating. Visitors give a good feedback about this place, let's look at some of its particularities and why it is considered one of the best in Europe.

Gibraltar, a trip to the rock

Apart from political connotations and owned by Spanish or English, this piece of the Iberian Peninsula is a fairly nice, quirky and generally unknown place although we might not live far from it. There are now available direct flights from Madrid; the airport is very curious and actually has the shortest runway of the world. It is situated right on the border with Spain, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic and when a plane is going to land, go off the sirens warning people to clear the space, as the runways crosses the only land access road to the city.
A trip to Gibraltar and monkey sitting

Activities and driving routes in Malaga

Maybe during your stay in Malaga and the Costa del Sol you would like to do something different and discover the country and interesting places. The andalusian tourist board has prepared several attractive routes you can travel around comfortably by car.