All you need to know about Malaga fair fireworks

As every year the Fair begins after the opening with fireworks. This is a show that is visible from all over the Costa del Sol the 10th in August. Want to know the best places to enjoy the fireworks of the Malaga Fair?
Malaga fair fireworks

Sports and adventure tourism in Malaga – Activities for everyone

Everything you need to know about adventure sports in Malaga, how much does it cost and where to practice it? Read the different options ranging from parachute jumping, ballooning over Ronda, canyoning on cool routes or rafting with friends among many other activities.
Balloon adventure in Malaga

Perseids Meteor Shower from Malaga in 2018: When, where and how to see it

Everything you need to know to see the Perseids from Malaga. When are the best days, how and recommended places to see this Meteor Shower.
Perseids from Malaga

Zombie infection detected in La Cala de Mijas in 2018

Mijas, with a strong muslim past, is a beautiful tourist destination during all the year that has ended up being the source of undead infection in August 2018. Want to know what is behind this infection and how to avoid being a zombie? Then you can't miss this article.
last survival zombie infestation

Festivals and fairs in August in Malaga – All you need to know

Everything you need to know about the main fairs and events in Malaga during the month of August. If you are planning to come or are already here, it will be useful to know when and where to visit during this month.
malaga fair women

Blood Moon from Malaga and total eclipse – When and from where to see it?

For those who are in Malaga and are wondering if they can enjoy the Blood Moon and the next lunar eclipse. Find all the information you need for this special night.
Blood Moon from Malaga

The best leisure and water activities in Malaga in summer

Everything you need to know about the leisure and refreshing activities on Malaga's beaches. From renting a hydro-pedal and its price to the always popular jet skis without forgetting other new activities that could be of your interest.

Gamepolis in Malaga – Everything you need to know about this Video Game Festival

Would you like to attend an entertainment festival? Gamepolis in Malaga brings us the latest news about video-games. There will be tournaments, conferences, live performances and even cosplay competitions with different prizes. Read more about this event, which will happen this weekend at the Trade Fair and Congress Center.
Gamepolis videogame festival in Malaga

All about Cervantes Theatre in Malaga – History and information

The Teatro Cervantes stands out for the diversity of activities it hosts without rejecting any kind of current trend. It is a unique space that has survived even a fire in the late nineteenth century. Come and learn all the details of this historic place in the old town of Malaga.
Teatro Cervantes en Malaga

Art Marbella Fair – Contemporary Art Fair on the Costa del Sol

This year Art Marbella fair will have 41 galleries with artists from different countries, Spain as well as Portugal, China, Canada, Sweden, Uruguay, United States, Austria, Argentina, Mexico, Slovakia and Switzerland. If you like art you may be interested in the details of this annual art event in Marbella.
Art Marbella Fair