Zombie infection detected in Fuengirola in November 2017!

With a Roman past and with a strong Muslim history that left us monuments like the Alcazaba fortress. Malaga is a beautiful tourist destination during all the year that has ended up being the source of undead infection in 2017. [caption id="attachment_2894" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Last infestation in Spain, it was finally controlled and now they expect it is being propagated in Fuengirola[/caption]
last survival zombie infestation

Festivals and fairs in August in Malaga

This month arrives loaded with festivals, activities and fairs in Malaga. I have decided to write this article about the most popular fairs in August so that whoever thinks fit can decide which one is of interest. If you do not come in August but reached this article, it means you plan to do it sometime, so you may also find this entry interesting. You can decide which fairs or festivals are of interest so you can better plan the range of days in which to take the deserved vacation. You will find links in case you want to know in depth some of the fairs or festivities.
malaga fair women

Top natural pools and rivers to visit in Malaga

Previously I wrote a post about free thermal waters in Andalusia, this time it's the turn of the natural crystal cleal pools. All for fighting the high temperatures for free during the summer. Do you want a refreshing bath? Continue reading... Do you prefer beach or mountain holidays? What about if you don't have to decide? Hiking trails don't use to be recommended during the summer, except in the cases where there are natural pools or rivers you can walk through.
Natural pools in Malaga

Plans for this weekend in Malaga

Weekend is here and you might now know what to do yet or maybe you are wondering about what activities are available. One of the most common plans especially if you are on holiday is just doing nothing. But believe me, there is life beyond and I will propose some plans for this weekend that might be of your interest.
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