Monarch Airlines bankruptcy leaves thousands of travellers stranded

The bankruptcy of Monarch Airlines and the termination of its activity has surprised everyone. Especially people stranded in Malaga or anywhere else after this situation.

Monarch Airlines

  All flights for returning to the UK are guaranteed free of charge regardless of your location.

Bankruptcy of Monarch Airlines

The economic crisis that the airline was facing ended up leading to the worst possible scenario this Monday. The sudden termination of all activity was not expected by the workers themselves.

Everything suggests that strong competition and a continuing drop of prices are behind Monarch’s bankruptcy, in addition to those of Airberlin and Alitalia. In combination with this competitiveness, there is also a significant fall in revenues following the terrorist attacks in Egypt and Tunisia, as well as their increasingly declining relationship with Turkey.

The airline’s headquarters is located at Luton Airport and was founded in 1968, becoming the fifth UK airline and seventh on the Costa del Sol.

Rescue operations with 30 aircraft for repatriation

A repatriation plan is underway for the more than 110,000 people affected during their holidays. The authorities encourage you to end your holiday without worry and to use one of the 30 planes that have been made available for your return journey.

The now disappeared official website of the airline redirects to a new page created on the Civil Aviation Authority website. On this new webpage they inform you about the procedure whether you have a booked flight or you are out of the country on holiday.

  Diplomatic staff have moved to Malaga airport to inform and supervise the first returning passengers after the holiday.

What if you have booked your seat?

From Twitter, the company warned that those who had a scheduled flight would not go to the airport because all departures have been cancelled.

There is an estimation of around 300,000 pending reservations. The company continued to process bookings until the same weekend before the closing.

Flights from Malaga

The airline had between 5 and 6 daily flights with a movement of about 1000 passengers per day.

Diplomatic staff came to Malaga airport to inform and supervise the first returning passengers after the holiday. Latest news indicates that the delay with respect to the original flight is slightly less than 3 hours.

Some of the passengers have complained that they did not receive any information until they arrived at the airport.

Flights to Malaga

If you are Spanish or live on the Costa del Sol and the Monarch bankruptcy caught you in the UK, you must contact the airline and the CAA to get your refund and claim compensation. We recommend also to contact the Spanish consulate in the United Kingdom to notify your situation.


Those affected are entitled to a refund of the ticket and compensation ranging from EUR 250 to EUR 600 if the planned flight was scheduled within two weeks after the announcement of the cancellation.

Toll-free telephone numbers and contact

Toll-free telephone numbers are available:

  • United Kingdom:: 0300 303 2800
  • Abroad: 44 1753 330 330
  • Twitter: @UK_CAA

If tickets have been obtained through a travel agency, you should contact this agency to process the claims.

If you have contracted a travel insurance policy or paid by credit card, you should contact your insurance company or means of payment to find out if you can claim your ticket.

Is your holiday affected after the bankruptcy of this airline?

Ryanair cancels 2000 flights – Cancelled flights list and what to do

Ryanair has decided to cancel up to 50 flights daily from September to October. This decision has caused great uncertainty among all passengers who have booked with the company as they do not know if their flight will be affected.

This post will be updated with new information.

The reason given by the company is “to improve punctuality”.

Ryanair flights

The reason given by the company is “to improve punctuality”. There is little you can do if you have already booked your flight with this company because they will not communicate the status of a flight until a few days before.

Is my flight to or from Malaga cancelled?

Today, October 2nd, I was able to find 2 new flights cancelled to Malaga, one from Frankfurt and another from Marseille.

All scheduled flights on Mondays between Frankfurt and Malaga are cancelled, as well as flights between Malaga and Marseille.

Flights will be cancelled until March 2018 or until further notice from the company. Ryanair added that they will contact affected customers by email.

What to do if Ryanair cancel your flight?

There are two possible choices, one of them is to request a refund online in order to recover the money. Another option is to request a flight change for free.

If you have your flight seat booked you can’t do anything until it is cancelled by the company.

Can you claim if an airline cancel your flight?

You can claim financial compensation if an airline cancel your flight, the requirements are as follows:

  • 125€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is up to 2 hours (or it was cancelled) and the flight is less than 1500 km.
  • 250€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is up to 3 hours (or it was cancelled) and the flight distance is up to 1500 km.
  • 300€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is less than 4 hours (or it was cancelled), the flight is up to 3500 km and the flight has not taken off or landed in the EU.
  • 400€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is above 3 hours (or it was cancelled), the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 km and the flight has taken off or landed in the EU
  • 600€ compensation: If the delay of re-routing is above 4 hours (or it was cancelled), the flight distance is above 3500 km and the flight has not taken off or landed in the EU.

*Airline must also provide drink, food, accommodation, transport from and to the airport for the new flight and free telephone call.

The full compensation is only applicable if you request a refund of the fare. If you agree to travel on a flight with a delay of between 2 and 4 hours, the compensation is reduced by 50%.

There is no right to compensation if you received any kind of communication notifying you of the cancellation of the flight more than 14 days in advance, if the cancellation is due to a major force or if you are offered a flight with a schedule close to the one you originally had.

There is also a right to compensation for damages that you can prove such as transport or accommodation already paid.

Where can you claim?

You can go to the company’s counters at the airport or at the European Consumer Centre.

Ryanair cancelled flights list

For the Ryanair cancelled flights list you can consult the following official link:

Taxi strike in Malaga – How to survive the taxi strike on holiday

In August, during the fair days, there is a taxi strike in Malaga affecting 50% of its services.

Taxi in Málaga

The strike occurred at night without notice. This situation has mainly affected those last flights arriving Malaga airport or those people looking to return from the fair .

Will the taxi strike in Malaga affect you?

The taxi strike is expected to expand along the Costa del Sol. Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona, Manilva, Benahavís, Casares and Nerja will be the next municipalities to suffer the strike in Malaga, with a 50% cut in its services.

The strike could be extended to the entire national territory

The strike that started in Malaga could be extended to all the national territory. This situation occurs as a complain to other transport services like Cabify or Uber. Taxis are on a war footing after they knew those services were going to expand their fleet during the Malaga fair week. Now they are asking for total exclusivity during the days of greater demand.

Those who have chosen an alternative means of transport do not have to worry. This strike will not affect them.

What to do if you need a taxi in Malaga and there is a strike?

Many of those who arrived at night to Malaga airport were unable to use any means of transport after the last bus and train departed from the terminal.

Those without planning their transport in advance have found that there were no options for transport on arrival. Some of those visitors had to wait for the first train that stops at the airport at 5:30 am.

The airport is one of the major affected by this strike. If you planned to use a taxi we recommend to rent a car or book a Malaga airport transfer instead so you can have peace of mind. Transfers are available for any kind of service, so if you want to visit the fair or going anywhere else you can check the price and book online.

Malaga airport experiences a spectacular growth

Among the main news from June we can highlight the 50th anniversary of Lufthansa flights to Malaga and the spectacular growth of the airport during the last May.

flights to Malaga this summer

Statistical data from last month

The airport has broken all records. It is the first time in its history that during the month of May it has reached 1.8 million passengers. This large number of passengers has flown to Malaga in a total of 13146 flights throughout the month.

We should not forget that during the high season last year the airport reached 1.9 million of passengers. This year we can expect even more during the months of July and August.

Malaga airport has doubled the traffic of big airports like Madrid or Barcelona. The top countries of origin for Malaga airport are United Kingdom, Germany and Holland in this order.

Currently the capacity of the airport is approximately 2.5 million of passengers per month at full capacity. This number might be reached in the coming months.

If you want to know more statistics of the airport I recommend to check my other post about Malaga airport news or visit the official AENA website at:

If you have not booked your flight already you should do it soon.

A modern and sustainable airport

The certificate on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from Malaga airport has been renewed this year. This certificate corroborates the airport’s commitment to reduce its energy footprint, trying to create a sustainable environment.

New security filters set to improve tourist’s security checks. You can read more about this new here.


Latest Malaga airport news in 2017

There will be new flights until 24th of March in 2018:

British Airways adds new flights between Malaga airport and London Heathrow 4 days a week with 8 flights, one departure and one arrival per day.

Ryanair add a new route between Malaga airport and Prague on weekends with 4 flights, one arrival and one departure on Fridays and Saturdays.

Scandinavian Airlines adds 2 new weekly flights on Saturdays between Malaga airport and Helsinki. There will be one daily flight during Christmas, from 22nd of December to 7th of January in 2018.

Aegean Airlines has programmed flights between Malaga and Athens from June 2018 until September of the same year.

There are news about delays and cancellations for 2017 and 2018.

Past Malaga airport news

Two new routes in june, the first one by Helicopter between Malaga airport and Ceuta with 4 daily flights (2 departures and 2 arrivals). Vueling adds a new route between the airport of Malaga and Toulouse every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a total of 6 weekly flights.

Malaga airport is adding new security filters to improve security checks. You can read more about this here.

News from June bring us direct flights between Malaga airport with New York and Tel Aviv.

Airline celebrates its 50th anniversary in Malaga: congratulations Lufthansa!

Lufthansa at Malaga airport

The first flight connecting with Malaga was the 3rd of June in 1967. The company will celebrate this anniversary duplicating the flights the next winter.

From the 29th of October until the 25th of March they will add 6 extra weekly flights, a total of 12 flights every week. They will link Malaga with Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow, Vienna, Tel Aviv or São Paulo among others.

Also for the summer there will be 24 weekly flights between Malaga and Frankfort. Furthermore there will be 12 flights every week between the Costa del Sol and Munich.

Latest Malaga airport news

New direct flights with New York and Tel Aviv in 2017

From 26th of May until 30th of September, Delta Air Lines offer direct flights between Malaga and New York.

Flights between Tel Aviv and Malaga airport have an estimated flight time of 4 hours and 55 minutes. Departure from Tel Aviv is at 18:05 pm. with estimated arrival at 22:50 am. on Thursdays and Sundays during the months of June, July, August, September and October.

If you are flying to Tel Aviv departure is at 11:55 pm. with estimated arrival time at 5:50 am.

May news: Flights increment

There is an increment in flights to Malaga airport of the 12% between May and October (both included) compared to last year.

Among the passengers, Swedish growth is near a 54% comparing to 2016. They are followed by other countries like Holland with a 36%, Italy 33%, Germany and Denmark with a 22%.

The airlines with most growing flights to Malaga are SAS, and Norwegian.

Are you from any of those countries and thinking to take a flight to Malaga between May and October? Continue reading past news that could affect your flight plans below.

April News: Parking and stopping news

Development works for the airport just started. Will they affect your trip? Let’s see the details about those works and how could they affect your arrival or departure.

While the airport is in development private vehicles will not be able to continue stopping next to terminal T3 as they were doing before. They will have to use the private express parking with 15 free minutes for passengers drop off.

The parking lot has 300 available places and it is located on the first floor, next to the departures hall.

Airport works focus on the development of the facilities and accesses for making it more comfortable for daily passengers. The express parking measure is not free of criticism and we can only wait until the high season to see how effective it can be after an important traffic increment.

Will this measure affect your trip?

This measure will affect all of you who plan to use a private vehicle for getting to  departures. If you are being delivered there by using a private transfer or courtesy bus, the vehicle will have to stop at the express parking for shorter than 15 minutes.

You have to take special attention to not spending more time than the free 15 minutes, if you pass it even by 1 minute you will have to pay full price. The price for 16 minutes is 1.79€.

Are there any alternatives? If getting there by car for delivering someone to departures you can use a parking next to the airport or the private airport parking.

For avoiding possible problems, remember that when taking a flight it is recommended getting to the airport with enough time, at least 2 hours before boarding time or 3 hours when boarding an international flight.

Who will not be affected?

Those of you who arrive to Malaga airport and booked a transfer from the airport or a rental car and need to wait the courtesy bus will not be affected. The place you must head to still the same (in the map is the orange walking route)

Malaga airport transport map for arrivals and departures

If you need to know more about this map or the arrival terminal, just check our guide.

March 2017 news: Statistics

United Kingdom still being the main tourist market for Malaga airport, especially the flights from Gatwick airport.

There is an important increment not only from UK visitors, passengers from Germany have raised above 23%, Irish a 6% with also a light increment on flights, Danish increment is around 20% for both flights and passengers and Italy around 30% also for both passengers and flights.

The most important growth is from Sweden, swedish passengers and flights have increased around 60% with the Costa del Sol.

From the 26th of May the airline Delta Air Lines will fleet again a flight linking Malaga with JFK New York airport, so if you plan to visit Malaga during May or June you better book soon.

Older news

A reduction of airport taxes up to 11% has been foreseen in all the Spanish airports until the year 2021, probably it will last even after that year.

Every passenger pay charges when buying a ticket corresponding to airlines expenses in airport taxes.

A discounted charge of 11% would transform in a flight ticket discount of around a 6%.

Including this discount or not into the flight ticket is something every company will have to decide by their own. Some airlines like Ryanair or British Airways already said that any discount on airport charges will be passed to the customer.

February’s news: Increment of flights

If we look back to January we can check that statistics just starting the year 2017 show us an increment of 18,4% in passengers since last year during that month.

The increment of international travelers coming through the airport has increased a 21%. A record in low season that could foretell a great mid and high season this year.

The airlines British Airways and Jet2 just announced new direct flights to Malaga.

British Airways will add direct flights from Birmingham and Bristol while Jet2 will connect the Irish cities of Edinburg and Glasgow with the capital of the Costa del Sol.

The new connections will not affect the flights both companies already have with Malaga airport.

January’s news: Weather and statistics

Latest Malaga airport news from January were related to the cold wave in Malaga. The temperature feeling in the morning was of -1ºC while the real temperature was 4ºC in the morning.

News from the airport were also related to the traffic comparison of 2016 with 2015:

The most demanding countries flying to Malaga in 2016 are on this order:

  • British (with 5.493.245 passengers is the most demanding country of the list)
  • German (1.445.358)
  • French (1.066.004)
  • Holland (882.266)
  • Ireland (723.629)
  • Belgium (710.319)

Among the countries where the flights increased more compared to 2015 are:

  • Hungary with a 96,1% increment compared to 2015
  • Portugal with a 47,5%
  • United States with a 45%
  • Poland with a 37,3%
  • Luxembourg with a 35,4%
  • Denmark with a 34,4%
  • Israel with a 30,6%
  • Holland with a 26,9%
  • Canada with a 22,6%

Past news from 2016

Some of the news below has been confirmed for 2017, Turkish will keep 2 daily flights in summer between Malaga and Istanbul and one daily flight the rest of the year.

Turkish Airlines will double the number of weekly flights between Malaga and Istanbul

From 1 daily flight to 2 flights daily with a total of 14 weekly flights. Turkey is an important link between Europe and the Asian continent and so it is expected an increment of visitors in both directions between Malaga and Asia.

Flights from northern to southern Spain

Malaga gained a consolidated confidence as a tourist destination over last year from northern Spain with an amount of visitors similar to 2015 taking a flight to Malaga from Bilbao airport.

delta airlines
Flights between Malaga and New york starting in May

Already last year was a great success for this airline and this year it aims to offer up to 18% more seats for both ways, those who want to visit the United States and for the Americans who want to enjoy a great holiday in the Costa del Sol, a holiday destination which is increasing its value in that country.

There are plans for flights during all the year between New York and Malaga from 2018 in advance.

Malaga airport news about growth of visitors

The latest news from Malaga airport highlight the growth in visitor numbers up to 20% over the previous year only in the month of December, a growth rate that has remained during the winter and a 13,6% growth comparing the year 2016 with 2015…Malaga is a good destination for your holidays throughout the year and every time more and more tourists know about this.

Flights during the summer increase to accommodate a higher number of passengers but I always recommend to book well in advance: flights, rental cars and accommodation…try always to avoid surprises by booking at least one or two months in advance.


Finally if you are looking for your holiday destination with beach, good weather and a wide tourist offer with activities for both active, rural or beach tourism Malaga is a highly recommended option to consider … Do you already know Malaga?

Direct flights New York – Malaga in 2017 with Delta Air Lines

delta airlinesEvery year Delta Air Lines offer the direct flights without stops between New York and Malaga. This year the flights  extend to more than 50.000 passengers between the 26th of May and the 30th of September.

With a direct flight to Malaga, even a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation without worry is possible.

Even though there is a notable interest by tourism industry in Andalusia for the connection between Malaga and New York to become constant, there is not yet any advance on this.

Nobody enjoys flights stops and boarding more than once on the same trip. With a direct flight to Malaga, even a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation without worry is possible.

The first flight in 2017 between both cities was the 26th of May. The last flight will be the 30th of September.

So why not visiting Malaga? Are you worrying about the price? Let’s see if it’s expensive or not…

Details about the flight between Malaga AGP and New York JFK airport.

This year there is an increment of 17% in passenger capacity from Delta Air Lines. It is an indication that the connection is well received by customers.

The flight linking both cities daily is a Boeing 767-300 with capacity up to 225 passengers (25 first class, 29 comfort+ class and 171 economy class)

If you are interested in flying from New York to Malaga you might want to visit further than the Costa del Sol. I wrote a quick and essential guide for visiting Malaga.

Schedules and prices for flights to Malaga from JFK airport

Prices for a round trip sound attractive depending on ticket class and month you choose. Approximately taking a look at the price range between May and September we can find prices from 2000$ to 5000$ for first class tickets and from 480$ to 1100$ for economy class tickets.*

(*) Prices here are an orientation and are subject to changes or fluctuations.

This connexion will be active until the 30th of September. Every day a flight from Malaga at 2:30 pm and a flight from New York at 11:29 pm will departure.

Flights by Delta between Malaga and New York are available already. For bookings by phone use 901 116 946 / 91 749 6630. You can also book online from

Latest news on strikes, delays and cancellations of flights

Will any of the strikes or delays affect your flight from or to Malaga airport? Find here the latest news about delays, strikes and cancellation of flights.

Latest Malaga airport news

Delays and cancellations

Airberlin closed since Saturday 28 October 2017 due bankrupt.

Monarch airlines closed due bankrupt and cancelled 6 departures from Malaga airport.

Up to 2000 flights cancelled by Ryanair have been announced for up to 50 flights per day in September and October. You can check Ryanair’s cancelled flights list and more information.

On September 13 the airline Vueling cancelled flights with arrival or departure from Malaga airport. This cancellation affected a flight from Majorca to Malaga and from Malaga to Santiago de Compostela.

The airline offered passengers paid hotel stays and new flights to Malaga today.

The reasons given were that flights have been delayed so much due to the general transport strike in France so they were finally unable to take off.

Strikes in Malaga airport

In August there is a taxi strike in Malaga. Read my other post to know if it affects you and how to avoid if planning your vacation to Malaga.

From 22th of June there will be a strike from Security staff on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am. to 12 am. Flights  will  be operating as usual but there may be longer queues for Security check.

It is recommended you to allow extra time for avoiding possible delays passing the security checks.

Older news

Strike and flights in France

The strike of the controllers from airports in France was causing some delays in the flights that had to fly over the Gallic territory. These flights include those connecting the Costa del Sol with Edinburgh, London-Stransted and Dublin.

As a result of the strike, up to 4 flights with Malaga airport were cancelled.

French controllers’ strike ended on Friday, March 10, so it should not affect future flights.

Strike and cancellations of flights with Berlin airports

The ground staff strike at Berlin airports are affecting scheduled flights with Malaga airport.

From the 4 of the morning of the 13 of March has begun the second day of strike.

The strike will continue until Tuesday at 5 in the morning. So if you had a planned flight for getting back to Germany or for visiting Malaga, you should ask your airline about the situation.

This is the second strike after the one produced last Friday. Apparently the expectations of the union of workers that request a salary increase have not been fulfilled.

Alternatives if your flight has been cancelled

If the strike is the one at Berlin airport, some airlines are charting alternative flights from the airports of Dresden and Leipzig.

The proposed alternatives also offer free buses to transfer passengers from  Berlin airport. This could be a solution if you fly to Malaga or if you are a tourist who plans to return to Germany today. Better ask your airline about the situation and possible alternatives if the flight has been cancelled.

Finally if the airline can’t provide another flight to your destination it should offer accommodation and transfer service completely free of charge, but you might need to ask for it.

How to find great offers to travel this summer

Holiday in Malaga

Malaga, and Spain in general, is one of the main tourist destinations for the British, Dutch, Germans and many other visitors from all over Europe. If your main aim is to save money, it’s important in first place to book as far ahead as possible; this way, not only are you saving quite a bit of money, but it will also give you a lot more availability for both hotels and services, like for example hiring a car in Malaga or in any other destination in Spain.

It’s quite likely that you’ll end up spending more money if you go on holiday without a plan

Saving tips

Finding a good hotel

If you have forgotten to book ahead, don’t worry, you can still find good prices and that’s why this guide was written:

  1. The first thing is to do is not to panic, stay calm…your budget isn’t in trouble yet and it’s still possible to find good holiday deals. Let’s go step by step. But, don’t leave it any longer! Each day you postpone it, it’ll get more and more complicated to find good deals so avoid leaving it for the same day you catch your plane.
  2. The second step is to investigate different websites…there’s literally hundreds, thousands…so many that we’re going to save you valuable time and show you in our website some of the ones that gather both good service and good prices. If you prefer to search for yourself on Bing or Google, the first thing I must recommend is to not let yourself get lured by the adverts…those who offer good quality don’t need to be advertised; mouth to mouth is their best publicity.
  3. If you have a vehícle, find out if your hotel has private parking included in the price. Make a map with the best places for visiting and eating during your stay. It’s quite likely that you’ll end up spending more money if you go on holiday without a plan than with one.

Some more tips for saving money when visting Malaga

If you can avoid going out partying, do so…generally the tourist destinations tend to have sky-high prices, and for about the same money you can easily spend on a night out on drinks with your companion, you’d have enough for two evenings dining at quality restaurants.

Malaga next to the sea is a good holiday destination
Malaga is a good holiday destination located next to the sea, you can find cheap deals and amazing experiences at the same time.

Depending on which month you decided to take your holidays, prices can vary. It is much cheaper visiting Malaga in winter than in summer.

And last but not least, if you book ahead, I should remind you to print out your reservations and put them into your suitcase before anything else. Once you’ve finished packing, check everything once again so you don’t leave anything important behind!

You did not book yet because wondering when is the best time to visit Malaga? Then continue reading following the link and find it out.

Two UK friends meet in Malaga because it was cheaper than taking a train

Although many may already know the news about two English friends who meet in Malaga because it is cheaper (it has become viral in a few days), I could not resist to read about it and write a post with the information I find .

Two friends, Lucy Walker and Zara Quli. One of them lives in Newcastle while the other lives in Birmingham.

These friends from  university have not seen each other and one day they decide to stay for the day together and here comes the surprise: For a trip of something more than 200 miles by train the price for a single ticket was 105 pounds while a flight by plane to Malaga costs 20 pounds.Lucy-Walker and Zara-QuliLooking around the Internet one of the girls found that for only 20 pounds using a low cost airline she could fly from Newcastle to Malaga. Her friend could fly from Birmingham to Malaga for 55 pounds, the trick was to bring only hand luggage since the price for checking in luggage was even more expensive than the ticket itself.

Finally for just over 75 pounds in total these two friends could meet each other on the Costa del Sol. To this we must add the price of a cheap accommodation she found, in this case a hostel that cost about 10 pounds a night.

For the price of a train ticket they could buy a round trip flight to Malaga for two, they of course did… and they did more than visiting Malaga, they took advantage of the cheap prices to visit Granada where they stayed one night for 11 pounds.

Price difference between taking a flight and train

Let’s see the difference in price and distance between train and flight ticket. What is cheaper, taking a train or a flight to another country?

Train from Newcastle to Birmingham

  • Distance: 323km (200 miles)
  • Price for single train ticket: 121€ (105 pounds)

Flight from Newcastle to Malaga

  • Distance: 2172 kilometres (1350 miles) / Roundtrip: 4344 kilometres (2700 miles)
  • Round trip flight ticket price is 19.98 pounds.

Flight from Birminham to Malaga

  • Distance: 1770 Km. (1100 miles) o 3540 km. round trip (2200 miles)
  • Roundtrip flight ticket price: 63.85€ (55.29 pounds)

To those prices we must add the cheap hostel they booked for less than 11 pounds per night.

You can read the full story at the website.

It sounds incredible but it is a real success…how would it be in Spain?

In Spain is cheaper taking a flight or a train?

Looks like in Spain is still cheaper taking a flight than a train, even more if you can find a low cost deal to a popular destination in Europe. I have been able to find low cost flights to England for 28 pounds. The trick as I said before is to bring only hand luggage and adjust to the size and weight requirements from the airline (It is easy enough to buy a case valid for the most restrictive airlines in Europe)

As you check-in extra luggage the flight fare could grow exponentially becoming a less interesting option.

Writting about a case I have documented about, two supposed friends, one of them from Malaga and the other living in Barcelona. Both of those friends want to meet in Malaga for having some memories together.

Taking as destination Malaga airport or Maria Zambrano train station, the prices would be as follow:

Flight vs train prices to Malaga

As you can see the difference in price is almost the double when taking a direct train.

New flights to Malaga from Europe and Russia

If you are considering to visit Southern Spain from Holland, Germany, United Kingdom or Russia there are good news for you, there are new flights to Malaga from Amsterdam, Moscow, Leeds, Erfurt, Dresden and Münster to the Costa del Sol

These direct flights to Malaga do not replace the existing but are added expanding thereby the range of options.

new flights to Malaga

The aim of the new flights deals available from March is to meet the demand for high season until the last weekend in October from and to Malaga airport.

Flights to Malaga from Moscow with Siberian Airlines

From Domodedovo airport to Malaga there are up to 4 weekly flights, one arrival and one departure every Wednesday and another two flights every Saturday.

Flights to Malaga from Leeds with Monarch

New flight route from United Kingdom to Malaga with 6 weekly flights from Leeds-Bradford airport.

Flights frequency is one arrival and departure every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Flights to Malaga from Amsterdam with EasyJet

There are 8 weekly flights linking Amsterdam with the capital of the Costa del Sol thanks to EasyJet airline.

Flights frequency from Amsterdam to Malaga is one arrival and departure flight every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Flights from Germany to Malaga

Germany is the country with more new flights added to the already available list this season with 3 german cities linking with Malaga airport:

From Erfurt to Malaga: Arrival and departure flights every Monday and Thursday with Germania Fluggesellschaft airline.

From Dresden to Malaga: Arrival and departure flights every Tuesday and Thursday.

From Munster to Malaga: Departure and arrival flights every Wednesday.

Direct flights from Malaga

If instead you want to discover some of those above destinations from Malaga, now you it is easier with these new direct flights from Malaga airport to Germany, UK, Holland and Russia.