Movie releases in English this week of February 2017

For all those looking to enjoy a good movie this week or the next weekend in February. Find the latest cinema premieres available in English with Spanish subtitles (VOSE) and the official trailers. This weekend starts with popcorn, want to join? If you don't know yet what is the cheapest cinema in Malaga or the closer one to your place visit our guide. You can find opening time, maps or information about cinema days with discounts.
resident evil: final chapter

Best malls for shopping in Malaga – Opening times and where to find them

Today's entry is for all those who love Shopping Malls, a relaxing activity for many, but be careful, especially if you bring your credit card. Do you dare to join me on this shopping day in Malaga?
Plaza Mayor Shopping Mall in Malaga

The Smurfs strike again in Juzcar, Malaga´s Blue Smurf village

Do you know the village of the Smurfs? Yes, it really does exist; its name is Juzcar and it is located in the picturesque Ronda Mountains, within the province of Malaga. This small - and until two years ago - typical White Village, was declared two years ago the first "Smurf Village" by Sony Picture. For the worldwide release of the film "The Smurfs" the entire village was painted blue.
smurfs 2 Juzcar village

Movie releases this week in theaters, Friday 8 March

If you plan to go to the movies later this week, check out our movie listings to find current movies and new releases; some of them are in original version with subtitles in cinemas as Plaza Mayor in Malaga. Below you find the movies that are available throughout this week, and lastly upcoming releases.
cinema discounts

Cinema movies 21 December 2012, end of the world and popcorns

Some believe that the Mayans predicted the end of time on the 21, coincidentally the day falls on a Friday, hopefully not during working hours... If this day you want to go to the cinema to watch a movie while awaiting the arrival of doomsday eating popcorn, from we make it easy and let you know what movies are in theatres so that you can go making plans.

New Attractions in Fuengirola this summer

In the Costa del Sol municipality of Fuengirola a few new attractive features are planned for next summer for visitors and locals to enjoy this popular vacation spot in the province of Malaga. One of the most popular novelties, which already takes place in other municipalities, is the Cinema on the Beach, a free service that takes place in the months of July and August on the beach of Los Boliches where will be screened films for family audiences and children.