Movie releases in English this week of February 2017

resident evil: final chapterFor all those looking to enjoy a good movie this week or the next weekend in February. Find the latest cinema premieres available in English with Spanish subtitles (VOSE) and the official trailers.

The next weekend starts with popcorn, want to join?

If  you don’t know yet what is the cheapest cinema in Malaga or the closest one to your place visit our guide. You can find opening time, maps or information about cinema days with discounts.

Movie releases in English

I will show you the latest film releases with the option to be watched both in English with Spanish subtitles.

Resident Evil: The last chapter

This popular saga with Mila Jovovich returns to cinemas. If you fancy a zombie weekend with popcorn, Resident Evil is your best choice in February.

You have the option to watch it in English with Spanish subtitles (VOSE) or in 3D in Spanish.

Resident Evil trailer: Final Chapter

 Manchester by the sea

If you prefer watching a drama, ‘Manchester by the sea’ is your film.

A story that has won good reviews and tells the life of a young man who has to return to his old town after the death of his brother. There he will meet his past life and an orphan nephew he has to take care of.

You have the option to watch it in English with Spanish subtitles (VOSE)

Film trailer


From the director of The Sixth Sense or Signals we get this interesting proposal in which they mix drama with psychological terror.

23 personalities coexist inside Kevin, the last one is yet to come.

It is available in original version with Spanish subtitles (VOSE).

Split Official Trailer

Movie releases for children

If you want a family day in cinema there are some cinema premieres for children but only in Spanish:

A girl wants to become a dancer, in her path she will share adventures with a friend who is inventor.

There is an option for watching it in 3D in some cinemas.

Dixie and the zombie rebellion
Story for children where zombies and human face each other. Only Dixie can stop them, will he be able?

Timetables and where to watch those films

To know the timetables of these and other films available I recommend you to take a look at your closest cinema.

*Most popular cinemas in Malaga like Yelmo Cineplex in Plaza Mayor have available the films above.

Best places for shopping – Malls in Malaga

Today’s entry is for all those who love Shopping Malls, a relaxing activity for many, but be careful, especially if you bring your credit card. Do you dare to join me on this shopping day in Malaga?

Shopping in the city centre

The centre of Malaga is a must see for anyone who visits the city during any time of the year. It does not matter if it rains or it is cold, the street Calle Larios is the shopping area in Malaga.

I will dedicate another blog entry to the shops in Calle Larios, in case you want to stroll the city centre.

Shopping Malls in Málaga

Could we live without Shopping Malls? Actually the number of people who prefer to shop online is rising, but the entertainment centres still provide something that attracts not only the typical teenager meetings but those who plan a full family shopping day with activities.

It’s not only about perfect climate inside and being a rainproof multi-purpose centre. Shopping Malls offer many activities along the year, from ice rinks in Christmas to Halloween activities. Those of you planning a quick shopping can end spending hours in the mall, specially if you end eating at a restaurant and watching a film in the cinema.

If you are looking for Shopping Malls in the city of Malaga, the opening times or find out if your favourite is open the next Sunday, then continue reading:

Malaga Plaza

Shopping centre located near ‘Corte Ingles’, some of the brands you will be able to find there: Fnac (technology), Fashion Premamá, Burger King, Primor (perfume and beauty), Movistar, Imaginarium (children) …


Reviews and map:

Hours from Monday to Saturday
1 October – 31 March: 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
1 April – 30 September: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Corte Ingles

Shopping centre in ‘Avenida de Andalucia’. Difference with other malls is mainly because the products are categorized by floors and not by different stores inside.

There are two buildings connected underground and there is a public parking on the backside of the main building for customers.


This mall has the latest in fashion brands, accessories and electronics, as well as beauty products and jewelry.

If you visit Malaga in winter, there is an ice skating rink next to El Corte Ingles.

Where is it

Address: Avenida de Andalucía, 4 y 6 Málaga, Andalucía
Telephone: 952 076 500.

Opening times

Except special days the schedule is from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

You can check if it opens next Sunday here.

How to get there:

Vialia Shopping Mall

Vialia is the shopping centre at the María Zambrano train station in Malaga. It has established stores like Media Markt, Mercadona or H & M among many others.


There are places to eat like Burguer king or McDonalds as well as a cinema with the newest films released.

Inside this shopping centre is the Hotel Barceló Málaga **** and a bowling.

Opening time

Shopping hours are from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
The leisure area is open from 12:00am to 1:00pm

How to get there?

Address: Explanada de la Estación, s / n
Tel: 952 040 915

Does it open holidays and Sundays?

This shopping centre opens some holidays and Sundays throughout the year. During the month of December they open every Sunday of the month, this year they also open the first Sunday of January.

For more information about the rest of the year you can visit the official website of Vialia.

Larios Centro Shopping Centre

Halfway between Vialia and Corte Inglés is situated this mall with cinema and parking.


Opening time from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.
On Sundays, the leisure area opens from 11:00 to 0:30.

Larios Centro opens some Sundays and holidays, you can check if it will open this Sunday by following this link:

Address: Avda. De la Aurora, 2529002 – Málaga
Tfn: 952 36 93 93
How to get there? Https://

Plaza Mayor Shopping Mall

Between Malaga and Torremolinos, close to the airport and with its own commuter train stop, is situated the Shopping Mall Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor Shopping Mall in Malaga

It is one of the favourite places among the young people, an open space with two different areas, one for entertainment and the Shopping Mall. The Yelmo Cineplex cinema, restaurants, pubs and fast food chains are inside the entertainment building while the other is where most fashion and accesories shops are located.

There are different brand stores inside the mall, fashion and accessories or perfume, beauty products or casual clothes for all ages.

There is a mechanical workshop, a Mercadona supermarket and a fuel station outside the main building.

How to get there? You can go by car and use the free public parking or by train, the stop is ‘Plaza Mayor’.

Does it open in festivities or Sundays?

Some festivities or Sundays the Shopping Mall can open.

Below the festivities they open in 2018:

January: day 7
July: day 1
August: day 15
September:day 2
October: day 12
November: days 1 and 25
December:days 8, 23 and 30

Mall Opening

Mon – Thu, Sun from 10:00 to 01:00
Fri – Sat from 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.

Shops and supermarket
Mon – Sat from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Closed sun

Mon – Thu, Sun from 12:00 to 24:00
Fri – Sat from 12:00 to 01:00

Coffe and Icecream shops
Mon – Thu, Sun from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Fri – Sat from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Midas Workshop
Mon – Sat from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Fuel station
Mon – Sun from 06:00 to 00:00

From Monday to Sundays from 4 pm to 1 am
Saturdays and festivities also open at 12 am.

For updates or latest modifications I recommend taking a look at their website (

Mall Pier 1 in Puerto de Málaga

Malaga port mall has a large number of shops available. You can visit the link to know them all.

Pier 1 has private parking, some shops or services can offer discounts or free parking vouchers for guests.

Shopping Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Dining Hours:
From Monday to Sunday from 12:00am to 12:00pm.

More shopping

When visiting Malaga during the winter, you might want to visit the Christmas markets in Malaga or Calle Larios.

Fantasy Film Festival Torremolinos in Halloween 2014

festival cine torremolinosOn the occasion of Halloween in Malaga, we suggest a visit to Torremolinos where takes place from Friday 31 onwards the Fantasy Film Festival at the Congress Centre.

The ticket price is for all pockets and there are screenings starting on Friday 31st at 6:30 pm until Sunday November 9th at 10pm.

If you want to visit the Fantastic Film Festival Torremolinos but need to know in advance which films will be projected we summarize them below for you and we indicate which are in English or subtitled original version.

Friday 31

6:30 pm – Los Cazafantasmas (Ghost Busters): Ticket 3 Euros.
Children with fancy dresses coming with an adult get free entrance to see this remastered movie from 1984. A supernatural comedy hit where the laughs are guaranteed.
Audio in Spanish.

9:30 pm– Operasiones espesiales: Ticket 5 Euros.
Premiere of the film in the style of Ocean’s Eleven Spanish style, an action comedy for all ages.
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am– Attack the Block: Ticket 5 Euros.
Entertaining 2011 film in which some coarse teenagers defend their block – and incidentally humanity — of an alien attack.
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am – Hellraiser: Ticket 5 Euros
Excellent 1987 horror film, of which is expected a remake, in which a young man opens the door of another dimension to some terrifying beings.
Audio in Spanish.

Saturday 1st

12:30 am – Evil Night: Ticket 1 Euro.
Spanish Short film from 2002 of only 37 minutes in which some youths after sneaking into a cemetery begin to tell scary stories that some of them do not quite believe …
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am – Deadhunters: Sevillian Zombies: Ticket 1 Euro.
In Seville, it was decided to continue work on the subway after having been abandoned for many years, this has caused that on the surface appear beings which were underground and now go in search of fresh meat.
Audio in Spanish.

5 pm – Faraday: Ticket 3 Euros.
This 2013 film is about a telepath who loses faith in the paranormal until he meets a pair of ghosts with mental problems. A Spanish paranormal comedy of 81 minutes.
Audio in Spanish.

5:30 pm – El viaje de Chihiro: Ticket 3 Euros.
This masterpiece cartoon of 2001 and winner of numerous awards tells the story of a girl who discovers a fantasy world.
Audio in Spanish.

6:30 pm – El hombre de la oscuridad: Ticket 3 Euros.
Spanish film released in 2014 in which a psychologist investigates the strange death of a child. From that moment happen supernatural moments showing a being that feeds on the souls of sleeping children.
Audio in Spanish.

8:30 pm– Necrofobia: Ticket 3 Euros.
Argentinian Film of 2014 dealing with someone with a phobia of death and unsought is thrust into a spiral of murders that occur around him meanwhile someone is trying to incriminate him, a situation where mixes the real and the unreal in his attempt to try to solve the riddle.
Audio in Spanish.

10:30 pm – Asmodexia: Ticket 3 Euros.
Spanish film of 81 minutes trying to reinvent the genre of exorcisms and has received good reviews.
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am – The Redwood Massacre: Ticket 3 Euros.
This film released in 2014 aims to become the new Friday the 13th of this century, will it achieve it?
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

12:30 am – Pink Zone: Ticket 3 Euros.
B movie subtitled in Spanish; the male gender is in danger of extinction due to a strange virus and some boys are about to infect all girls in a school.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Sunday 2nd

12:30 pm – Zombie Xtreme: A Deadhunter never rests: Ticket 1 Euro.
A builder decides to dig up several deaths during construction of the Seville Metro…. but they were not so dead … thus this second part continues where the first ended.
Audio in Spanish.

5:30 pm – Pixel Theory: Instead of paying with cash, the entry is paid with food for needy people in Malaga.
The end of human creativity and infinite knowledge at hand, is humanity ready?
Audio in Spanish.

8:30 pm – Hemogoblins: Ticket 3 Euros.
Subtitled Movie of the 80s B-series where a guy tries to seduce the girl and unwittingly releases the Hemogoblins.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

10:30 pm – The perfect Husband: Ticket 3 Euros.
A marriage in crisis, decides to spend a weekend in a remote cabin in the woods… this is just the beginning of this 2014 film which has received very good reviews in America.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Monday 3rd

6 pm – Scanners: Ticket 3 Euros.
Cult film in which a few people worldwide have mental powers which they use to inflict suffering on their victims.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm – Afflicted: Ticket 3 Euros.
Film of 2013 in which two friends travel around the world, but one begins to experience changes in his body.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

10 pm – Kristy: Ticket 1 Euro.
A young woman is left alone on a campus that is assaulted by masked. A scenario of psychological terror in this film of 2014.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Tuesday 4th

6 pm – El Sexto Sentido (The sixth Sense): Ticket 3 Euros.
Popular 1999 film starring Bruce Willis which eventually became a classic.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm– The Double: Ticket 3 Euros.
This 2013 film tells the story of an ordinary person caught up in the daily routine, until appears someone physically similar to him who seeks to usurp his life.
The film is in original version with subtitles in Spanish.

10 pm – Cold in July: Ticket 1 Euro.
Plot of violence and corruption in this film in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Wednesday 5th

6 pm – Braindead: Ticket 3 Euros.
Cult movie series B with lots of blood and viscera for gore lovers from 1992.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm – In Fear: Ticket 3 Euros.
Two people trapped in a road with an entity that chases and plays with them.
Original British film subtitled in Spanish.

10 pm – Compliance: Ticket 1 Euro.
Film based on real events where job insecurity is shown as a horror with great psychological violence.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Thursday 6th

6 pm – Al final de la Escalera: Ticket 3 Euros.
A 1980 classic about a haunted house, strange things that happen to someone who just lost his family and is seeking the peace of a new home.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm – The Zero Theorem: Ticket 3 Euros.
A computer genius seeks the truth about his soul and the meaning of existence, a fantastic and surreal film.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

10 pm – Reset: Ticket 1 Euro.
Some young people undergo a new experimental therapy in order to remove traumas of their lives, a therapy that will cause terrifying results.
Spanish Movie from 2014

Friday 7th

6 pm – Seuls à bord: Ticket 3 Euros.
Belgian film from 2013 in original version with subtitles in Spanish.

8 pm – Alien: El octavo pasajero: Ticket 3 Euros.
Tribute for its 35th anniversary of this masterpiece of science fiction with this remastered version and introducing the new video game Alien Isolation.
Audio in Spanish.

10:30 pm – Surprise movie: Ticket 3 Euros.
Premiere of a film from 2014 which is screened as surprise in the film festival of Torremolinos.

12:30 am Terrorificamente Muertos + Basket Case: Ticket 3 Euros
In the first movie, the reading of a passage from the Necronomicon by a group of friends who spend the weekend in a cabin causes their worst nightmares.
Basket Case is about Siamese twins and a revenge story.
Audio of both films in Spanish.

Saturday 8th

12:30 pm – La Galaxia del Terror: Ticket 1 Euro
A film released in 1981 that attempts to copy the success of alien though its ridiculous implementation will lead to more than one laugh.
Audio in Spanish.

5 pm – Patema Inverted: Ticket 3 Euros
Japanese animation film in original version with subtitles in Spanish in which a secret will be discovering a fascinating history.

5:30 pm – Tortugas Ninja (1990): Ticket 3 Euros
The first film of the successful series which was a blockbuster in its 1990 premiere.
Audio in Spanish.

6:15 pm – Triangle: Ticket 3 Euros
Recommended film with unpredictable plot twists and an ending that will leave you with your mouth open. About some shipwrecked people who find a boat but no crew and strange things start to happen.
Audio in English with subtitles in Spanish.

8 pm – La mujer que hablaba con los muertos: Ticket 3 Euros
Someone who has the ability to communicate with the beyond never loses that gift, although they might forget… and that is precisely what happens to a trickster who decides to celebrate her last séance at which arrives a surprise guest.
Spanish Movie from 2014.

10:30 pm – Extraterrestrial: Ticket 3 Euros
From the creators of Grave Encounters and the producers of Insidious among other blockbusters, arrives in Torremolinos their last film in which some friends are visited by beings that frighten them.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

12:30 am – Nurse: Ticket 3 Euros
A young and sexy nurse dedicated to punishing dishonest men finds someone who arouses her deepest passions, another nurse …so she´ll try that nobody gets in her way.
English version subtitled in Spanish.

12:30 am – Megan is missing: Ticket 3 Euros
Movie based on a true story and banned in 16 countries for its crudeness in which the friend of one of the most popular girls in school disappears after meeting a stranger online.

Sunday 9th

12:30 pm – Zombie World: Ticket 1 Euro
This time the zombies have to hide to avoid being turned into human, definitely something different than what we’re used to.

5 pm – Short Peace: Ticket 3 Euros
Japanese animation Short films in original version and subtitled in Spanish.

5:30 pm – Dentro del Laberinto: Ticket 3 Euros
Children’s fantasy film with a touch of Alice in Wonderland and produced by George Lucas, a guarantee.
Audio in Spanish.

7:15 pm – Wax: Ticket 5 Euros
A person accepts the challenge of spending a night locked in a wax museum … soon he discovers a figure of a murderer who seems to watch him.

10 pm – Alien 2 sobre la tierra + Contaminación: Alien invade la Tierra: Ticket 3 Euros
Very poor quality films that treat the extraterrestrial theme … only recommended for fans of this type of film.

Audio in Spanish.


Maight be of interest

Would you like to know more about Halloween in Malaga the past year?

Open Air Cinema: Malaga Summer free Cinema 2013

open-cinema-2013How about a film session outdoors on a warm summer night – and for free? Surely there are not many objections. So if you are in Malaga, you can go to several places in the city to enjoy films for the whole family.

Specifically, from June 28 to August 18 there will be screenings on the beaches of La Misericordia, La Malagueta and El Dedo as well as in Pier One and the Thyssen Museum. Among the screenings there are some Blockbusters, Spanish productions or co-productions and animation. The entrances to Thyssen Museum are by invitation, to be collected at the box office from 24 hours before the screening of the film.


Beach La Malagueta. All screenings start at 10.15 pm.
Thursday 4: Intocable (Intouchables)
Wednesday 24: El mundo es nuestro
Sunday 4: John Carter
Thursday 8: Blancanieves y la leyenda del cazador (Snow White and the huntsman)

Beach La Misericordia. All screenings start at 10.15 pm.
Saturday 29: John Carter
Sunday 7: La invención de Hugo (Hugo Cabret)
Thursday 11: El mundo es nuestro
Sunday 14: Men in black 3
Thursday 18: Intocable (Intouchables)
Saturday 20: The Artist
Thursday 25: Blancanieves y la leyenda del cazador (Snow White and the huntsman)
Sunday 28: Los Vengadores (The Avengers)
Thursday 1: The Pelayos
Saturday 3: Super 8
Wednesday 7: Las aventuras de Tintín: El secreto del unicornio (The adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn)
Friday 9: Ice Age 4: La formación de los continentes (Ice Age 4: Continental Drift)
Sunday 11: Los Muppets (The Muppets)
Thursday 15: Lorax, En busca de la trúfula perdida (Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax)

Beach El Palo. All screenings start at 10.15 pm.

Sunday 30: Ice Age 4: La formación de los continentes (Ice Age 4: Continental Drift)
Friday 5: Los Vengadores (The Avengers)
Wednesday 10: John Carter
Saturday 13: Blancanieves y la leyenda del cazador (Snow White and the huntsman)
Friday 19: Super 8
Saturday 27: Men in black 3
Friday 2: The Artist
Wednesday 14: La invención de Hugo (Hugo Cabret)

Pier One. All screenings start at 10.15 pm.
Saturday 6: The Artist
Friday 12: Intocable (Intouchables)
Sunday 21: La invención de Hugo (Hugo Cabret)
Friday 26: Ice Age 4: La formación de los continentes (Ice Age 4: Continental Drift)
Saturday 10: The Pelayos

Thyssen Museum Malaga. All screenings start at 10 pm.
Tuesday 2: Volver
Tuesday 9: Carmen la de Ronda
Tuesday 16: La Niña de tus ojos
Tuesday 23: Duende y Misterio del Flamenco
Tuesday 30: El Amor Brujo

Movie releases in Malaga cinemas this week

cinema discountsIf you plan to go to the movies in Malaga this week or tomorrow Friday 5 April, we show you where to find the latest releases and films in their original version, so you only have to worry about buying popcorn:

Anna Karenina
A story adapted from a novel by Leo Tolstoy that takes place in the late nineteenth century among Russian aristocratic circles.
The subtitled version is available at Cinesur Miramar – Fuengirola 3D on 3rd and 4th of April at 10 pm.

Efectos secundarios (Side effects)
A thriller of 106 minutes which is available in original version with subtitles in Miramar Cinesur – Fuengirola 3D from Friday April 5 in two sessions, one at 7:30 pm and another at 9:30 pm.

G.I. Joe: La Venganza (G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation)
Action movie of the famous characters of G.I. Joe which can be seen in subtitled version in Fuengirola at Cinesur Miramar and in Malaga at Yelmo Cines in Plaza Mayor.

Screenings Thursday, April 4th
Cinesur Miramar 4 pm
Yelmo Plaza Mayor: 5:30, 7:40 and 9:50 pm

Los Croods (The Croods)
Animated film of 98 minutes, where a prehistoric family embarks on the journey of their lives after their cave has been destroyed.
You can watch this movie in subtitled version this week on Friday April 5 and the following week until April 11 in Miramar Cinesur and Plaza Mayor.

Cinesur Friday April 5, one screening at 4:15 pm and another one at 6:15 pm
Plaza Mayor until Thursday, April 4 at 5:40 pm.

The Host
Romantic science fiction film which shows an Earth invaded by creatures who have taken mental control over humans, and where are mixed feelings between a human and the alien that stays in her body.

Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor at 7:30 pm.

Posesión Infernal: Evil Dead (Evil Dead)
Remake of another horror movie where a girl is possessed by a demon that has been invoked after reading the Necronomicon. Its premiere is Friday April 5 in major cinemas.

Have you seen any of the movies or do you plan to see them? Feel free to share your experience with us.

The Smurfs strike again in Juzcar, Malaga´s Blue Smurf village

smurfs 2 Juzcar villageDo you know the village of the Smurfs? Yes, it really does exist; its name is Juzcar and it is located in the picturesque Ronda Mountains, within the province of Malaga. This small – and until two years ago – typical White Village, was declared two years ago the first “Smurf Village” by Sony Picture. For the worldwide release of the film “The Smurfs” the entire village was painted blue.

In December 2011 the villagers decided by referendum to keep the blue colour of their facades; since then, the village Juzcar of about 250 inhabitants, receives numerous visits of Spanish and foreign visitors and on weekends and holidays there are usually scheduled several workshops for the whole family. Among these activities, which are offered from 11am to 6 pm, there are workshops for heads of Smurfs, painting or mycology, gymkhanas, tastings of typical products or hiking trails.

Although Juzcar no longer belongs to the White Villages route, keeping houses painted blue has been a very wise decision, since Sony returns to promote a sequel to “The Smurfs”. Also we inform you that on June 16 Juzcar celebrates its anniversary as Smurf Village with activities for children and adults, raffles, exhibits, live music, etc.

Juzcar is located 600 meters above sea level in the Upper Genal Valley between chestnut and pine forests, north of the towns of Marbella and Estepona, 50 km south of Ronda and between the Natural Parks of Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves. The journey from Marbella is about 50 km and is of high scenic value.

Smurfs 2 trailer

How to get to Juzcar

By car you reach Juzcar from Marbella and the Costa del Sol on the national road A-397 and the secondary road MA-518.

Movie releases this week in theaters, Friday 8 March

If you plan to go to the movies later this week, check out our movie listings to find current movies and new releases; some of them are in original version with subtitles in cinemas as Plaza Mayor in Malaga.

Below you find the movies that are available throughout this week, and lastly upcoming releases.

  • Hermosas criaturas (Beautiful creatures): Also available in original version with Spanish subtitles – Drama – 124 minutes
  • Hansel y Gretel: cazadores de brujas (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters): Also available in original version with Spanish subtitles– Action – 88 minutes
  • El Atlas de las nubes (Cloud Atlas): Drama – 164 minutes
  • La jungla: un buen día para morir: Action – 96 minutes
  • Siete psicópatas: Comedy – 110 minutes
  • Si fuera fácil: Comedy – 134 minutes
  • La extraña vida de Timothy Green: Comedy – 105 minutes
  • Un plan perfecto (Gambit): Comedy – 89 minutes
  • La trama: Thriller – 109 minutes
  • Blackie & Kanuto: Animation – 83 minutes
  • Mamá: Terror – 100 minutes
  • Las ventajas de ser un marginado: Drama – 103 minutes
  • Gangster Squad (Brigada de élite): Action – 113 minutes
  • El Vuelo: Drama – 138 minutes
  • El Hobbit: un viaje inesperado: Adventure – 166 minutes
  • Lincoln: Biography – 150 minutes

We also inform you about movies to be released on Friday March 8 to go preparing popcorn:

DANDO LA NOTA (Pitch perfect)

Genre: Musical Comedy
Nationality: USA
Directed by Jason Moore
Release Date: Friday, March 8, 2013

EN LA NIEBLA (In the fog)

Genre: Drama
Nationality: Germany, Holland, Russia
Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Release: Friday, March 8, 2013

flowers of warLAS FLORES DE LA GUERRA (The Flowers of war)

Genre: Historical Drama
Nationality: China, Hong Kong
Director: Zhang Yimou
Release: Friday, March 8, 2013

OZ, UN MUNDO DE FANTASÍA (Oz, The Great and Powerful)oz film 2013

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Nationality: USA
Director: Sam Raimi
Release: Friday, March 8,


2013 Genre: Action, Thriller
Nationality: USA
Director: Taylor Hackford
Main actors: Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez

You can check the price of a movie ticket in our page on cinemas in Malaga, where we attempt to keep the information updated.

Cinema movies 21 December 2012, end of the world and popcorns

maya-2012Some believe that the Mayans predicted the end of time on the 21, coincidentally the day falls on a Friday, hopefully not during working hours… If this day you want to go to the cinema to watch a movie while awaiting the arrival of doomsday eating popcorn, from we make it easy and let you know what movies are in theatres so that you can go making plans.

  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Comme un chef
  • The End of Watch
  • The Oranges
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (VSO)
  • Life of Pi (VSO,3D) (Life of Pi)
  • Playing for Keeps
  • The Hobbit: An unexpected journey (VSO, 3D HFR)
  • The Impossible
  • Tinker Bell: Secret of the wings
  • Astérix et Obélix: Au Service de Sa Majesté
  • Argo
  • Trouble with the curve
  • Operación E
  • Invader
  • Hotel Transilvania
  • Skyfall
  • Fin
  • Chasing Mavericks
  • Das Kapital
  • Dans la maison
  • Una pistola en cada mano
  • De rouille et d’os (Rust & Bone)
  • Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones
  • Frankenweenie
  • The Devil’s Double
  • Sinister
  • The Angels’ Share

Among all movies, the most popular this week are The Impossible and The Hobbit; the latter can be found in English or Spanish version in both 2D and 3D in Yelmo cinema in Plaza Mayor.

The new schedule of the cinema box office at Plaza Mayor is from 4 pm to 1 am Monday to Friday and from 11:30 am to 1 am on weekends.

Ticket prices:

  • Spectator Day: 6,80 €
  • With your MovieYELMO: 6,80 €
  • Pack 5 Tickets*: 7,30 €
  • Reduced*: 7,30 €
  • Adult: 8,60 €
  • 3D Eyewear: 1,00 €
  • 3D Supplement: 2,50 €

If you have no one with whom you can go it’s a good time to find someone, but don’t get obsessed…. the world is not going to end, but you might want to use the excuse to invite someone to a movie.

For more information on other cinemas visit our section on cinemas in the province of Malaga.

This week´s movie releases in Malaga, November 2012

Skyfall 007For the coming weekend we have again a forecast of rain; so it is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a film session and the premieres this week in cinemas in the province of Malaga. As always, for our foreign readers we include the premieres in original version with subtitles (VOS) currently projected in the cinemas along the Costa del Sol and Malaga city.

This week, the movie guide offers a varied program to suit all tastes. Argo has received very good reviews; very successful is also The impossible; for fans of the Twilight Saga is finally time to settle into the armchair to enjoy the grand finale; comedy comes by The Watch; in Skyfall, James Bond shows his dark side; and independent film lovers have an appointment at the Cine Albeniz.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 V.O.S. – Cinesur Miramar Fuengirola, Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor Malaga
Argo V.O.S. – Cinesur Miramar Fuengirola, Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor Malaga
Lo imposible (The impossible) V.O.S. – Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor Malaga
Los amos del barrio (The Watch) V.O.S. – Cines Gran Marbella
Sinister V.O.S. – Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor
007: Skyfall V.O.S. – Cinesur Miramar Fuengirola, Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor Malaga, Cines Gran Marbella
A Roma con amor (To Rome With Love) V.O.S. – Cine Albeníz Malaga centre

In the historic centre of Malaga is located the Cinema Albeniz, the only one in Malaga offering independent films and which is also one of the official venues of the Malaga Film Festival, along with the Cervantes Theatre.

For Twilight fans or those of you who would like to hear the original silky voice of Kristen Stewart, you still have to wait a bit, but we anticipate that you can already buy tickets for the 16th of November, official premiere day in Spain.

Save money on the upcoming movie premieres this summer 2012 in Malaga

prometheusThose cinema enthusiasts that come to visit Malaga this summer will be able to enjoy, not only the movie listings, that will be showing all the great new films like Prometheus, this August, but also very cheap prices in the mornings.

Yelmo Cines offer morning sessions as from 11:30am for only 4.50 euros, from Mon-Fri until the 31st of August. An acceptable offer compared to the high cinema prices that are normally paid here in Spain.

What movie premieres are coming this summer?

This summer is coming packed with brand-new films for all kinds of tastes; I have tried to include the more awaited movie titles, which will surely include an original version with subtitles.

13th of July in cinemas
– The Dictator (comedy)
– Seeking Justice (with Nicolas Cage)

20th of July in cinemas
– The Dark Knight Rises (the new Batman movie)

27th of July in cinemas
– Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
– The Five-Year Engagement

As from here, remember Yelmo’s morning offer at 4.50 euros from 11:30am:

3rd of August
– Prometheus (the new Riddley Scott movie)
– Gone

10th of August
– Brave (Animation Movie)
– Ted (Another film for the whole family, specially for the kids)

15th of August
– The Bourne Legacy
– Skyfall (the new James Bond movie)

17th of August
– The expendables 2 (with Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis)

31st of August
– Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

If you wish to know which of the cinemas in Malaga is nearer to your holiday destination, just click on the link.