Night of the Three Kings: Parade, history and curiosities

The procession of the Three Kings is a mainly Spanish tradition. The first parade which is recorded took place in 1876 in Alicante and thanks to its success it was expanding rapidly to other cities. In 1917 took place the first Parade in Andalusia and today is a typical established tradition throughout the province.
Night of the Three Kings

Christmas in Malaga: Experience the lights, markets and New Year’s Eve

This year the Christmas lights in Malaga will be switched on the 30th in November, will you miss it? The lighting decoration and switching date change every year, in past events they used up to 600.000 led lights in Larios street, the most centric and popular street in Malaga, nevertheless this city is one of the best places to enjoy the lighting in the world.
Lighting of past Christmas in Malaga

Winter is coming – Recommended activities in December and January in Malaga

Winter is coming...but do not worry, Malaga and the Costa del Sol are blessed with sunny days throughout the years and enjoyment is not limited exclusively to the summer months. Actually, many Tour operators and travel agencies offer very good price-value flights to Malaga Airport and Hotels in Malaga in the months between October and March. The same applies as well for the Malaga cruise port which is one of the principal scales in the winter routes of cruise ships through the Mediterranean Sea.
winter is coming, Malaga is safe

Ice Skating in downtown Malaga

Children and adults can enjoy a fun time on the ice, with a new ice rink installed in Andalusia Avenue, next to the entrance of the department store El Corte Ingles Malaga city, offering a new form of entertainment during the Christmas holidays.
Ice skatying in Malaga

Christmas markets in Malaga and shopping

Christmas is arriving in Malaga and - how could it be otherwise - Christmas markets are emerging in Malaga, ideal to go for a stroll enjoying the great atmosphere with the stalls,which each year are more elaborate, and the Christmas lighting in Malaga.

Roasted chestsnuts in Malaga

A few days ago began autumn and now are appearing the chestnuts stalls in the streets of Malaga. Roasted chestnuts in Malaga are special for being a product "Made in Malaga" (from the Serrania de Ronda).

Malaga, your Christmas holidays in southern Spain this winter

Christmas is getting nearer, and a lot of us start to think about where we’re going to spend our Christmas holidays...The Caribbean is a good option, Australia too...but the price and distance can intimidate. So...why not visit Spain? Have you ever been to Malaga? The majority of Spanish people that fly out of Spain to visit other countries, hardly know half of what their own country has to offer. Spain hosts many magical places with their culture, history, gastronomy and the chance to live experiences you’ll remember all your life...continue reading more to know more about Malaga during the winter, how close is to Sierra Nevada, and some recommendations.
summer christmas

Malaga City Council distributes 3,000 bags of grapes on New year´s Eve in the Plaza de la Constitution

Malaga City Council will distribute tonight 3,000 bags of grapes and 3,000 party favors (little trumpets, masks and colored wigs) to celebrate the last night of the year in the central square of Plaza de Constitution. For visitors who are not familiar with this Spanish custom: With each stroke you eat a grape, twelve in all, for good luck and prosperity for the coming year.

Activities during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Malaga

In two months is already Christmas again, time flies! While slowly in most European countries the sun gives place to clouds, rain and the first snow, in Malaga the sun is still shining merrily on a bright blue sky.
New Year's Eve in Malaga