Beware of the Radars in Malaga

There are several radars on the Costa del Sol with which you must be careful if you rent a car in Malaga; these radars are speed radars, stretch radars and mobile radars although the latter are not indicated. Remember that being fined while driving a rental car does not exclude you from paying the fine and will increase with the corresponding administrative expenditure of the rental company managing your fine.
Top radars in Malaga

What transport option to choose from Malaga airport?

Are you coming for the first time and don´t know yet which is the best means of transportation from Malaga airport? In addition to using train and bus from the airport, many visitors either for the amount of luggage or comfort seek other transportation options. Let’s have a look which is best for you:
Bus 110 from Malaga to Benalmadena

Traffic tickets while driving a rental car in Spain

Granada is known for having a great number of vigilance cameras and radars and bad traffic signs that aren’t translated to English, so if you drive a car in Granada it’s always highly recommendable to drive very carefully and paying special attention to the traffic signs. The fines for those who drive a rental car and commit any kind of traffic offense will reach them with a small extra charge as an administration fee. Continue reading to know the most common causes for fines, how to avoid them and how are processed by the rental agency, not only in Granada but in Spain.
traffic fine Andalucia

Car hire Malaga train station & Malaga cruise port

Those visitors who are planning to arrive at Malaga by cruise or by train and want to hire a car, well now’s the time. are extending their services and are now offering car hire Malaga train station, where a representative of the company will pick you up and comfortably take you to your hired vehicle. If you arrive on a cruise, are also offering car hire Malaga port, where, again, you will be picked up by a staff member and taken to your hired vehicle. Of course, the Malaga airport car hire service is still running, so if on the other hand you land in Malaga by plane, the procedure to book and confirm your reservation is the same as always. consolidates as the best choice for car hire Malaga airport

Many tourists may be worried about their planned holiday and the availability of rental cars, however there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to and their large fleet of cars the availability of vehicles for car hire from Malaga airport is wide and the price continue being small even during the high season. What we do recommend is to hire a car in advance, so you can get the best prices while ensuring your favorite car model.
Malagacar in Malaga

Special online discounts during November and December for car hire in Malaga

If you're thinking of escaping a few days from autumn, Malaga on the Costa del Sol can be a very interesting alternative, even more if we take in consideration the deals and cheap prices during the low season. You don´t need to book a flight to the Caribbean to recharge the batteries a bit. extends the validity of discounts for car hire in Malaga, the leading car hire company at Malaga airport has decided to extend the duration of discounts offered to those planning for Malaga car hire before October 31, 2011.

Car hire Malaga with

Many tourists seek peace and tranquility when it comes to planning their vacation. When hiring their car they would like the same, everything hassle-free. It's so important to choose the right company that offers the best car at the best possible price. In our section for car hire Malaga, thanks to our partnership with, we offer what we believe to be a high quality service at very low prices. Our results are based on the fact that is a company with over 20 years of experience and many satisfied customers.

How to rent a car without a credit card

Payment by credit card is quite common in big companies like Hertz, Avis, Thrifty and many others, and the excuse or reason is to cover the expenses in case of non-compliance of the reservation by the client. However, although many might be thrown back by the idea, the online payment is safe and thousands of people use it daily through Internet.

Summer offers for your car hire Malaga in 2010

Those living in or visiting the Costa del Sol recall that last year it was hard to find a car rental in Malaga, the crisis came and suddenly the "rent a car" found themselves without funding to buy new cars for the 2009 summer season: