Malaga ice cream, want to know what is Malaga flavour?

The original Malaga flavor is made with sweet wine and raisins from the province. There is another type of 'Málaga ice cream' made with rum, raisins from Turkey and common sweet wines, so do not be mistaken when ordering it. This ice cream is made with natural products and without any colorants or additives, just milk and sugar added to the mixture.
Malaga ice cream flavor

Easy Gazpacho recipe for dummies

Gazpacho is a typical southern Spanish drink, especially indicated for the hot summer months, as it is both very nourishing and refreshing and with the high temperatures there in summer, often you might not feel having a complete meal. So it´s great to have already some fresh Gazpacho prepared in the fridge, let's learn how to make it with this easy Gazpacho recipe!
Gazpacho Andaluz

Spanish Tapas – Origin and Curiosities

Traditionally, the usual way of consuming Tapas, is having one or two in each bar, together with a drink and then moving on to another bar and repeating the process. This itinerant consumption (one bar, consumption, another bar) in Spanish is called "Tapeo" or going for tapas and this can go on as long as you wish or the bars stay open; in many regions of Spain it is quite usual eating out or going for dinner on weekends based on Tapeo.
Spanish anchovies tapa

Boquerones en Vinagre – Spanish recipe for fresh anchovies

One of the most delicious dishes you can eat in Malaga are the 'boquerones en vinagre' (Anchovies Marinated in Vinegar), a rich delicatessen which dates back to around 3000 years old, do you want to know how to prepare them?
Spanish anchovies tapa

Gastronomy in Malaga – Facts and what you should know

In Malaga you can discover a wide range of gastronomic options. The littoral is renowned for its healthy mediterranean cuisine based on fresh fish and sea food, locally produced vegetables and excellent olive oil, alongside with superb wines and pastry