Monarch Airlines bankruptcy leaves thousands of travellers stranded

Diplomatic staff have moved to Malaga airport to inform and supervise the first returning passengers after the holiday. Latest news indicates that the delay with respect to the original flight is slightly less than 3 hours.

Some of the passengers have complained that they did not receive any information until they arrived at the airport. [ Read more ]

Malaga Fairs and Festivals in October

October in Malaga brings us a large number of fairs and festivals. The province has much more to offer beyond the summer months, as we proved with the recommended activities in September.

Join us to discover what you can do during October in Malaga.

Festivals and Fairs in October [ Read more ]

Ryanair cancels 2000 flights – Cancelled flights list and what to do

Ryanair has decided to cancel up to 50 flights daily from September to October. This decision has caused great uncertainty among all passengers who have booked with the company as they do not know if their flight will be affected.

This post will be updated with new information.

The reason given by the company is “to improve punctuality”.

The reason given by the company is “to improve punctuality”. There is little you can do if you have already booked your flight with this company because they will not communicate the status of a flight until a few days before.

Is my flight to or from Malaga cancelled?

Today, October 2nd, I was able to find 2 new flights cancelled to Malaga, one from Frankfurt and another from Marseille.

All scheduled flights on Mondays between Frankfurt and Malaga are cancelled, as well as flights between Malaga and Marseille.

Flights will be cancelled until March 2018 or until further notice from the company. Ryanair added that they will contact affected customers by email.

What to do if Ryanair cancel your flight?

There are two possible [ Read more ]

Beat post-vacation blues and avoid depression after your holiday

During the holidays everything is perfect. Good weather and the beach in Malaga help you to relax and forget the routine. When the holidays are over, the well-known post-vacation blues may appear. Let’s see what it’s all about and how to avoid and beat it.

Post-vacation blues [ Read more ]

Visiting Malaga in September – All you need to know

packing up for holiday to Malaga in SeptemberWe are already at the end of August, while many of you are returning to the routine of work or planning to, others are packing up to begin their vacation in Malaga in September.

Many tourists prefer September over August to spend their vacations. Towards the end of August there is already a drop in the number of towels on the beach, a clear indicator of the ending of the high season. [ Read more ]