Malaga in August – Weather and all you need to know about the summer

What is the weather like in Malaga in August? Should you wear warm clothing when going out at night? Is it raining or cloudy? Many more questions will come in your mind as your plan your vacation. I will try to answer all the thoughts you might have about weather and visiting Malaga in summer.

Sunny weather in Malaga in August [ Read more ]

Top natural pools and rivers to visit in Malaga

Previously I wrote a post about free thermal waters in Andalusia, this time it’s the turn of the natural crystal cleal pools. All for fighting the high temperatures for free during the summer. Do you want a refreshing bath? Continue reading…

Natural Pools in Barranco Blanco, Malaga
Do you prefer beach or mountain holidays? What about if you don’t have to decide? Hiking trails don’t use to be recommended during the summer, except in the cases where there are natural pools or rivers you can walk through. [ Read more ]

Events and activities this weekend in July

July month begins and you may be wondering about what you can do this weekend or about activities in Malaga in July.

Summer is a season of activities and good weather. Some of the proposals that I bring you here last until the beginning of September. [ Read more ]

Natural thermal waters in Malaga & Granada – Benefits for health

Thermal Bath in Casares, Malaga
Are you planning to spend your holidays in Malaga and looking for a different place to relax? Thermal waters are an excellent choice and beneficial to health.

I already wrote in another post about health benefits of swiming in sea water, this time I will offer alternatives to the beach. You can mix both! [ Read more ]

Calle Larios: Shopping day in Malaga city centre

With the opening of the new store of Victoria’s Secret in Calle Larios I want to take the opportunity to make a guide of the main brand’s stores in the centre of Malaga. But before, what about if we know a little more of the main commercial street of the city? [ Read more ]

PokerStars Festival in Casino Marbella

PokerStarsCasino Marbella is the place where PokerStars event takes place every year . In 2017 the fifth edition of this competition is from 19th to 25th of June. Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza is already full and apartments and hotels around have an high occupation rate during those dates. [ Read more ]

Midsummer’s Eve: St. John’s bonfires night in Malaga

The next June 23, thousands of people of all ages will celebrate along the coast of Malaga the shortest night of the year at the summer solstice known as the ‘Night of San Juan’ in Spain, also called St. John’s bonfires or Midsummer’s Eve.

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