What transport option to choose from Malaga airport?

Are you coming to Malaga for the first time and don´t know which is the best means of transportation? In addition to using train and bus from the airport, many visitors either for the amount of luggage or comfort seek other transportation options; let’s have a look which is best for you:

Train or Bus

Taking the train or a bus from the airport is a good choice if your destination is near a bus stop or station and you don´t plan making many trips during your stay. You can visit our page on public transport in Malaga to see if it is an option to consider during your trip.

Bus 110 from Malaga to Benalmadena
Bus 110 from Malaga to Benalmadena

Pros and cons of public transport
If you are a sun and beach tourist, someone who is comfortable in the hotel pool and don´t have too much curiosity about the environment of a new city you might be interested in this option; a plus is the punctuality of the train and the negative point it is that in high season it is an overcrowded means of transport and with low punctuality in the case of the bus and not very comfortable if you carry luggage.

Private transfer or taxi from the airport

Malaga airport taxisIf your destination is far from the main means of transport or you are a tourist who doesn´t plan to make many journeys you may be interested in the taxi option; it is a comfortable and safe transportation that will take you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Many tourists seek the convenience of traveling to their hotel from the airport using a taxi.

Although the option of private transfers has always had the option to reserve online and pay by credit card, the option of public taxis had no regulation in this regard and thus it was not unusual that a cashless tourist could not take a taxi from Malaga airport and had to wait for one with a system for processing payment by card.

Keep in mind that a public taxi driver is not obliged to accept payment with a 50 € note, 20 Euros being the admitted top.

Since 2016 all taxis in the capital of the Costa del Sol are to have implemented a system to accept payment by credit card and a printer that can provide receipts.

If you want to know the major websites that offer private shuttle service from Malaga airport at a good price visit this link; with them you can ensure your transfer from the airport with a driver waiting on arrival.

Rental car

Malagacar.comIf you are an active tourist who likes to know the city and the surroundings you are visiting, who seeks the comfort of having your own transport then the option of hiring a car in Malaga is ideal.

Regarding rental cars, there are many models that will suit your needs … from budget and utility vehicles for those just looking for mobility to family cars or luxury cars for those who want maximum comfort while traveling.

The main benefit of renting a car is the convenience of having your own means of daily transport without relying on anyone at a good price.

Which option is more suited to your needs? Any advice for those who have doubts about which option to use?

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