Car hire at Malaga airport reviews and compare

For those people who plan to spend their holidays in Malaga and need a cheap transportation method, there are many car rental companies at Malaga airport.

Some well known as a Auriga Crown or Avis offer rental services, but if you want a low cost car rental in Malaga we recommend that you visit some of our reviews.


Avis has a large fleet of cars and is a renowned car rental company worldwide. It might looks like an advantage but it´s a disadvantage for those who want a fair price. You can see more information on Avis in Malaga.

Auriga Crown

Auriga Crown is another large car rental throughout Spain, with more than 18,000 cars and a great experience renting cars in most Spanish airports. We encourage you however to compare prices with other car rental companies before deciding. For more information visit our page about Crown car hire.


Europcar has 200 car rental offices in Europe and 600 across the world with a car fleet of more than 200.000 vehicles and 8 million car rentals / year. Europcar is also developing. Europcar is committed to environmental protection in the conduct of all activities and services. Read more about Europcar at Malaga airport.


Hertz, being the first car rental company created on the World, has actually more than 6200 rent a car centers in more than 140 countries, where more than 2000 of those car rental centers are in the airports; in Europe more than 400 are in the city airports. Click here to find more information about Hertz at Malaga airport.


Goldcar is present at most popular spanish destinations. Read more about Goldcar in Malaga.

Other companies

There are other rental companies inside Malaga airport like Record or outside like Centauro.

People looking for hiring a car in Malaga may want to spend their holidays without having to worry about the car, and a car where they can feel comfortable, in good condition and with no technical problems. If you are visiting Malaga for your holidays the last thing you need is an old car and the risk to have technical problems

The car rental websites we recommend have been tested , they have a new fleet of new cars each year at prices highly competitive, an excellent online support and a high satisfaction degree. If you use any of the websites we recommend to hire a car at Malaga airport, we encourage you to contact us about your experience, we are always happy to be of help on your holidays.

From Malaga Airport to other destinations

If you want to know how to get from Malaga airport to the city of Malaga or other destinations, we’ve created some “how to get” guides that might help you once you rent a car at Malaga airport.

Visit our forum and ask if you still have any questions!

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Travel blogger, web developer and content editor. Author of many of the travel guides and tips available online about Andalucia, Malaga and Spain.

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