Terral in Malaga – Summer Festival from July 5 to 22

Terral MalagaThe Terral in Malaga is not just a much feared local hot wind but also a refreshing summer festival in the capital of the Costa del Sol. Promptly we explain both “phenomena”.

The Terral summer festival takes place this year from July 5 to 22 at various venues throughout the city: Cervantes theatre and Echegaray theatre welcome musicians and all kind of styles with about twenty concerts from the minimalistic music of Michael Nyman to folk, rock, Flamenco, string music, Fusion, R & B, blues and soul and others. The vast majority of the performances will take place at the Teatro Cervantes; at Echegaray theatre there will be two concerts and a new module of the festival dedicated to children with the name “Terralillo” (something like “little hot wind”), between July 7 and 21, where the small ones can also enjoy the music and lyrics.

The Terralillo, music for children, will take place in the theatre Echegaray on July 7, 14 and 21 at 7 pm, and on July 8, 14 and 22 at 12 noon. The ticket prices range from 6 € for Terralillo and 10 and 20 € for most concerts.

The complete program can be found at

And what is the other Terral?

Well, a weather phenomenon typical of Malaga that can occur about 10 times throughout the summer and when you have experienced it, you will know what it is to feel the heat! Typically, summers are moderately warm in Malaga, due to the proximity of the sea and although we are in southern Europe, the temperature is quite bearable. This changes radically when blows the “Terral”.

As the name suggests, it is a wind coming from the hinterland and which is heated up so much along its way that when it finally arrives in Malaga, the temperature shoots up to between 35° and 39°C (95º and 102ºF). It is no exaggeration to say (from experience) that when going out in the afternoon it is as if someone blows the hot air with a hair dryer from inside the oven into your face. Pure fire!

Fortunately, this phenomenon normally does not last more than two days; days when you can take a swim in the sea at 9.30 pm in search of refreshment and five minutes later your hair is dry again (again, not exaggerating!). For when the Terral comes, you’ll get another blog with some useful tips to stay cool. Meanwhile, enjoy the good life, music, mild temperatures, blue skies, the cold beers … mmmh…I better stop; I’m sure you´re not going to have trouble finding a lot to enjoy in Malaga!

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