Starlite Marbella 2019 – Music, concerts and gastronomy festival

Starlite Festival is an annual festival with more than 45 days of concerts in Marbella, where gastronomy and culture are also included, all in the same space.

This great event is characterized by having brought international artists of the standing of Enrique Iglesias, Lenny Kravitz, Alejandro Sanz, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin, Pet Shop Boys, Luis Fonsi, Eros Ramazzotti, Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelly or Anastasia among others.

Want to find out what they have prepared for this new edition of concerts in 2019? Continue reading.

Starlite Festival: Concerts and guest artists

If you are planning to enjoy this year’s Starlite Festival in Marbella you may be interested in meeting some of the artists.

Auditorio Marbella
The location for the concerts is the Marbella Auditorium in the Nagüeles Cantera. A natural auditorium where you can enjoy all the shows and outdoor activities surrounded by nature.

List of artists

The concerts and shows are scheduled to take place at 10 pm.

The price corresponds to the cheapest ticket in Tribune C and the most expensive in Platinum Box. There are 12 different types of tickets which we will examine below.

Concerts in July

Almost everyday there will be concerts in Marbella. Featuring the concerts of Juanes, Sting and The Beach Boys.

  • Manuel Carrasco on July  5 –  Prices between 89€ and 436€.
  • Juanes on July  6 – Prices between 25€ and 159€.
  • Nicky Jam on July  10 – Prices between 58€ and 239€.
  • The Beach Boys on July 11 – Prices between 38€ and 228€.
  • Il Divo on July 12 – Prices between 87€ and 571€.
  • Maluma on July 13 – Prices between 79€ and 466€.
  • Kool & The Gang on July 16  – Prices between 32€ and 200€.
  • Abba the Concert on July  17 – Prices between 26€ and 159€.
  • Noche Movida on July  18 – Prices between 28€ and 212€
  • Juan Magán on July 19 – Concert at 2 am, prices between 28€ and 150€.
  • Jamie Cullum on July 19 – Prices between 28€ and 212€.
  • Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson on July 20 – Prices between 54€ and 299€
  • Eros Ramazzotti on July  21 – Prices between 49€ and 315€.
  • Sting on July 23 – Prices between 98€ and 730€.
  • John Legend on July 24 – Prices between 32€ and 187€.
  • Diana Krall on July 25 – Prices between 34€ and 203€
  • Don Patricio on July 26 – Concert at 1 am, prices between 28€ and 490€.
  • Raphael on July 27 – Prices between 63€  and 391€.
  • Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals on July 28 – Prices between 24€ and 144€.
  • Taburete on July 29 – Prices between 38€ and 235€.
  • Melendi on July 30 – Prices between 32€ and 200€.
  • Pablo López on July 31 – Prices between 64€ and 411€.

Concerts in August

The schedule of concerts during the month of August in Marbella remains the same. Unless otherwise indicated, the doors will open at 8 pm and the concert will begin at 10 pm.

  • Don Omar on August 1 – Prices between 38€ and 254€.
  • Bertín Osborne / Pitingo on August 2 – Prices between 29€ and 179€.
  • Luis Fonsi on August 3 – Prices between 52€ and 384€.
  • James Rhodes & Katie Melua on August 5 – Prices between 25€ and 159€.
  • David Bisbal on August 6 – Prices between 71€ and 514€.
  • Sidecars & Dvicio on August 7 – Prices between 25€ and 159€.
  • Ketama on August 8 – Prices between 32€ and 194€.
  • Miguel Poveda on August 9 – Prices between 40€ and 239€.
  • Andrés Martín on August 10 – Prices between 19€ and 250€.
  • Morat on August 12 – Prices between 38€ and 239€.
  • Jason Derulo on August 13 – Prices between 65€ and 325€.
  • Juan Magán on August 13 – From 2 am, prices between 28€ and 180€.
  • Manzanero y Mocedades on August 14  – Prices between 25€ and 149€.
  • Dj Nano on August 14 – From 2 am, prices between 30€ and 750€.
  • José Mercé y Tomatito on August 15 – Prices between 26€ and 163€.
  • Jessie J. on August 16 – Prices between 28€ and 212€.
  • Los Morancos on August 17 – Prices between 32€ and 198€.
  • Pablo López on August 19 – Prices between 64€ and 411€.
  • Manuel Carrasco on August 20 – Prices between 89€ and 528€.
  • Juan Peña & Adosvelas on August 21 – Prices between 18€ and 180€.
  • God Save the Queen on August 22  – Prices between 48€ and 246€.
  • Siempre Así el 23 de agosto – Prices between 28€ and 189€.

Auditorio Marbella Starlite

Starlite tickets and parking

If you have a concert ticket, you can access all the activities and areas within the festival until closing time.

Minors under the age of 18 may not stay in the venue beyond midnight and must always be accompanied by an adult. They will need to fill in the following form: document access minors.

Concert Tickets

Mapa entradas Starlite

*The price depends on the concert you assist.

More details and ticket purchase:

Sessions Space Tickets

Mapa entrada Sessions

*The price can vary according to the day and ranges from 28€ for an auditorium ticket to 500€ for a Le Club ticket, table for 7 people.

More details and ticket purchase:


If you come by car, depending on the ticket purchased, you will be entitled to free parking:

  • General parking: Free parking with shuttle service for those attending the festival.
  • VIP Parking: For attendees with Gold and Silver Palco tickets, with private chauffeur service up to the red carpet.
  • Valet parking: If you have a platinum box entrance, you will be able to reach the red carpet in your own car. The staff will be in charge of parking it.

Other Starlite Festival activities

In addition to the live concerts from the artists above there will be DJ sessions every night from Monday to Sunday.

If you love the gastronomy or the cultural events, I will tell you what they are about.

DJ Sessions Space

Every day performances of first level national DJs. The Sessions Space event has a parallel program to the concerts of the auditorium.

Starlite Restaurant and gastronomy

The Starlite restaurant treats live cooking with quality products representative of each season of the year. The client can interact as a buffet among the wide selection of fish, meat, rice and pasta.

There will also be spaces dedicated to signature tapas, pizzas, hamburgers and themed kitchens for the family. Spaces to relax with ambient music.

Actividades Starlite Marbella

Dinner is from 8 pm to 10 pm and from 11pm to 1.30 am

Reservations can be made by phone; to check availability I recommend taking a look at their calendar as they do not offer daily services.

Commercial area

The area comprising Starlite has a commercial area with direct sales to the public of various brands.

The schedule is from 8:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. from July 13 to August 26.

The price per person is 70€ and 30€ for children under 12.

Starlite-festivalInformation of interest

  • The doors are open every day at 8:00 pm.
  • The restaurant and gastronomy area opens at 8:00 p.m.
  • Concerts in the auditorium start at 10:30 p.m.
  • Concerts at Espacio Sessions begin at 10:30 pm or 2:30 am.

Where to buy Starlite Festival tickets?

Tickets will be available from 23 January 2019 at 12.00 noon.

If you have interest in assisting to any of the concerts don’t wait too long to get a ticket. You can buy them at the following link:

If you want to visit the official website:

How to get to Starlite Festival?

You can get there by road on the AP-7 until you reach the exit for Nagüeles. Take the second exit at the first roundabout and the first exit at the next roundabout, the Marbella Auditorium is located to the north from here.

My recommendation is to use a private transfer, so you can feel more comfortable about getting there and going back to your place. You can try, I used them in the past and I can recommend them.

If you are part of a group, you can choose a larger vehicle so that way each of you will pay less for the transport. If you need a special drop off place or pick-up location, just contact and tell them your requirements.

For more information about the festival you can download the official app:

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