Live concerts in Fuengirola in May, June, July, August and September

The city is getting ready for the celebration of the Fuengirola Festival with 4 months of concerts and shows during May, June, July and August.

Some of the popular names present in past editions are Janie Cullum, Beach Boys, Sting or the Spanish band Oreja de Van Gogh among others.

Festival de música en Fuengirola con Scorpions y Europe entre otros en 2019
Poster of the next music festival in Fuengirola in 2019

The event that will hold these concerts is the new edition of the Fuengirola Festival and Marenostrum Music Castle Park.

The area for the concerts is located next to the Sohail Castle and there will be a great gastronomy offer with different kind of tickets on sale that must be acquired online.

For information about the artists coming this year and to purchase tickets we recommend to visit the official website at:

The festival will last from the 12th in May until the 2nd of September.

Live concerts at Sohail Castle in Fuengirola

Amazing landscape at the Arabian fortress Sohail for the concerts, situated on a hill a few meters from the beach.

In past renowned artist like Beach Boys, Sting, Jamie Cullum and others assisted to the festival in Fuengirola. This year bands like Scorpions or Europe will participate in the summer months.

Concerts in April

On Saturday 27th in 2019: Jari Sillanpää at 7:30pm. Prices from 32€.


Concerts in May

On Saturday 4th from 7.00pm: Bob Dylan with his band!. Prices from 80€.

On Friday 17th at 10.00 pm: Manuel Carrasco. Prices from 30€. (Sold out)

Concerts and festivals in June

There will be many concerts and music festivals in June in Fuengirola:

On Saturday 8th at 8 pm: Leiva. Price is 38€.

Mad Urban Fest – Friday 1 June 2019

Mad Urban Fest in Fuengirola 2019First urban festival in Andalucia with international artists and with free buses from Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Marbella.

The festival will be from 7 pm until 2 am with prices from 35€ to 110€ depending on ticket.

  • Daddy Yankee
  • Omar Montes,
  • Jthyago
  • Los Minions
  • Ofi la Melodia
  • Alba Dreid
  • Ricky Guay
  • Laura Rubio
  • Xquisit
  • Sami Duque
  • Samueliyo Baby
  • Dominik DJ
  • Bruno Dass
  • Koke Galvez
  • DJ Negro

Rock the Coast – Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June 2019

Scorpions concert in Fuengirola

The music festival in Fuengirola, which is celebrated every year during the summer, is already beginning to take shape.

Prices are from 80€ to 130€ depending on ticket.

Opening at 1.30 pm.

Let’s see what they have prepared for us, although dates and many more artists are still missing:

  • Scorpions heads the line-up on 14 June at 1.30 pm.
  • Europe
  • Twelve Foot Ninja
  • Seventh Wonder
  • Tribulation
  • Aborted
  • Von Hertzen Brothers
  • Jinjer
  • Soon more

Concerts and festivals in July

On Wednesday 3rd at 8 pm: Rod Stewart. Prices from 85.50€.

The Pink Night of 1989 – 20th in July

On Saturday 20th from 8 pm: Danza invisible Spanish band and other artists will participate in this conmemoration of the concert of Danza Invisible in 1989.

The price for this 6 hours event will be 10€.

Lenny Kravitz on 23 July 2020

Lenny Kravitz chooses Malaga to give his only concert in Andalusia during his international tour with prices between 50 and 90 Euros. He will bring us songs from his latest album “Raise vibration” and some of his most emblematic songs.

Back to the 90’s – 27th in july

90's music concerts in Fuengirola

Megashow with international artists with music from the 90’s from 7 pm until 2 am.

  • Dr. Alban
  • Jenny from Ace of Base
  • Sash!
  • Rozalla
  • Double You
  • More artists to come…

Concerts in August

On Saturday 3rd from 8 pm: Joana Serrat as guest and Izal in concert. Price from 28€.

On Sunday 4th from 6 pm: Cantajuego, an event for children and families with a concert at 9 pm. Price 17€/25€

On Thursday 8th from 10 pm: Jennifer Lopez, a concert with prices from 99 Euros.

On Saturday 24th from 10 pm: The Pink Night (La Noche en Rosa), a festival with Spanish bands from the 80s; among them Celtas Cortos, Toreros Muertos and many more during 6 hours. Prices starting at 27.50 Euros.

Concerts in September

On Saturday 7th from 8 pm: Rasmus Seebach. Price 50€.


Fuengirola's concerts stage

Buy ticket online and information about the place

The place reserved for this event is divided in different zones you will have access to depending on the ticket you purchased:

  • Premium zone  Silver, Golden and Platinum zones.
  • General zone: With capacity up to 2800 people.

Sohail concert areas

Ticket prices for concerts in Fuengirola

When purchasing the tickets there are different choices. Take in consideration one ticket is valid for one day.

The prices, descriptions and areas below are orientative as they might vary from year to year; in fact some artists prices are from 10€, so better check the official website if interested in buying a concert ticket.

  • Platinum Frontstage: 132 – 165 €
    Exclusive access to the main area next to the stage.
    Drink and food is available in VIP area.
    Exclusive access to bathroom.
    Commemorative accreditation of your assistance.
  • Gold Frontstage: 104€
    Access to the main area next to the stage and after the platinum frontstage.
    Drink and food is available in the VIP area.
  • Silver Pista: 93.50€
    Access to reserved area for the Silver ticket entrance.
    Drink and food is available in the Premium area.
  • Ticket for disabled people: 69€
  • General area: 74.75 €
  • Numbered bench seats: 55 – 82.50 €

For buying the tickets or check the schedule you can visit the official event website at:

Getting there

If you need getting there you can use the commuter train or a taxi transfer to Fuengirola.  In case you choose the second I can recommend If you decide going by train it is the last stop and you will have to walk a little.

Fuengirola Pop Weekend (not confirmed)

With the arrival of summer it is time to enjoy the music festivals outdoors. And definitely, there is nothing better than enjoying live music at the very beach. The Indie music lovers have the pleasure of enjoying the new edition of Fuengirola Pop Festival held each year in Fuengirola.

The Fuengirola Pop Festival was created in 2008 with the idea of establishing itself as an event focused on music and pop culture, responding to a very large minority that calls for another kind of concerts, with Pop music, Rock, Power-Pop, Punk-Pop, Garage, Surf or Soul.

Looks like there will be no Fuengirola Pop Weekend festival this year, at least their website is not active.

Other live concerts

You can check the popular Starlite Festival in Marbella with guest artists like Sting and James Blunt among many others.

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      Danza invisible and other artists will perform the 20/07/2019 in an aniversary event of the band for 10€.

      Thank you for reading!

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