Fantasy Film Festival Torremolinos in Halloween 2014

festival cine torremolinosOn the occasion of Halloween in Malaga, we suggest a visit to Torremolinos where takes place from Friday 31 onwards the Fantasy Film Festival at the Congress Centre.

The ticket price is for all pockets and there are screenings starting on Friday 31st at 6:30 pm until Sunday November 9th at 10pm.

If you want to visit the Fantastic Film Festival Torremolinos but need to know in advance which films will be projected we summarize them below for you and we indicate which are in English or subtitled original version.

Friday 31

6:30 pm – Los Cazafantasmas (Ghost Busters): Ticket 3 Euros.
Children with fancy dresses coming with an adult get free entrance to see this remastered movie from 1984. A supernatural comedy hit where the laughs are guaranteed.
Audio in Spanish.

9:30 pm– Operasiones espesiales: Ticket 5 Euros.
Premiere of the film in the style of Ocean’s Eleven Spanish style, an action comedy for all ages.
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am– Attack the Block: Ticket 5 Euros.
Entertaining 2011 film in which some coarse teenagers defend their block – and incidentally humanity — of an alien attack.
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am – Hellraiser: Ticket 5 Euros
Excellent 1987 horror film, of which is expected a remake, in which a young man opens the door of another dimension to some terrifying beings.
Audio in Spanish.

Saturday 1st

12:30 am – Evil Night: Ticket 1 Euro.
Spanish Short film from 2002 of only 37 minutes in which some youths after sneaking into a cemetery begin to tell scary stories that some of them do not quite believe …
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am – Deadhunters: Sevillian Zombies: Ticket 1 Euro.
In Seville, it was decided to continue work on the subway after having been abandoned for many years, this has caused that on the surface appear beings which were underground and now go in search of fresh meat.
Audio in Spanish.

5 pm – Faraday: Ticket 3 Euros.
This 2013 film is about a telepath who loses faith in the paranormal until he meets a pair of ghosts with mental problems. A Spanish paranormal comedy of 81 minutes.
Audio in Spanish.

5:30 pm – El viaje de Chihiro: Ticket 3 Euros.
This masterpiece cartoon of 2001 and winner of numerous awards tells the story of a girl who discovers a fantasy world.
Audio in Spanish.

6:30 pm – El hombre de la oscuridad: Ticket 3 Euros.
Spanish film released in 2014 in which a psychologist investigates the strange death of a child. From that moment happen supernatural moments showing a being that feeds on the souls of sleeping children.
Audio in Spanish.

8:30 pm– Necrofobia: Ticket 3 Euros.
Argentinian Film of 2014 dealing with someone with a phobia of death and unsought is thrust into a spiral of murders that occur around him meanwhile someone is trying to incriminate him, a situation where mixes the real and the unreal in his attempt to try to solve the riddle.
Audio in Spanish.

10:30 pm – Asmodexia: Ticket 3 Euros.
Spanish film of 81 minutes trying to reinvent the genre of exorcisms and has received good reviews.
Audio in Spanish.

12:30 am – The Redwood Massacre: Ticket 3 Euros.
This film released in 2014 aims to become the new Friday the 13th of this century, will it achieve it?
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

12:30 am – Pink Zone: Ticket 3 Euros.
B movie subtitled in Spanish; the male gender is in danger of extinction due to a strange virus and some boys are about to infect all girls in a school.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Sunday 2nd

12:30 pm – Zombie Xtreme: A Deadhunter never rests: Ticket 1 Euro.
A builder decides to dig up several deaths during construction of the Seville Metro…. but they were not so dead … thus this second part continues where the first ended.
Audio in Spanish.

5:30 pm – Pixel Theory: Instead of paying with cash, the entry is paid with food for needy people in Malaga.
The end of human creativity and infinite knowledge at hand, is humanity ready?
Audio in Spanish.

8:30 pm – Hemogoblins: Ticket 3 Euros.
Subtitled Movie of the 80s B-series where a guy tries to seduce the girl and unwittingly releases the Hemogoblins.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

10:30 pm – The perfect Husband: Ticket 3 Euros.
A marriage in crisis, decides to spend a weekend in a remote cabin in the woods… this is just the beginning of this 2014 film which has received very good reviews in America.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Monday 3rd

6 pm – Scanners: Ticket 3 Euros.
Cult film in which a few people worldwide have mental powers which they use to inflict suffering on their victims.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm – Afflicted: Ticket 3 Euros.
Film of 2013 in which two friends travel around the world, but one begins to experience changes in his body.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

10 pm – Kristy: Ticket 1 Euro.
A young woman is left alone on a campus that is assaulted by masked. A scenario of psychological terror in this film of 2014.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Tuesday 4th

6 pm – El Sexto Sentido (The sixth Sense): Ticket 3 Euros.
Popular 1999 film starring Bruce Willis which eventually became a classic.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm– The Double: Ticket 3 Euros.
This 2013 film tells the story of an ordinary person caught up in the daily routine, until appears someone physically similar to him who seeks to usurp his life.
The film is in original version with subtitles in Spanish.

10 pm – Cold in July: Ticket 1 Euro.
Plot of violence and corruption in this film in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Wednesday 5th

6 pm – Braindead: Ticket 3 Euros.
Cult movie series B with lots of blood and viscera for gore lovers from 1992.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm – In Fear: Ticket 3 Euros.
Two people trapped in a road with an entity that chases and plays with them.
Original British film subtitled in Spanish.

10 pm – Compliance: Ticket 1 Euro.
Film based on real events where job insecurity is shown as a horror with great psychological violence.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

Thursday 6th

6 pm – Al final de la Escalera: Ticket 3 Euros.
A 1980 classic about a haunted house, strange things that happen to someone who just lost his family and is seeking the peace of a new home.
Audio in Spanish.

8 pm – The Zero Theorem: Ticket 3 Euros.
A computer genius seeks the truth about his soul and the meaning of existence, a fantastic and surreal film.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

10 pm – Reset: Ticket 1 Euro.
Some young people undergo a new experimental therapy in order to remove traumas of their lives, a therapy that will cause terrifying results.
Spanish Movie from 2014

Friday 7th

6 pm – Seuls à bord: Ticket 3 Euros.
Belgian film from 2013 in original version with subtitles in Spanish.

8 pm – Alien: El octavo pasajero: Ticket 3 Euros.
Tribute for its 35th anniversary of this masterpiece of science fiction with this remastered version and introducing the new video game Alien Isolation.
Audio in Spanish.

10:30 pm – Surprise movie: Ticket 3 Euros.
Premiere of a film from 2014 which is screened as surprise in the film festival of Torremolinos.

12:30 am Terrorificamente Muertos + Basket Case: Ticket 3 Euros
In the first movie, the reading of a passage from the Necronomicon by a group of friends who spend the weekend in a cabin causes their worst nightmares.
Basket Case is about Siamese twins and a revenge story.
Audio of both films in Spanish.

Saturday 8th

12:30 pm – La Galaxia del Terror: Ticket 1 Euro
A film released in 1981 that attempts to copy the success of alien though its ridiculous implementation will lead to more than one laugh.
Audio in Spanish.

5 pm – Patema Inverted: Ticket 3 Euros
Japanese animation film in original version with subtitles in Spanish in which a secret will be discovering a fascinating history.

5:30 pm – Tortugas Ninja (1990): Ticket 3 Euros
The first film of the successful series which was a blockbuster in its 1990 premiere.
Audio in Spanish.

6:15 pm – Triangle: Ticket 3 Euros
Recommended film with unpredictable plot twists and an ending that will leave you with your mouth open. About some shipwrecked people who find a boat but no crew and strange things start to happen.
Audio in English with subtitles in Spanish.

8 pm – La mujer que hablaba con los muertos: Ticket 3 Euros
Someone who has the ability to communicate with the beyond never loses that gift, although they might forget… and that is precisely what happens to a trickster who decides to celebrate her last séance at which arrives a surprise guest.
Spanish Movie from 2014.

10:30 pm – Extraterrestrial: Ticket 3 Euros
From the creators of Grave Encounters and the producers of Insidious among other blockbusters, arrives in Torremolinos their last film in which some friends are visited by beings that frighten them.
Movie in English with subtitles in Spanish.

12:30 am – Nurse: Ticket 3 Euros
A young and sexy nurse dedicated to punishing dishonest men finds someone who arouses her deepest passions, another nurse …so she´ll try that nobody gets in her way.
English version subtitled in Spanish.

12:30 am – Megan is missing: Ticket 3 Euros
Movie based on a true story and banned in 16 countries for its crudeness in which the friend of one of the most popular girls in school disappears after meeting a stranger online.

Sunday 9th

12:30 pm – Zombie World: Ticket 1 Euro
This time the zombies have to hide to avoid being turned into human, definitely something different than what we’re used to.

5 pm – Short Peace: Ticket 3 Euros
Japanese animation Short films in original version and subtitled in Spanish.

5:30 pm – Dentro del Laberinto: Ticket 3 Euros
Children’s fantasy film with a touch of Alice in Wonderland and produced by George Lucas, a guarantee.
Audio in Spanish.

7:15 pm – Wax: Ticket 5 Euros
A person accepts the challenge of spending a night locked in a wax museum … soon he discovers a figure of a murderer who seems to watch him.

10 pm – Alien 2 sobre la tierra + Contaminación: Alien invade la Tierra: Ticket 3 Euros
Very poor quality films that treat the extraterrestrial theme … only recommended for fans of this type of film.

Audio in Spanish.


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