Festivals and fairs in Malaga in September – Autumn activities

weekend calendarSeptember is the month of fairs and festivals in many municipalities along the Costa del Sol celebrating Pilgrimages, fruit harvest, patron saints… and much more.

These are days of joy where is mixing the profane with the religious. People enjoy colourful events full of music, culture and dance. If you are visiting Malaga and the Costa del Sol at this time, come and join us!

Main events in Malaga in September

Below you will find the dates for the fairs and festivals in Malaga during September:

Mijas fair

Fair in Mijas begins the first half in September. From then there will be events and performances for the entire week.

On the first day of the fair, when night comes, the fair lighting will be switched on. The next day the daytime fair officially begins.

In 2018 the fair is from 5th to 9th September.


You can check in our website how getting to Mijas by car or public transport.

Ajoblanco Festival in Almachar on the first Saturday of September

Gastronomic event celebrated since 1968 and of free entrance with many activities the first Saturday in September.

The festival includes of course ajoblanco (typical dish made of almonds juice), a gastronomic route and many events for all audiences.

Check the map to know how to get to Almachar.

Olive Fair in Alozaina

Between 12 and 15 September is celebrated the collection of the olive in the municipality of Alozaina Malaga. It is celebrated with beer, pork and cheese from the village.

The fair was first held in 1929 and offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about the traditional harvesting of green olives in Alozaina.

Check this map to know how getting to Alozaina.

Ronda fair and ‘Goyesca Bullfighting’

The traditional fair in Ronda known as the Pedro Romero Fair is held between the last week of August and early September. Not to be confused with the Real Feria de Mayo in Ronda.

In 2018 it took place from August 28th to September 2nd.

It is an event declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia and it  highlights especially the traditional’ Corrida Goyesca’ in the Plaza de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda.

Check our website to know how getting to Ronda by car or public transport.

Grape Harvest Festival in Manilva

The first weekend of September from Friday to Sunday you have an appointment in Manilva. There will be wine tasting and other events such as a flamenco festival and the Virgen de los Dolores parade.

Check our website to know how to get to Manilva by car or public transport.

Ardales Fair

This fair is during the first week of September, the exact date may vary every year.

How to get to Ardales: https://goo.gl/maps/EsRv4RAbj662

Luna Mora de Guaro (Moorish Moon Festival) in September

For two days (usually on the second weekend of September) this white village is a meeting point for the medieval Andalusian culture with the light of 25.000 candles in the streets.

During the Luna Mora festival there are performances, craft stalls and gastronomy stalls. Highly recommended I enjoyed much the food in my last visit.


Anchovie Day in Rincón de la Victoria

The last weekend of September there are free anchovies tasting at Rincon de la Victoria in a event called Anchovy’s Festival or Day.

The event begins at 12.30 pm next to the promenade and close to the old train station.

Check this map to know how getting to Rincon de la Victoria.

Spanish anchovies tapa

World Tourist Day

The World Tourist Day is the 27th September and there are events to welcome the tourists visiting Malaga.

Depending on the municipality where you are there will be different events. In Mijas, the main square had in the past events flamenco performances and a free sweet wine tasting.

Other municipalities offer free food tasting.

World tourism day in September

Raisin day in El Borge

They celebrate the Raisin Day the third Sunday in September.

Typical dancing performances, wine, cold meat and typical products from the area.

Check the map for getting to El Borge.

Istan Fair and San Miguel Pilgrimage

Istan fair and San Miguel pilgrimage are celebrated the first Sunday closer to the 29th in September and lasts 5 days.

Check the map for getting to Istán.

Fair of Santo Cristo in Casares

On the second weekend in September the Santo Cristo Fair takes place in Casares. Traditionally celebrated to commemorate the end of the harvesting season in the summer.

The festival features processions, music, dances and fireworks.

Location of Casares in a map.

Almond Day in Almogía

During this day the aim is to promote local products and traditions in the farming of almonds.

There are activities for all ages, performances and desserts made with almonds. The children can take part in animation workshops to learn all the work related to the almond.

This event takes place on the last Sunday of September.

Check the map to know how getting to Almogia.

Torremolinos fair and San Miguel Pilgrimage

The Torremolinos Fair lasts 5 days and ends on October 1st. On the Sunday before that date, the San Miguel pilgrimage takes place to Los Mantantiales, a pine forest on the outskirts of the municipality.

Day fair features dancing, music and other events at the main squares and the centre of Torremolinos.


At night, the Fair moves to the fairgrounds with booths, musical shows, mechanical attractions and lots of fun.

Check our website to know how to get to Torremolinos by car or public transport.

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