Sun, sun, sun: Tips for safe sun bathing, heat waves and heat strokes

sun tipsThe heat has arrived in Malaga. Over the next few days we will continue to have very high temperatures in the province; so this year we will advance our tips for enjoying the sun and beach without suffering afterwards unpleasant side effects on health.

Most foreigners, who come on these dates to the Costa del Sol, are crazy for enjoying the summer weather at the beach and also acquire a nice tan, which causes most of them to stay for hours under a blazing sun with an unaccustomed skin.

There, as always, our first tip: Get protection! Fair skin, little accustomed skins and children need high protection with a factor of between 30 and 50. Get protection before sun exposure.

Avoid exposure to sunlight during midday between 12 and 4 pm and use additional devices such as a hat, sunglasses and parasols. If you are near a beach bar with parasols with esparto, even better; as through the fabric umbrellas penetrates over 30% of ultraviolet radiation. Apply cream again after each bath. Above all, do not underestimate the sun in these latitudes.

With this heat, you may now understand that the Siesta has its raison d’etre: Although you do not fancy sleeping, in the hot hours of the day you should slow down a bit and stay in a cool place in the shade. Those who come here for vacation, we suggest the old trick of closing all the windows of the house at mid-morning, so the rooms stay cool.

A Heat stroke is next to the burns the most unpleasant aspect of excessive exposure to sunlight. Here again we repeat: Limit sun exposure time, adequately protected yourself and above all drink lots of water, do not wait to be thirsty. This applies especially to the elderly, children and sick and overweight people.

And last but not least: Never leave a person, child or animal in a parked car with the windows closed.

If you consider these simple tips, you can enjoy lots of beach in Malaga. Off to the water!

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