Costa del Golf: Manilva or Estepona?

The municipality Manilva is situated between Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol and is a renowned Destination for Golf players and Tourists who want to relax away from the mainstream tourism.

Manilva is located in the southeast of the province Málaga, on the Costa del Sol, 97 kilometers (60 miles) from Málaga city and 35 Kilometers (22 miles) from Gibraltar.

Manilva especially has promoted the exclusive Tourism and within a radius of 10 km are situated some excellent international Golf courses, as for instance in Estepona or Sotogrande.

Manilvas most estimated Golf course is La Duquesa, a course that has been designed in such a fashion to gain advantage from the uneven ground and thus you can enjoy fantastic views. Due to the mild climate in Manilva you can play practically throughout the year.

The landscape around Manilva is made out of soft hills and valleys and was well here we find Casares, one of the most known white villages in the area.

La Duquea Golf was designed in 1986 by Robert Trent Jones. It is a 18-hole course with driving rage and exercise field. The course has two clearly different areas: The first nine holes are in English style with narrow fairways and elevated greens. The oblique location, whose difficulty is increased by the wind, requires a concentrated game. The last holes are easier to play due to the width of the fairways.

Guests are welcome throughout the year; the Greenfees amount to 65 €.

11 Kilometres towards Estepona is situated Estepona Golf, another 18-hole course, that is opened throughout the year. The Greenfees for this course are 49 €. This course requires due to the great differences in height a good condition and is quite tricky. It is a demanding course for sporty Golfers.

The Golf Club El Soto de la Serena in Estepona is as well a tricky 9-hole Course that reminds a Japanese decorative garden with its lush vegetation and little winding rivers. As well this Golf course is open throughout the year and has with 12.02 € very accessible Greenfees.

In Casares we find another demanding 18-hole course, the Finca Cortesín. A club card is with registered handicap is required (M32 / F 36), the Greenfee amounts to 135 €. This is a championship golf course where will be held the VOLVO world championships from October 29th to November 1st.

At this point we would like to mention that the public transportation is quite limited in this corner of the Costa del Sol and we therefore in any case recommend a hired car. There are no trains going to Manilva nor is there a direct bus connection. A Taxi can be very expensive and a hired car is a convenient option, especially when travelling with a group of persons or having in mind moving in the surroundings of Manilva or Málaga or taking a trip to the close by Gibraltar for some shopping.

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Travel blogger, web developer and content editor. Author of many of the travel guides and tips available online about Andalucia, Malaga and Spain.

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  1. It really denedps on the area. If you live in a big state like Texas or Florida you would get cut right away because their varsity teams are mostly 5 handicap golfers or better and their junior varsity can usually shoot in the high 70s and low 80s. If you work hard and improve your scores it won’t matter because people that can shoot in the 70s will make a team. I live in New Hampshire and this past year I was 5th on my varsity team with an average of about 48 on 9 holes. (This is awful for me or anyone really.) I have only been playing golf for a little over a year and a half and we had a crappy team but this year my average is a 41 (83 on 18 holes) and I am second on the team. I live in a small state so there is not as many stellar golfers as in big states. I suggest you go and try out because if you make it, great. If you don’t make it it isn’t the end of the world because you tried and if you can break 90 you are already better than about half the golfers in the world. Good luck!

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