Malaga in December, are the low prices real?

The getaway to Malaga in December becomes more popular every year due to the excellent microclimate present in the city. In addition, prices are much cheaper comparing to the summer, which makes this province an attractive destination to travel in winter.

December in Malaga

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Malaga?

When are you planning to visit Malaga in December? The whole month, the first or second fortnight? If you are in doubt, it may sound good to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Malaga.

New Year's Eve in Malaga

There are many cultural monuments to visit in Malaga in December and the fun is present here all year round and even more during New Year’s Eve. Are you thinking of celebrating the New Year in Malaga? We have some interesting options that require a little planning, so we advise you not to overlook it:

  • Accommodation in December, central or countryside hotel to celebrate New Year’s Eve?
  • If you choose a countryside accommodation it may be interesting to celebrate the end of the year in an inland village.
  • The youngsters probably prefer to celebrate the beginning of the year in one of the many discotheques that organize events that night.

These are just a few of the many options we have available if we spend the New Year in Malaga. You can still visit Sierra Nevada and have a fried fish in one of the many beach bars along the promenade in one day.

Should I rent a car if I visit Malaga in December?

When planning our trip to Malaga we can consider an online car hire; prices for the winter season are low and affordable. We can find cars from 7 Euros per day if we rent it for one week.

Renting a car can be cheaper than any other type of transport in the city. Driving our vehicle provides us with the necessary mobility to explore the city and get the most out of our visit to the Costa del Sol.

You might just have considered celebrating New Year’s Eve in Malaga, but with a rental car in Malaga you could visit Sierra Nevada and come back in one day. The distances in Malaga to reach the most popular places are not close from each other.

By using a car you are making sure you are protected from the elements. Although it is not rainy season, in Malaga in December makes more than possible some rainfall.

What is the temperature like during December in Malaga?

The temperature in Malaga will surprise you if you have already visited other places in Andalusia. There is a difference with other areas, for example Malaga and Cadiz.

December in Malaga is mild, temperatures tend to fluctuate between 17ºC and 18ºC during this month. They are a little higher are during November with temperatures that tend to reach 23ºC.

In January the temperature can drop to 12ºC during the day. The nights are colder, between 4ºC and 14ºC at the beginning of the year. When the sun rises the situation changes completely, if you leave early don’t forget to be ready for warmer temperatures.

Malaga is protected by mountains that surround the Costa del Sol and prevent the arrival of colder temperatures. If you visit the interior of the province you will notice a drop of several degrees in the thermometer.

More information about activities in December in Malaga

In another blog post I recommend is the one about visting Malaga in Winter, it’s worth a look if you’re not sure what you can do this month.

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