Holidays in Malaca for only 605.67 denarii

This would be the advert we’d see around the year 200, had we have published it in the blog back then…Ok, Malagaweb has been around for a while, but not that long!

Around the year 200, when the Romans dominated Europe, travelling from Londinium (London) to Malaca (Malaga) took approximately 24 days over 3455 kilometres during the month of August. It was a very long journey mostly by sea bordering the coasts of France and Portugal.

If we would have lived in Londinium around the year 200, and we would have wanted to enjoy our holiday in September in Malaga, we would have had to leave on the first week of August!… however, the positive side is that we would enjoy a trip with stopovers in the great ports of the olden days situated in the Atlantic…although not for a modest price.

Imagine an advert like this: “Enjoy your holidays in Malaca for only 605.67 Denarii” (The Denarii was the Roman coin back then, and 1 Denary would be equivalent to 6.63€; so, calculating the total price of the trip, it would come up to 4028 euros / 3264 pounds)…plus, the journey of 24 days would have enough boat trips to eventually make us get quite fed up.

The prices in Denarrii, based on the use of a faster sail ship and a civil boat (if necessary), and on these options of the route:

  • Per Kilogram of wheat (by donkey): 2.4
  • Per Kilogram of wheat (by cart): 2.41
  • Per passenger by transport: 605.67

Baring in mind that one Denary is equivalent to 6.63 euros, if we do calculations, it comes up to just over 4000 euros / 3264 pounds…a luxury that not many could afford, and this without including our luggage.

On this map we can see which places we would pass through if we would have lived in Roman times:
Londinium to MalacaLuckily, if nowadays we want an affordable vacation, the prices are much cheaper now than back then…and we can reach Malaga by airplane in the blink of an eye.

If we decide to hire a car in Malaga, the prices nowadays are much cheaper than in the olden days. Just imagine an advert like this:

Hire a car in Malaga from 1 Denarii per day, forget about horse caravans and enjoy the air conditioning!

So, do you fancy coming to Malaga these holidays? You’ll be able to enjoy the Roman theatre situated in the centre of Malaga, next to the Gibralfaro castle. In other periods, not everyone could afford it, but nowadays it’s easy to spend a cheap holiday in Malaga.

Thanks to Stanford University roman map and the website holidaysresources I was able to gather all this information.

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