Malaga, the Andalusian city with the best reputation

A report from the Complutense University in Madrid ranks Malaga as the eighth best city in Spain in 2010 and therefore maintains the same privileged position as in 2009. And, Malaga is located at the top of every list of reputation in Andalucia.

In this study have been used parameters such as the best city to study, to work, to do business, to live, visit or for fun. In these rankings, only Granada is situated above Malaga as best city to study, and Granada and Seville as the best cities to visit.

However, the capital of the Costa del Sol is excluded from the ranking of the ten best cities to live, but the general feeling is the opposite, because this city is chosen as a second residence by many foreigners.

Also was raised an interesting question: “If at this moment you could choose any city in Spain to live, how likely would you choose the city you currently live in?” Here, Marbella is in seventh position, which means that the majority of the people Marbella would not change their city for any other place of residence.

To us, no wonder at all! Malaga, situated in a beautiful bay and flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and bathed by the sun, is a cosmopolitan city with many charms. Larios Street, located in the historic center and surrounded by narrow streets and charming squares, is the ideal starting point to begin exploring the city with many old facades, bars and restaurants.

Apart from its diversity of culture, museums and monuments, what distinguishes this city is its innate joy. The people of Malaga know how to enjoy life, a life that unfolds in the streets. The people of Malaga are very cheerful and heartily enjoy their tapas, their drinks, meals and walks.

Precisely because it is innate in this city, the fun does not depend on any season. Even in winter, bars and clubs are packed from Thursday to Sunday and in neighborhood bars there is not only served delicious fried fish, the dish par excellence of the area, but also a lot of social life and entertainment.

Malaga is a place to visit at any time of year, with plenty to do. Malaga airport is the gateway to the Costa del Sol and one of the biggest airports in Spain receiving a large number of charter flights from all over Europe.

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