Sports and adventure tourism in Malaga – Activities for everyone

Everything you need to know about adventure sports in Malaga, how much does it cost and where to practice it? Read the different options ranging from parachute jumping, ballooning over Ronda, canyoning on cool routes or rafting with friends among many other activities.
Balloon adventure in Malaga

Holidays in Malaca for only 607 denarii – A trip back in time

Around the year 200, when the Romans dominated Europe, travelling from Londinium (London) to Malaca (Malaga) took approximately 24 days over 3455 kilometres during the month of August. It was a very long journey mostly by sea bordering the coasts of France and Portugal. Want to know more about this adventure?
Roman theatre in Malaga

The best leisure and water activities in Malaga in summer

Everything you need to know about the leisure and refreshing activities on Malaga's beaches. From renting a hydro-pedal and its price to the always popular jet skis without forgetting other new activities that could be of your interest.

Sunbathing tips, what sunscreen SPF to use for tanning and sunburn remedies

Enjoy the beach safely by following our advice for sunbathing and tanning during the summer, what are the worst and best hours and how to deal with a sunburn.

Bioparc Fuengirola – Zoo and biodiversity in Fuengirola

In this holiday season, nothing better than sharing a day with family and friends. Bioparc Fuengirola is a place where people of all ages and especially families can enjoy nature in a unique environment. The Bioparc Fuengirola is a zoo located in the city of Fuengirola in Malaga, dedicated entirely to the conservation of tropical species adapted to the forest environment. It is a different concept of zoo, a park where animals live in a recreation of their natural habitat.
Bioparc Fuengirola

Enjoy the summer with the water park Aqualand in Torremolinos

Summer is here! The fans of water parks can now enjoy a new season of games and slides at the water park Aqualand in Torremolinos new facilities for adults and an area designed for children with various water games.
Aqualand Torremolinos 2018

Chiringuitos in Malaga and Beach Clubs – Hammock or Balinese bed?

Malaga's coast has a well-preserved tradition of good living called Chiringuito. These beach bars are popular among locals and visitors who enjoy a wide variety of fresh fish (fried fish, paella or sardines), a drink on the seafront or a drink at sunset. The exclusive beach clubs are for those looking for a glamorous beach day without worries about the price. Visit this article to read about chiringuitos and the best and most exclusive luxury beach clubs.
Chiringuito in Benalmadena, Malaga

Luxury cruises, superyachts and mega yachts in Malaga, holidays in style

From super yachts up to 650.000€ per week to 7 day cruises from 3000€. Find out all the details and prices of luxury cruises and super yachts to enjoy your next vacation in style, if you can afford it.
Seadream II in Málaga

Where to go on holiday in 2018? Torremolinos and Spain are trendy

If you still don't know where to go on holiday you might find inspiration in this blog post. No matter if you plan your winter or summer vacation, some tourist destinations are popular all year round. Want to know more about where to go on vacation?
Where to go on holiday this year?

All about Malaga and Costa del Sol in April and May

Considering the current temperatures in most European countries, which are around 10 degrees Celsius, it is understandable that many are already looking at catalogues and travel offers for a short break into the sun with pleasant temperatures and blue skies. Join us to discover what the months of April and May are like in Malaga, the temperature and whether the temperature of the sea water already allows for a relaxing bath.
Malaga next to the sea by bicycle