Easy Gazpacho recipe for dummies

Gazpacho Andaluz

Gazpacho is a typical southern Spanish drink, especially indicated for the hot summer months, as it is both very nourishing and refreshing and with the high temperatures there in summer, often you might not feel having a complete meal. So it´s great to have already some fresh Gazpacho prepared in the fridge, let’s learn how to make it with this easy Gazpacho recipe! [ Read more ]

Malaga and Costa del Sol in April and May

Given the current temperatures in most European countries, which are around 10 degrees Celsius, it is understandable that many are already looking at catalogues and travel deals to get a short getaway to the sun, pleasant temperatures and blue skies.

There are also many questions about the destination of choice regarding the climate that we can find there at a certain time of year. As we have found that this is a frequently asked question in the forums, today we answer the question: How is the weather in the Costa del Sol in April and May? [ Read more ]

Sun, sun, sun: Tips for safe sun bathing, heat waves and heat strokes

sun tipsThe heat has arrived in Malaga. Over the next days and months temperatures will still rising; so this year we will advance our tips for enjoying the sun and beach without suffering afterwards unpleasant side effects on health. [ Read more ]

Skiing in swimsuit in Sierra Nevada on April 23

The end of ski season is approaching and as every year a skiing in swimsuit event is being organized, a rather striking event which has been held since a few years being this the fourth edition. If you ever thought how it would be to ski or snowboard without clothes it is your chance to try it.

This event also aims to promote the upcoming World Championships in Freestyle Ski and Snowboard.

sierra-nevada-bikini [ Read more ]

Spanish Tapas – Origin and Curiosities

Traditionally, the usual way of consuming Tapas, is having one or two in each bar, together with a drink and then moving on to another bar and repeating the process. This itinerant consumption (one bar, consumption, another bar) in Spanish is called “Tapeo” or going for tapas and this can go on as long as you wish or the bars stay open; in many regions of Spain it is quite usual eating out or going for dinner on weekends based on Tapeo. [ Read more ]

How to order a coffee in Malaga

coffee-smileThere are things that are unique to Malaga! One outstanding example is the coffee culture in the capital of the Costa del Sol, which is found nowhere else. Coffee lovers have at their disposal not only excellent cafes and terraces, but also a unique way of ordering, so continue reading to know how to order a coffee in Malaga. [ Read more ]

Original ideas in Malaga for Valentine’s Day 2016

Currently many decide to make a gift during February 14, Valentine’s Day, although increasingly they prefer a romantic getaway; something in my opinion much more advisable in a relationship and which will bring fond memories, how about planning your Valentine Day in Malaga with us?

Valentines day [ Read more ]

Rockin Race Jamboree in February

Lovers of Rockabilly and Swing have a fantastic date for a long weekend in the 18th edition of Rockin Race Jamboree in Torremolinos. In the Palace of Congresses will take place at the begining of the month of February this great event of Rock from the 50's and early 60's, which is one of the most interesting events in the cultural winter calendar on the Costa del Sol.

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