Top playgrounds in Malaga for children and parks

Planning your holiday with kids and wondering what to do or where to go for them to have fun and enjoy? Continue reading to find the best playgrounds and parks for children in Malaga.

With or without kids on your charge, you can enjoy most of the parks from this list!

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White Night in Malaga the 20th of May

White Night in MalagaWhite Night is a cultural event which was released for the first time in Paris in 2002, because of its success it was quickly adopted by several European cities and later even by other cities worldwide.

White Night takes place after sunset and has many different artistic and cultural activities, this free event was celebrated for the first time in Malaga in 2008 feauturing arts, museums, exhibitions, music , guided visits and special activities for individuals or the whole family. [ Read more ]

Quick and essential guide for your holiday to Malaga – All you need to know

The expected holiday to Malaga moment is approaching. I bring you a essential guide for your planning. Holidays should be perfect, let me contribute with some useful links.

Browsing Internet
Dont get crazy browsing for trusted firms, I will bring them to you with this essential guide of Malaga
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Season discounts for skiing in April in Sierra Nevada

April will bring us not only the spring but also activities and discounts to Sierra Nevada for skiing.

The 30th of April is the last day of the ski season, if you are willing to take part in the called event ‘ski the spring in Sierra Nevada’, you are yet on time. [ Read more ]

Zombie infection detected in Malaga in 2017!

With a Roman past and with a strong Muslim history that left us monuments like the Alcazaba fortress. Malaga is a beautiful tourist destination during all the year that has ended up being the source of undead infection in 2017.

last survival zombie infestation
Last infestation in Spain, it was finally controlled and now they expect it is being propagated in Málaga
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